"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TOP US Commander - Iran Still Supports Iraq Attacks

Note: The President invited Iranian diplomats to the 4th of July celebrations at our Embassies around the World, was very late in his remarks about the Government of Iran attacking protestors, and now we find out that Iran is still behind attacks in Iraq. Why does this President want to talk with this dictorial Iranian Government when our Commander on the ground believes they are behind the attacks in Baghdad?

Top US Commander - Iran Still Supports Iraq Attacks

The top U.S. military commander in Iraq says that Iran still supports and trains militants who carry out attacks _ mostly with mortars and sophisticated roadside bombs _ inside Iraq.

Gen. Ray Odierno says the attacks have been reduced but are still a problem.

He spoke on Tuesday at his base outside of Baghdad, as Iraqi forces took control of security in the Iraqi capital and other urban areas.

June 30 was the deadline for American troops to pull out of Iraqi cities under a U.S.-Iraqi security pact. The pullout was completed on Monday.

Odiero says Tehran is "still supporting, funding and training surrogates inside Iraq" and that he believes "many of the attacks in Baghdad are in fact done by individuals supported by Iran."

Experts Warn of Growing Risks to US Nuclear Deterrent

The thought of Obama going to Moscow next week should have the vast majority of Americans concerned as to what he is going to offer since his Administration is so secretive. Below is a press release from the New Deterrent Working Group along with a link to Sen Kyl's article in the Wall Street Journal calling attention to what this Administration is doing with our nuclear arsenal. Do we need another START Treaty? NO WAY because it will harm not help the United States.

Why does this President want to take our nuclear weapons to the nub while other countries are building their arsenals including the Ruassians?

Why be in such a rush to deplete our nuclear arsenal is what freedom loving Americans want toi know?

New Deterrent Working Group Press Release:

For Immediate Release

30 June 2009

Contact: Lee Cohen (202) 835-9077


(Washington, D.C.): As President Obama prepares to depart for Moscow next week, few Americans have any idea that his administration is in the process of negotiating a follow-on to the START treaty framework that appears likely to leave the United States and its allies substantially less secure.

Fortunately, an alarm about this prospect was published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by the U.S. Senate’s top authority on the subject, SEN. JON KYL (R-AZ) and veteran national security practitioner, RICHARD PERLE. And on Wednesday, 1 July, that warning will be strongly seconded and amplified by a team of experts on nuclear weapons policy and programs.

Toward this end, members of the NEW DETERRENT WORKING GROUP – an informal team with hundreds of man-years of experience with America’s nuclear forces, doctrine, operations and arms control that is sponsored by the Center for Security Policy – have prepared for Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, the press and the public at large a comprehensive Briefing Book entitled, U.S. Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century: Getting It Right. This publication, with a foreword by former Clinton CIA Director R. JAMES WOOLSEY, will be released at the National Press Club at 3:00 p.m. on 1 July 2009.

Getting it Right draws on a wealth of official documents, congressional testimony and other materials to demonstrate the abiding requirement in the 21st Century for an American nuclear deterrent that is reliable, credible, and effective – especially so in the face of present dangers and emerging threats to the United States and its allies. The Briefing Book provides, among other information: (1) assessments of the nuclear policies of America’s allies and peer competitors, as well as rogue nations that have acquired, or are on the verge of acquiring, a nuclear weapons capability; (2) a review of the declining quality and reliability of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and the infrastructure that supports it; and (3) a series of recommendations to ensure that both the quality and quantity of U.S. nuclear weapons remain at levels necessary to protect American national security and international stability.

In particular, the Briefing Book draws on recent and authoritative declarations made by those at the highest levels of the U.S. government with responsibility for assuring the viability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. These include: Secretary of Defense ROBERT GATES, U.S. Strategic Command Commander GEN. KEVIN P. CHILTON, National Nuclear Security Administration Administrator JAMES P. D'AGOSTINO as well as the director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory MICHAEL R. ANASTASIO. Getting it Right also excerpts and illuminates the most important findings and recommendations of such entities as the COMMISSION ON THE STRATEGIC POSTURE OF THE UNITED STATES.

Members of the NEW DETERRENT WORKING GROUP who co-authored the Briefing Book include:

Hon. HENRY F. COOPER, Former Director of the Defense Strategic Initiative (SDI); Former U.S. Representative to the Defense and Space Talks;
Hon. PAULA DeSUTTER, Former Assistant Secretary of State – Bureau of Verification, Compliance and Implementation;
FRANK J. GAFFNEY, JR., Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy (Acting);
Hon. PETER HUESSY, Former Assistant Secretary of the Interior.
Hon. SVEN F. KRAEMER, Former Director of Arms Control, National Security Council, 1981-1987;
Adm. JAMES "ACE” LYONS, JR., U.S. Navy (Ret.), Former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet;
Vice Adm. ROBERT MONROE, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Former Director, Defense Nuclear Agency; Former Director of Navy Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E);
Dr. ROBERT L. PFALTZGRAFF, JR., Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of International Studies, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; President, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis; and
Hon. TROY WADE, Former Director, Defense Programs, Department of Energy
Messrs. Huessy, Lyons, Monroe, and Gaffney will participate in a panel discussion of the highlights of Getting it RightMoscow and his administration’s national security and arms control agenda more generally. and take questions from the press about the ominous implications of the upcoming Obama summit in

In announcing Wednesday’s event, New Deterrent Working Group member Frank Gaffney said:

“President Obama – taking cues from the dangerously misguided “Global Zero” campaign he has embraced – is by all indications going to Moscow with the intent of drastically reducing the number of deployed U.S. nuclear weapons and making related concessions. To date, he appears to have failed to consider the potentially dire ramifications of such actions, let alone to have taken any steps to redress the woeful state of America’s nuclear arsenal or supporting infrastructure.

“At a time when so many actual or potential adversaries are improving their existing nuclear capabilities or acquiring such capabilities, the United States cannot afford to labor under the illusion that unilateral American disarmament and a lack of U.S. nuclear modernization will make the world safer, when it is clear that the opposite is true.”

To RSVP for the New Deterrent Working Group event or to receive a copy of U.S. Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century: Getting it Right, please contact Lee Cohen at (202) 835-9077, or at lcohen@securefreedom.org.


We are Back!

We are back and gearing up for the 2010 elections. The last month has given the American people real insight into the Democrat controlled Congress and this Democrat President from who knows where.

One thing we do know is that he was never on the Mainland until he was 18 and started college in California. Where was he born? Toss a dart because he has spent over $1M, yes $1,000,000, to keep his birth certificate secret. He has had all his academic records sealed as well so we have no idea if he registered as an American student or as a foreign student as has been rumored. Was Frank Marshall Davis his mentor during his teen years and responsible for him going to Chicago? When did he meet Bill Ayers? Who were his friends in Chicago besides Ayers, Dohrn, Rev Wright, Rezko, Farrakhan? All kinds of questions that need answers, but where are the members of the mainstream media? MIA it seems.

Recently it has come out that there is proof that his first book, Dreams of My Father, was mostly ghost written by his good friend and confident, Bill Ayers. For details see Breakthrough on authorship by Jack Cashill who has spent countless hours researching to compare the book by Ayers with the book by Obama. The similarities are astounding and any thinking person will see that Ayers was the writer.

Why would Obama lie about that he wrote the book? Who wrote the second book is the new question? It was obvious from when he was elected the first black President of the Harvard Law Review that writing was not his strength as he didn't write anything of note so the chances of him writing not one but two books were slim to none. Law students vie for that position so they can get started early on their writings but not Obama. WHY? Who got him the position? Who got him into Law School? Why did Franklin Davis choose Chicago for him to land? Who got him to become a Community Organizer?

So many why's and so few answers about this man that was elected President thanks, in part, to a media that chose not to investigate his past and where he actually stood on issues preferring to give him a pass as so many of them became cheerleaders instead of reporters. He was their "Chosen One" which should have been the first clue they lost all objectivity.

Many members of the press obviously are not members of the Society of Professional Journalist (SPJ) because they certainly do not abide by the SPJ Code of Ethics. When the press becomes a cheerleader for a candidate instead of an unbiased reporter, it is time for them to find another line of work.

Recently, a White House Press Conference had the Administration plant a question with The Huffington Post Blog to ask - same Huffington Post Blog that said Pres George Bush was too cozy with the press which was laughable as they went after him with darts. How do the American people know now which questions from the WH Press Corps are legitimate and not planted by this WH press office at the request of Axelrod or Emmanual? Some of the most ridiculous softball questions have been asked of this President that it makes people with a brain want to throw up. What happened to the tough questions from our media?

If it wasn't for Major Garrett of Fox News and Jack Tapper of ABC News, very few hard questions would ever be asked. That doesn't even count the evening worshippers of this President at MSNBC. No way if you are a thinking person, would you watch MSNBC. Those shows give spin not news. Then we have Brian Williams almost bowing to the "leader" not to mention the infomercial of ABC on Obama healthcare.

This Nation was founded with Freedom of the Press in the Constitution but that doesn't mean Freedom to worship a President and hide facts from the American public. A Free Press is an independent Press not a Press that the White House Press Secretary can spin at will. Members of the Press need to get a reality check and realize their first job is not to listen to spin and report that spin from the White House Press Office, but to search out the truth and report.

Where is the media about this President's double standards when it comes to interfering in another country's business?

First he tells Israel they cannot build settlements which is none of his business. It is their land. The United States has always been a strong ally and supporter of Israel until this President took office. Fortunately, members of Congress still support Israel wholeheartedly.

Second, he doesn't want to get involved in Iran as Freedom Fighters demonstrate against the election fraud in Iran. Iranians are killed in peaceful demonstrations because they are against the current regime - shot in cold blood in some cases but our President plays golf on Father's Day (do as I say not as I do on Fathers Day) and eventually gets around to saying the Government shouldn't be doing that to their citizens. That said, he says Iranians are still welcome at our Embassies around the World to celebrate the 4th of July with eating hot dogs. What kind of diplomacy is that?

Now fast forward to this past weekend when the Hondurian Congress and then the Supreme Court gave the order to remove the current President who was going against their Constitution in declaring a referendum vote on Constitutional term limits so he could stay in power. He had no authority to call for referendum as that is not how they change their Constitution. The President who was ousted wanted Honduras to align closer to the Chavez and other Communist dictators and was moving the Country toward socialism and communism.

What does our "leader" do? We find out he has worked for several weeks to try and keep a Honduran President in power who was going against the Honduran Constitution. He is eventually removed by their Congress and Supreme Court who issues an order to the military to remove the current President. Obama strongly condemns Hondruas for their military coup when it was NO coup as the Congress and Supreme Court took the necessary steps before the Supreme Court gave the order to remove the President. Where was the fearless "leader" when this went down? He was playing golf like he did on Fathers Day after telling Fathers across America to stay home on Fathers Day.

The supposed "leader" of the free world, the American President, has sidedonce again sided with the Communist or Muslim dictators like Chavez, Noriega, and Castro. In the meantime he disses our allies Great Britain, France, Israel, Honduras, etc.

What does that tell the American people about this President? This "leader" is no friend to freedom loving people around the world. He doesn't even mouth the words freedom. His arrogance knows no bounds as he bows to the Saudi King. What American President would ever bow to a Saudi King? He cares more about the Muslim leaders then the leaders of our friends in NATO as evidenced by his looks at them when he meets with them. It has been dubbed the "Evil Eye" - judge for yourself.

In the days ahead we will take a closer look at his lack of foreign policy experience and how he is siding with Chavez, Castro, and Noriega against the legitimate government of Honduras who removed their President LEGALLY.