"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perry Campaign Releases New ad "President of Honor" Featuring Decorated Veterans Patriotic Message

On the Road in Iowa

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

Two days before Christmas as I was looking for pictures of Christmas trees, found this website that details the White House Christmas Trees, and gives the background on the trees in the White House.  Enjoyed seeing the first picture of the lighting of the outdoor tree for the first time by Calvin Coolidge which has turned into a tradition with every President.

These are only a few of the pictures that are available for the White House Christmas tree but are my favorites because of the beautiful trees and the first pictures of the White House Christmas Tree.  We found it funny that Teddy Roosevelt didn't want to continue tradition because he didn't want to cut down a tree but his two sons managed to get a tree in the White House and hid it in the closet.

This will be the last official post from Norman as I finish up last minute details.  Christmas Day will be spent at my son's less than a mile away to see my grandson open presents.  Early morning on the 26th we head to Denver to celebrate a second Christmas with my two granddaughters.  Will be great to see both of my daughters for Christmas.  Then it is off to the Insight Bowl to see the Oklahoma Sooners play the Iowa Hawkeyes, relax for a few days and back to Norman the first week in January right after the Iowa Caucus.

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2012!  Enjoy the pictures from the various Presidents with the White House Christmas Tree!


First White House Christmas Tree
Photo -- Grover Cleveland

On Christmas Eve in 1923, Calvin and 
Grace Coolidge lit the tree, a 48-foot balsam from 
Vermont, during a 5 p.m. ceremony.

President and Mrs. Kennedy

President and Mrs. Reagan

President and Mrs. Clinton

President and Mrs. Bush

This year's Christmas Tree contains
cards from children of the military

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wishes from the First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Warm Christmas Wishes

During the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays, I try to make time for reflection a priority. It helps keep my sanity during this exciting, frenetic time of year.

As I reflect on 2011, I think of my family’s many blessings. What a joy and blessing for Rick and me to each have both of our parents. They’ve guided us, unconditionally loved us and instilled in us values and morals that made us who we are today. I am so very thankful we are still able to share our lives with them. We are grateful for all of our family . . . our children, our siblings, extended family and even the furry, four-legged Perry family members. They provide us with lots of laughs!

What a blessing to live in a free society and country. We owe a debt of gratitude to all who wear the uniform to protect our liberties. My prayers are with the soldiers and their families always, but especially during the holidays when their families and friends feel their absence even more.

I hope you and yours feel the spirit of Christmas and enjoy Christ’s blessings now and throughout the year.

The Perry Family wishes you the merriest Christmas and a peace-filled, successful 2012.

Merry Christmas from Mike Pence

Mike Pence is going to be missed in the Congress but Indiana is going to be lucky to have him for Governor. If you live in Indiana, please support Mike Pence for Indiana Governor.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"American Story"

Perry Campaign Releases New Ad: “American Story”

Posted on December 21st, 2011
AUSTIN – The Perry campaign today released a 30-second television advertisement entitled “American Story,” which will air on national cable and Iowa broadcast and cable.

“Gov. Perry and Mrs. Perry’s story is quintessentially American, based on family, faith and patriotism,” said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. “The Perrys met as children growing up in small-town Texas and married in 1982 after Rick Perry left the U.S. Air Force. Gov. Perry and Mrs. Perry are guided every day by the Christian values instilled in them as children, and this ad underscores their commitment to bringing their conservative values to Washington, D.C.”

NOTE:  With all the baggage of some of the GOP candidates in recent years, it is great to have a couple who not only talk about conservative values but live them every day.  Anita Perry as First Lady would bring class to the White House along with that down home Texas charm.  The Perry's are what is right about politics as they are not arrogant as some of are candidates are showing and believe deeply in the American ideals.  You don't have to wonder if they are going to be conservative tomorrow as conservative values and their Christian faith are there for all to see not just when running for election.  They are the real deal.

Remember when some people in Texas were telling pollsters they were not supporting Perry for President because they liked him as Governor.  Cannot fathom leaving Texas to live inside the beltway -- have tremendous respect for Governor and Mrs. Perry to be willing to sacrifice for what would be best for this Country.  Wall Street and lobbyists would really get a wake-up call with Rick Perry in the White House -- they would no longer be on speed dial!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Streets -- Wall Street, K Street, and Main Street

December 20, 2011

This new ad says it all about the candidates. Wall Street, K Street, and Main Street are the choices -- not hard to figure out which one will work for the American people. We have a Wall Street President in Obama and don't need another one with Romney. K Street is all about lobbyist and their getting rich on the backs of the taxpayers which is Newt Gingrich and Freddie MAC where both Newt and Barney Frank did very well for themselves. Only candidate in the race who comes from Main Street USA is Rick Perry.

Washington Post went after Governor Perry on his pension when he leaves Texas State Government of $92,376.  Guess they didn't want to go into Mitt Romney's millions he gets every year from Bain Capital since he retired at such an early age for retirees. Then you have the legendary retirements for members of Congress who then turn lobbyists like Newt who received $1.6 from Fannie MAC and all of a sudden that $92,376 looks really small considering he has been Governor of a large State since January of 2001. Guess the Washington Post felt obligated to print a negative on Governor Perry.  After ten years of drawing retirement, Rick Perry still wouldn't equal $1M.  To to put it in perspective, Mitt Romney gets millions in retirement, and Newt Gingrich gets millions now for lobbying/selling his influence.

It is Main Street all the way if you want someone who is not in the hip pocket of Wall Street or K Street.

Experience Does Count -- Look at Oklahoma's Governor Mary Fallin

Oklahomans in 2010 elected by far the most qualified person to ever seek the Governorship, Mary Fallin.  Mary was a member of the OK House, Lt Governor for 12 years, Congresswoman for 4 years, and now is finishing up her first year as Governor.  We are so lucky to have her as Governor and have to wonder if she had been Governor starting in 2002 if our state would be in even better shape.  She has brought accountability to State Government which has been missing for years.  Oklahoma is about to experience a leaner and more efficient State Government for which we should all be cheering.

Now if we can just make the state legislature leaner and more efficient the overhaul of State Government would be complete.  The idea that as a legislator they feel 'obligated' to submit eight bills each year is beyond ludicrous.  IMHO it is also past time to end all the lobbyist writing a lot of the bills which total over 1,000 for this small state.  Let the legislator write their own bills with their staff and seek input from the Attorney General's office if it meets or conflicts with our Constitution.  Year after year some bills do not follow the Constitution and the Governor will not sign or the bills are overturned by the Courts which is a waste of tax dollars.  If they cannot write one good bill, then they shouldn't be serving.

Oklahoma under Governor Fallin, has started our economic rebound.  There is no better salesman for Oklahoma then our Governor. As Lt Governor, Mary brought jobs to Oklahoma and now back in Oklahoma as Governor she is bringing more jobs to our state, tort reform has been passed, and the door is wide open to welcome new business into our state.  Without her leadership wouldn't bet that we would have the Tort Reform bill we have today.

Oklahoma is a great place to live with an economy that is rebounding.  We can thank Governor Fallin for leading the way!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 20, 2011Governor Mary Fallin Comments on Certified Revenue Figures 
OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today issued the following statement on the Oklahoma Board of Equalization certified revenue figures. The governor will have $6.5 billion to craft her FY 2013 budget, an increase of $120.3 million over the previous year. 
“The numbers certified by the Board of Equalization today indicate that tax revenues are increasing as Oklahoma’s economy continues its rebound from the national recession. That’s the good news. The loss of one time funding sources, however, means the state is currently facing an estimated budget shortfall of $150 million. While that number may change, the bottom line is that next year’s budget will be flat at best. Moving into 2013, state agencies should redouble their modernization and efficiency efforts to ensure they are maximizing the value of their appropriated funds and saving taxpayer dollars.” 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry Advocates Part-Time Congress and Balanced Budgets; Cites Tim Tebow’s Faith, Persistence and Strong Finishes

Excerpts from the debate in Iowa:

Update from the Road in Iowa:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Twelve -- Gov Perry's Message of Faith, Jobs, and Freedom

Governor Perry, Champion of Conservative Principles, has an outstanding record as a statewide elected official in Texas from his days as Agriculture Commissioner to Governor of a large state which is larger than some countries.  He has seen first hand how the Federal Government has overstepped with their environmental regulations and failed with securing our southern border.  Governor Perry has real plans to get America back on the right track not just rhetoric of some other candidates:
The flat tax, a balanced budget, job creation, domestic energy, a secure border, and a part-time Citizen Congress. To get America working again, we must overhaul the Washington Establishment.
In 1990 when he was first elected as Agriculture Commissioner, the conventional wisdom was that he would not be able to beat Jim Hightower, the incumbent, but after a lot of hard work on the campaign trail and a new vision for the Agriculture Department that the people liked, he won.  As Ag Commissioner he changed the culture of the Ag Department giving the same voice to the small farmer as the large ranch Democrat donors received.

In 1998, Perry decided to run for Lt Governor against the popular Comptroller John Sharp (they were friends at A&M), and once again conventional wisdom said he could not beat Sharp plus he had some Republicans opposing him and supporting Sharp behind the scenes.  Then Governor Bush who was also running for reelection as Governor had said he would not run for President if there was not a Republican Lt Governor.  In spite of some nasty articles and dirty tricks trying to defeat him, he won the race.  In January 2001, he became Governor after Governor Bush became the President of the United States.

In 2002, it was a fairly easy race as he defeated Tony Sanchez of Laredo with almost 59% of the vote.  Then the establishment decided they didn't want the conservative Texan to continue as Governor so the next two elections were anything but easy.

In 2006 while he had little competition in the primary, the establishment ran then Comproller Carole Strayhorn who was part of the Governor's cabinet and mother of the White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan to challenge Perry as an Independent, then there was the musician Kinky Friedman who has now endorsed Perry for President but ran against him in 2006 as an independent.  He defeated the Democrat Congressman Bell, the two independents, and the libertarians with 39% of the vote to 29% for Bell.

Then came one nasty primary in 2010 as the Republican establishment led by Bush 41 with his puppet Karl Rove got Senator Kay Bailey, a moderate on social issues, to run against Perry.  Then the the Ron Paul Tea Party candidate Debra Medina also entered the primary.  Mitt Romney endorsed Kay Bailey which raised a lot of eyebrows in Texas with the question of why?  Rick Perry won the primary with no run-off and went on to win the general against the negative campaigner Mayor of Houston, Bill White, with 54% of the vote winning 226 out of 254 counties.

Since getting in the Republican Presidential campaign in August, the negative campaigning by Romney, Cain and Bachmann against Perry has reached some of the lowest moments for a campaign that I have ever seen.  Now that Rick Perry has found his groove in the debates, Karl Rove writes an editorial yesterday in the Wall Street Journal saying there are too many debates and candidates need to meet with voters more.  Rove didn't see anything wrong with debates when Romney was riding high but now that his record is under attack there are too many debates?

Will Rick Perry be the comeback kid?  We believed so when Republican primary and caucus goers look at Perry's record, his plans to reform the Federal Government, and his steadfast championing of conservative beliefs, he will get their vote.  You will never see Rick Perry putting his finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing in order to determine which side of an issue to support.

Rick Perry, the Eagle Scout who grew up in the small town of Paint Creek, in West Texas learned the importance of faith, family, and love of America.  After graduating from Texas A&M, he became a C-130 Air Force pilot flying missions overseas. Captain Perry returning to Paint Creek after finishing his Air Force commitment and marrying his high school sweetheart, Anita Thigpen.  They have two grown children Griffin and Sydney.

Rick Perry is a true Champion of Conservative Principles and deserves our vote in the Republican Primary.
Gov. Rick Perry Advocates Part-Time Congress and Balanced Budgets; Cites Tim Tebow’s Faith, Persistence and Strong Finishes
Posted on December 16th, 2011 
Perry a standout at FOX News Presidential Debate 
SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke strongly and confidently about ending Washington’s culture of congressional earmarks, deficit spending and federal excess, and articulated his unmatched pro-jobs record, staunch conservatism and plans to help create American jobs in tonight’s Iowa presidential debate, hosted by FOX News and the Republican Party of Iowa. 
Governor Perry strongly connected with American families and football fans by relating to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, his unabashed Christian faith, persistence and fourth-quarter comeback victories. 
“Am I ready for the next level? Let me tell you, I hope I am the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses,” Gov. Perry said. “I like these debates and I hope President Obama and I debate a lot. I’ll talk about passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Congress. I’ll talk about having the type of part-time Congress that I think Americans are ready for.” 
Gov. Perry has traveled the country sharing his message of faith, jobs and freedom with conservative plans to stimulate the economy, boost job creation and repair the damage of the Obama administration’s failed economic policies. The governor’s Uproot and Overhaul Washington plan calls for a part-time citizen Congress, eliminating ineffective federal agencies and making Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in the lives of the American people as possible. 
“The issue we ought to be talking about on this stage is how you really overhaul Washington, D.C.,” Gov. Perry continued. “And the idea that you can’t tell the difference between lobbying and consulting, the idea that we have Congress staying there as many days as they do and the salary that they have. That’s why I’ve called for a part-time Congress. Cut their pay in half, cut their time in Washington in half, cut their staff in half, send them home. Let them get a job like everybody else back home has, and live under the laws they pass. We do that, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the conversations that we’ve been having up here will be minor.” 
Gov. Perry’s Cut, Balance and Grow plan establishes 20 percent flat personal and corporate tax rates, and simplifies the tax system by closing corporate loopholes and ending tax breaks for special interest groups. When compared to current laws, Gov. Perry’s plan will mean tax relief for Americans of every income group. Cut, Balance and Grow also includes a federal Balanced Budget Amendment and plans for a full audit of every regulation passed since 2008. 
During the debate, Gov. Perry shared his record and vision to get America working again by bringing the pro-jobs, pro-business and pro-innovation model he helped to create in the state of Texas to the nation. Over one million net new jobs have been created during Gov. Perry’s tenure in Texas. He has the strongest job creation record of any candidate in the presidential race, and will bring his experience in creating jobs through eliminating job-killing regulations, ensuring a fair and predictable tax system, creating a just legal climate and ending unnecessary government spending to the country as president. 
Source:  Rick Perry.org

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Eleven - A 2012 Take on the 12 Days of Christmas

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Eleven - A 2012 Take on the 12 Days of Christmas

by ThinkFirst Email
Twelve Days of Clarity
Day Eleven

On the First Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: A president who cares nothing about me.

On the Second Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Third Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Three one-term governors, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Forth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Four coo-coo birds (Bachmann, Huntsman, Johnson, & Paul), three one-term governors, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Fifth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds, three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Sixth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds, three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Seventh Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds, three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Eighth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Eight MSM’s a-lying, seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds, three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Ninth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: 9-9-9 scheme gone-missing, eight MSM’s a-lying, seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds (Bachmann, Johnson, Paul), three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Tenth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Trump’s mouth a-flapping, 9-9-9 scheme gone-missing, eight MSM’s a-lying, seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds (Bachmann, Johnson, Paul), three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Eleventh Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Eleven pundits prattling, Trump’s mouth a-flapping, 9-9-9 scheme gone-missing, eight MSM’s a-lying, seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds (Bachmann, Johnson, Paul), three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

On the Twelfth Day of Clarity the campaign gave to me: Twelve-point lead for Perry, pundits prattling, Trump’s mouth a-flapping, 9-9-9 scheme gone-missing, eight MSM’s a-lying, seven Santorum sayings, six Gingrich pay-schemes, five Herman flings, four coo-coo birds (Bachmann, Johnson, Paul), three one-term govs, double-down on Romneycare, and a president who cares nothing about me.

Problem Solved!

The next time you hear poll results touted for the Republican Primary candidates remember that even in Iowa almost 70% of the voters have not made up their mind or like a lot of Republicans refuse to answer polling calls. Maybe this election will finally start to put a nail in the coffin of so many liberal polling companies or those closely tied to establishment consultants. About time the media took a real hit with their reporting as well. Fox News has to be the most biased in the election but when you hire people like Dick Morris who touts Fox News is going to choose the Republican candidate nothing should shock anyone.

Until today I didn't realize that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was not in the debates because he didn't poll 2% but the pollsters left him off their ballots so how is he going to poll 2%? Will be so happy when this rigged Republican primary is over. From all the debates, to media blackouts of some debate candidates, to media blackouts unless a candidate makes a gaffe, to freezing out a former Governor, to biased polling and news, to flavor of the week candidates and then to top it all off a Republican National Committee Chairman who is obviously on the side of Romney who has trouble when he has to meet people so the reason for all the debates.  I thought 2008 was pretty disgusting but this year beats it by a mile.

Hope the establishment and their consultants are pleased with themselves because if their candidate Romney wins, they will have the dubious honor of splitting off a large group of the Republican Party who will vote 3rd Party or not vote in the Presidential election. These are also the people who work the campaigns on the ground.  In the end they will have no one to blame but themselves as they have been warned for months that the grassroots did not want any candidates from 2008 to run.

This started for me with the establishment overplaying their hand in 2004 to try and keep Dr. Coburn out of the Senate and in 2006 and 2010 to try and defeat Rick Perry as Governor using moderate candidates. That should tell you all you need to know about the establishment -- favor moderates over conservatives. I have seen it up and close and personal and frankly I am still appalled at the nerve of the establishment and the puppets they use.

Not a fan of Libertarians but if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee, will take a real serious look at Governor Johnson who by all accounts is conservative but is leaving the Republican Party because of the way he has been treated. Guess RNC Chairman Preibus and the establishment didn't want another Governor to show up Romney who is liberal as Johnson comes from a state like Texas with a huge border problem.

It it is the holidays and candidates are campaigning because RNC let Iowa move up their caucus to the 3rd of January while pushing Oklahoma and other states to March.  When it comes to the RNC, I am Scrooge -- not one thin dime leaves my account for them until the current group is shown the door.

OK State Banking Board Votes to Lower Assessment Rates for 2012

After receiving this press release last night from the Office of Governor Fallin (R-OK), decided to check out the financial instutions the Oklahoma State Banking Department controls versus the national banks and credit unions:
The Oklahoma State Banking Department regulates state-chartered banks, credit unions, savings and loans, trust companies, money transmitter companies and money order companies. 
The Comptroller of the Currency (800-643-6743) regulates national banks and the National Credit Union Administration (800-755-1030) regulates national credit unions.
How much money is it costing banks with new government regulations put in place by the Obama Administration and the Congress?
The state Banking Board’s move will free up Oklahoma’s community banks to devote more capital to community-based lending to help promote economic development and job growth in the private sector,” Fallin said.
Decided to explore the new government regulations and discovered that MSN Money has a detailed article:
Recent financial regulations are expected to cost banks as much as $25 billion a year, as they will now be forced to set limits on credit interchange fees charged to merchants, ask permission from consumers to charge overdraft fees and generally be more straightforward with their customers about interest rates. 
"Regulatory and legislative activities have been working primarily against banks," said Richard Davis, the CEO of U.S. Bank, in a recent interview. "A lot of those are negatively biased against banks as they relate to profitability."

In response, major banks are expected to make up for lost revenue by coming up with new fees to charge consumers. In fact, some of the biggest banks have already begun to do so. Yet from a consumer's perspective, there is something amiss with this strategy. Many of these banks justify the new fees by playing up their weakened balance sheets, only to dole out lavish bonuses and exorbitant salaries to their executives. But if a company can afford to pay its executives extremely well, isn't that a sign that its finances are in better shape than it lets on?

JPMorgan and other banks have said they raised certain fees to make up for revenue lost because of new and proposed regulations related to debit and credit cards. CardHub.com estimates that proposed limits to debit-card transaction fees could cost banks $13 billion a year. Based on these regulatory and industry shifts, Wells Fargo said it considers its accounts and services fairly priced.

MainStreet took a closer look at some of the biggest banks that are imposing new fees this year and found that some have also increased the salaries for their chief executives, casting further doubts on their motives. How much more are they making -- and how much more are you paying? Find out on the following pages.
Even though banks are facing new government regulations that are going to cost them billions, the big banks are still giving out huge bonuses to their CEO's and other high ranking banking officials.  Since the cost is passed onto the consumer, it is time to cut out all bonuses until further notice.  The government should not be in the business of regulating bonuses but the consumers sure can.  No one individual deserves millions of dollars in bonus money.  The banking industry is crying about how bad they have it right now with the new regulations and how much it is costing their banks but they are finding millions to reward their top tier people?  

If your bank is giving out huge bonuses, you might want to look elsewhere for a bank that doesn't give their CEO and others millions of dollars of your money every year as a bonus.  Without the money from customers, the banks make no money.  In the end consumers are paying for the rich to get richer so why not take your money to banks where the bank board treats your money like their money and refuse to pay huge bonuses at the end of the year.  

This is one reason locally owned banks and credit unions are becoming popular because consumers know their money is secure plus it is not being wasted on paying CEO's big salaries and bonuses.  No wonder interest rates are so low on savings as you have to pay out the year end bonuses.  Absolutely disgusting.  BTW, I bank locally and with a credit union.  Interest on checking is higher then most major banks have on savings by a few percentage points. 

Now we have the Oklahoman Banking Board lowering assessments on state charted institutions to make up for the federal regulation cost to banks they are facing in 2012.  What is in the Dodds/Franks bill that is costing banks so much money?  Was this another bill that had to be passed in order to see what was in the bill?  Government is out of control in DC starting with the Administration and the Congress.  Time to get some brooms and sweep out the deadwood who are coming up with all these regulations.  Don't they have something better to do then get involved in every aspect of our lives?  How about cutting back on regulations not giving us new ones for starters?

This Press Release from The Oklahoma Governor shows that Oklahoma is taking action to lower assessment rates for 2012 with our state chartered financial institutions to make sure that our economy continues to grow.  Maybe the people in DC should look at TX and OK to see what they are doing right and what the Federal Government is doing wrong.  Over regulation is killing this economy and that fault lies with the Administration and with members of Congress who go along to get along.

December 14, 2011

State Banking Board Votes to Lower Assessment Rates for 2012
OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today announced the Oklahoma State Banking Board has voted to lower the assessment rates paid by all state-chartered banks in Oklahoma. The Board took action at its Nov. 30 meeting in response to the increased costs that Oklahoma banks are incurring as a result of federal regulatory changes.

The assessment rates were lowered 22 percent for a bank’s first $100 million of assets. The rates take effect Dec. 31, 2011. The Board reasoned this reduction in state regulatory assessments may help offset federal regulatory costs that are increasing, as well as help community banks devote more capital to community-based lending.

“What Washington doesn’t seem to understand is that burdensome regulation can stifle economic growth and job creation. The state Banking Board’s move will free up Oklahoma’s community banks to devote more capital to community-based lending to help promote economic development and job growth in the private sector,” Fallin said.

State Banking Commissioner Mick Thompson said, “The Board made this decision to lower assessments to send a message that the State Banking Department understands the federal regulatory burden that community banks are suffering through, and that strong community banks in Oklahoma are important to maintaining the state’s economic recovery.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Ten -- Outsider

This video shows Rick Perry is the outsider in this race.  Facts speak for themselves as you will see below:

Rick Perry is the only candidate who is conservative and a true outsider in the Republican primary.  Perry is also not the candidate of the establishment, moderate to liberal Republicans who have been trying to take him out of the race for months.  Let's take a look at the other candidates:
  • Mitt Romney -- Establishment candidate of the Bush 41 wing of the Republican Party which encompasses the Northeast states.  He is liberal except when he thinks being conservative will get him votes and then he flip flops on core issues like global warming, pro-life, gay marriage, Romneycare which has costs the state of Massachusetts millions since it was enacted and almost every other key issue for conservatives.  You don't become Governor of Massachusetts by being a conservative.  In fact he declared when he was running in 2002 that pro-choice people would have nothing to fear from him.  In 2007 he joined with other liberal Republicans to try and defeat the nomination of Sam Alito for the Supreme Court. Rating:  Establishment, Insider, Liberal
  • Newt Gingrich -- Inside the beltway 'historian' aka lobbyist who wants people to believe he is a conservative but conservatives don't run around touting global warming with Nancy Pelosi or Tom Daschle or going around with Rev Al Sharpton for Obama on education.  He was also for a healthcare mandates and for Hillarycare.  When he was Speaker, conservatives were not welcome in his office but the welcome sign was out for Democrats.  Since leaving the House following his scandal of having an affair with his much younger aide for years which came out during the impeachment of Bill Clinton, he has earned almost $2M from Freddie Mac and has his own firm where he sells access to himself and others. From NY Times:  Mr. Gingrich arranged meetings between executives and officials, and salted his presentations to lawmakers with pitches for his clients, who pay as much as $200,000 a year to belong to his Center for Health Transformation.   He is the ultimate insider trying to act like an outsider, but looks like Iowans are waking up to Newt.  Don't imagine they liked seeing the picture of Newt with Arafat while giving him advice while he was Speaker that came out this week.  Former Fox News pundit.  Rating:  Insider, Conservative to Moderate
  • Ron Paul -- Libertarian member of Congress.  Flavor of the week.  Rating:  Conservative from a libertarian point of view
  • Michele Bachmann -- Follower of Ron Paul in the House, conservative, and has a slim record of accomplishment.  Rating: Insider, very conservative and not afraid to stand for those conservative beliefs.   
  • Member of Congress.ick Santorum -- Former Senator from Pennsylvania.  Very conservative on social issues and former Fox News Pundit.  His charity, Operation Good Neighbor, is run by lobbyists.  Since leaving the Senate he has served as a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.  Rating:  Insider, very conservative and long record of being conservative while a member of the Senate
  • Jon Huntsman -- Former Ambassador to China for Obama and Governor of Utah prior to that.  In the summer of 2009, he wrote Obama a letter stating  that he was doing a very good job.  His first term as Governor he seemed conservative but not so much since then.  He believes in global warming is man made and has considered running as an independent.   Rating:  Insider with Obama, moderate to liberal in some of his views like global warming, won't take on Obama directly.
As you can see there is only one candidate who is a true outsider who has been at all the debates since he entered the race -- that is Rick Perry hands down who has been fighting the DC establishment for years with all the rules and regulations the inside the beltway crowd has tried to put on Texas and other states in our region.  He has fought the federal government on immigration asking for help from the Obama Administration to secure the border but their answer was to send in desk troops not ground troops.
Today Rick Perry starts his bus tour through Iowa where he will be meeting voters.  Much better venue for him to meet voters one on one then a debate which looks to be one of the reasons that the RNC decided to have so many debates because, Romney, Cain (who dropped out), and Gingrich don't do well meeting voters one on one as their arrogance shows through.  RNC will do whatever makes the establishment happy, and why I join a number of my friends who will no longer donate to the RNC after what we have seen in this primary.

Rick Perry Kicks Off Iowa Bus Tour In Lead Up to Caucuses

Gov. Rick Perry kicks off his 42-city tour through Iowa today in the bus pictured above as his campaign hopes it will be the boost to carry him to victory in the Iowa caucuses three weeks away in January. The first nine-day stretch of the tour will take him from Council Bluffs up north and across the state before heading south to end the excursion in Newton.
Perry starts his jam-packed day with a town hall meeting in Council Bluffs this afternoon, followed by a walk through Harlan town square and a meet and greet at Cronk’s CafĂ© Restaurant and Lounge in Denison. He will break from the bus tour and fly to Des Moines this evening to participate in the Mike Huckabee screening of the anti-abortion film “The Gift of Life.” 
Moving at a faster pace than his previous schedules, the Texas governor, who shines while engaging in traditional retail politicking, will endure days often filled with four or five events.

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Nine - Conservatives Deserve Better

Question of the Day?  Why are the two Texans being ignored by the media after debates unless they say something that the pundits think will make them look bad?  Ron Paul is a perennial Presidential candidate who is actually Libertarian not Republican but cannot get elected as a Libertarian.  Gov Perry is a three+ term Governor of a large state so why is he ignored by the media.  Two  words -- establishment politics.  We do deserve better in this primary than RNC structured debates instead of campaigning in the states. 

Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Nine - Conservatives Deserve Better

by ThinkFirst http://nevils-station.com/qp_files/quam-plures/blog5.php?disp=msgform&post_id=442&recipient_id=5&redirect_to=/qp_files/quam-plures/blog5.php
Twelve Days of Clarity
Day Nine
Conservatives Deserve Better

Newt Gingrich: FDR Was The ‘Greatest President’ Of The 20th Century - despite FDR injecting socialism into the American system - yet he now claims to be a great conservative?

Newt Gingrich: Advised Yasser Arafat on Creation of a Palestinian State - now he declares it illegitimate?
Willard “Mitt” Romney blasts Gingrich as ‘extremely unreliable’ conservative leader - while his own record is equally-unreliable?

Ron Paul (the only candidate ClearChannel, Drudge, Fox, and the MSM choose to ignore and/or criticize more than Rick Perry): said there was “glee” in the George W. Bush Administration following the September 11 attacks on the United States because they wanted to use it as a pretext for invading Iraq - yet now wants to be considered a conservative who understands the war on terror and is a sound thinker?

Are you sick and tired of the fad-candidate-of-the-day who always seems to be not-as- represented? First Cain, then Gingrich, and now perhaps Paul in Iowa?

Are you sick and tired the efforts of political retreads to fool you with magical-revisions to their less-than-conservative records?

Does their lack of any record of actually doing what they now say they will do make you wonder if it is all self-serving hot-air from empty suits desperate for power and prestige?

Have their arrogance and elitist attitudes started to offend you?

Let’s get real.

Conservatives deserve better than empty promises from empty suits and wild tirades from displaced Libertarians.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Politically Correct

If I could be President for the day with unlimited powers, I would ban all former members of Congress from being lobbyists.  In fact, I would ban lobbyist for a year with an option to make it permanent.  Would like to know why lobbyists write bills at the state and federal level.  Don't try to get an answer to that question because the rhetoric you hear will make you ask what is the job of legislators since writing legislation is not one of them it seems.  The number of legislative aides has grown by leaps and bounds in the Congress so what is their job?  Read bills from lobbyist?  

I was told here in Oklahoma it would take too much time for the legislators to do the research to write the eight bills they submit every year and would imagine the same is true for Congress.  How about writing one bill to submit and make an outstanding bill instead of trying to meet a quota for bills?   Some of the bills submitted here in Oklahoma are file 13 material that never should see the light of day.  

Why can Dr. Coburn and Cong Ryan write bills while most Democrats rely on lobbyists?  Their staffs are very good and will do the research necessary to write a bill.  It takes hard work but both men are willing to do that to get a good bill on the floor.  The Republican committee chairs in the House were able to write and pass a budget in the spring that has languished in the Senate under Democrat control.

With Dr. Coburn in the Senate along with other conservatives and Cong Ryan in the House with the conservatives there, if Republicans took the Senate along with the House in 2012, we could begin to right this ship called America.  Cuts need made and budgets need passed not continuing resolutions like the FAA has been dealing with since the fall of 2007 when the FY 2007 budget came to a close on 30 September 2007.  That means the Senate under Democrat leadership has not passed a comprehensive budget for the entire Government since the Democrats took control in January 2007.  Time to kick out the Democrats from Senate leadership, but there is one caveat, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell needs replaced with a conservative.  Majority Leader Harry Reid sends most Republican sponsored legislation to the trash without hearings.  He is a poor example of leadership and the only way to oust him is to give Republicans control with all new leadership IMHO.  

It is also time to tell Republican establishment types to butt out of Senate and House elections.  Crossroads and Rove who represent the establishment need to be banished from Republican primaries because we do not need the type of candidates they want us to have.  We need conservatives like Cong Lankford (R-OK) who has been a shining example of a citizen legislator with no government experience.  He has taken the time to learn the ropes, is articulate, and works hard to get the job done.  He wouldn't be in office if the establishment had their way, but he beat their candidate.

Senate and House races should be run by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the special interest PACs and national Tea Party groups need to stay out of primaries and that includes Nebraska where the establishment is trying to get the Governor to run as they don't like the conservative who is running.  Local Republican Tea Party grassroots need to be involved but not the national people like Tea Party Express funded by the Koch Brothers and Murdoch who caused chaos in the last election for Senate seats.

After all the dirty tricks in the Republican Presidential primary, Karl Rove and others of his ilk who represent the establishments interests need to sit out the rest of this election and let the voters decide.  No more Fox News propping up candidates as they are as bad as the liberal media.  I still haven't recovered from learning that Bain Capital bought Clear Channel in 2007.  No wonder some of the pundits are so pro-Romney.  

Also cannot believe that Iowa moved their primary to January 3rd which is one day after the New Year's Day Bowls.  University of Oklahoma is meeting Iowa in the Insight Bowl on the night of the 30th in Tempe, AZ, so if Iowa fans want to be part of the caucus, they will have to return right away to Iowa to be part of the caucus instead of enjoying the sun of the Phoenix area this year.  Sure hope it is warmer than last year when we were in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl.

The month of December should be free of debates and no caucus or primary should be before February 1st.  What is the purpose to move a caucus to the 3rd of January?  This whole election cycle smells with the way it is being run.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Red State: Perry: The ONLY candidate that can beat Obama

This article from last Thursday that I just read while visiting Red State to read Erick Erickson's article, GOProud’s Outing of Rick Perry Pollster Tony Fabrizio Backfires, Outs Them Instead, sums up what so many of us have been thinking about the chances of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry against Obama.  Neither Romney or Gingrich have been able to lose their arrogance as it comes across in all the venues.  Touting one's own intelligence over others is not even a little endearing out of Newt.  If those two men are so arrogant now, how would they be as President.

Newt has the capability of being more arrogant than Obama which is saying something.  He relies on his words in debates as he says what he thinks the voters want to hear but when you dig deeper, his words don't match his past where he dissed conservatives in the House to play up to Democrats.   His hard line against Democrats today comes across as self-serving for votes when you see the video of Newt with Pelosi on the couch touting global warming:

Romney has never been a candidate that I could feel comfortable voting for after what we saw out of his consultants here in Oklahoma in 2006 in the Governor's race which seems to have been a dry-run for Romney's first run for President in 2008.  Romney also pulled out of the GOP Convention in 2007 at the last minute saying he needed to be in Iowa.  When he held a Town Hall, he should have made it only for his fellow Mormons as the rest of us were not welcome.  No questions allowed of Mitt from the wrong people.  From his flip flops on global warming, pro-life, Romneycare, and now his stand that he would not seek to reinstate 'don't ask, don't tell' for starters has made me decide that I will never support him.  As a conservative, I could not vote for the man. The unemployed Mitt Romney needs to stay unemployed so he can go supervise the contractors on his $12M mansion.

Having seen Rick Perry in action first as Ag Commissioner, then Lt Governor, and now Governor I have no doubt that he is the man who can beat Obama.  The arrogance factor with Perry is nil.  He is a gentleman and someone who you would want as  your next door neighbor.  People who think they don't like the Texan when they meet him, come away with a very different opinion.  He is very likable and genuine which is rare in politics today.  Dr. Coburn, Cong Lucas (R-OK), and Cong Langford (R-OK) fall in that category here in my state.  Perry admits mistakes and OOPS moments we all have.  Rick Perry will not be swayed on his core values as he is steadfast in his beliefs -- you can trust him not to put a finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing and why with all of his experience, he would make an excellent President.
Perry: The ONLY candidate that can beat ObamaPosted by Tim Griffin@griffinelection (Diary)
Thursday, December 8th at 1:23PM EST  
As conservatives look over the field of candidates we have been provided this election cycle, one thing becomes abundantly clear: most of these candidates will lose to Obama in 2012. But Rick Perry is the only guy that can show why he is the one you want to have a beer with while Obama is the one upset that the price of arugula is has risen at Wholefoods. If you’re reading this, you may not care who the most likable presidential candidate is, but the voters who decide elections do. The simple truth is that Perry is likable, Romney and Gingrich aren’t. 
Mitt Romney has shown himself to be inherently unlikable. His whole persona seems contrived. He wasn’t asked to run for president, he dedicated his life to it. In the General Election, Romney will come off as disingenuous, out-of-touch and rich. Before this presidential run he had over four houses–you may not care, but General Election voters will. The only consistent political position he holds is on a healthcare mandate–voters want someone they can trust. Romney is ripe for attacks. David Axlerod will paint Romney as an out-of-touch opportunist and it will stick enough to convince independents in OH, FL and PA to stick with the known quantity of Obama. 
Newt Gingrich running for president is like one of those bad movie sequels where you ask yourself, “why was it necessary to do this again?” We already ran an old, rich, fat, white guy. He was out of touch and lost by embarrassing margins. 
There are also a lot of differences between McCain and Gingrich, but none of these factors make Newt more likely to win. Newt is more arrogant than McCain, and whether we like it or not — is defined by the media narrative as politically petty. He is a serial adulterer. Obama is a family man. Newt is a fighter and he will take it to Obama. The base loves that, we eat it up and can’t wait to see a debate. But Newt’s style isn’t going to play exceedingly well to General Election Voters. He comes off as self-absorbed and arrogant. When he cuts down a reporter you’ll catch a brief glare and maybe a smirk, but never a smile. The guy has no general election strengths. He is a loser and we have seen the original back in 2008. Don’t be duped into paying for the sequel! 
Rick Perry is the only one that can beat Obama. Perry has something that neither Newt nor Mitt possess. Likability. When asked who was the nicest and friendliest candidate backstage at Republican debates, Jon Huntsman’s daughters unanimously answered — “Rick Perry.” Governor Perry has General Election likability and that is what it takes to win. 
Would anyone say that Jimmy Carter was more likable than Ronald Reagan? Mondale more likable than Reagan? Bush I or Dole more likable than Clinton? Gore or Kerry more likable than Bush II? McCain more likable than Obama? Of course not, the likable guy always, always, always wins in presidential elections. 
Obama is infinitely more likable than Mitt or Newt. But Rick Perry is the guy you want to have a beer with in 2012 and that will make all of the difference. 
While Obama comes off as more genuine than Newt or Mitt, he doesn’t have that advantage over Perry 
In the end, Perry, due to his accent and demeanor is the most likable guy in a matchup and his record speaks for itself. He is the only one that can really exploit Obama as the guy who is upset because the price of “arugula” has risen at Whole Foods. 
On the stump no one draws a brighter contrast with Obama than Perry. While an Obama speech is a jarring experience with right-to-left teleprompter reads while never looking into the camera, Rick Perry hits the stage with a few note cards and a lot of passion. 
On top of all of these factors, Perry is the only guy that can’t be painted as out-of-touch, (During the last election, Romney still had five houses; Newt Gingrich has a half-million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s Jewelers). 
Perry is the guy you want to have a beer with and people don’t have to weigh how smart he is, all they need to know is that he has an amazing record as governor for ten years of one or our largest states. 
Whether you are looking for a strong record, conservative consistency or the greatest chances of winning a general election, Rick Perry is your guy.  
Source:  Red State

Twelve Days of Clarity -- Day Eight -- Debates

Did not watch the debate Saturday night as I find all these debates frankly annoying on a Saturday night or during football games in the fall.  Debates take time away from candidates being on the ground with voters which makes no sense unless you want to benefit a candidate who does not do well meeting regular people.     RNC's motives are questionable since they are behind the debates hosted by the liberal media.  Who benefits the most by not meeting with people?  Mitt Romney hands down.  

In 2007 here in Oklahoma at a Town Hall, Romney would only take questions from local staffers or fellow Mormons.  People walked out when they saw it was a set up to make Romney look good.  That seems to be what RNC, Fox News, Drudge, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and the establishment want -- make Romney look good to get elected.

The problem with this scenario is that it can backfire easily, and we could get a very flawed candidate like Gingrich who would have a hard time beating Obama.  He talks the talk as a history professor but his record is less than conservative.  Why he is even running with his baggage is beyond me.  I have talked to too many people who remember when he had to resign during Monicagate because he had an ongoing affair with his much younger staffer.  That is his second affair we know about and third marriage.  Is she the one behind Gingrich running as she wants to be First Lady?  If he cannot be honest with his wives and has affairs, how can we expect him to honest with the American people.

We already know he wants all the trappings of the Presidency as he whined enough when he flew on AF One with Clinton and had to exit the back not the front.  He is arrogant to the core and would bet he would travel on AF One as much as Obama.  No one tells Gingrich what to do because he is smarter than those around him.  If you don't believe it, just ask him.  Don't know when I have seen a candidate tout their own intelligence as their brain being smarter than a fellow candidate.

The reason I decided to watch the debate after the debate was finding out that Romney wanted to bet Rick Perry $10,000 which it turns out was he (Romney) was mad at being accused of taking words out of his book which he claims he didn't do.  OOPS!  We now learn that Romney did delete his own words from his book so what does that say about Romney?
PerryTruthTeam:  Romney deletes his own words from his book: bit.ly/sHnFc0 #IowaDebate   
At the link you find what was in the Romney book originally.  Romney wanted to bet Perry $10,000?  He must be getting desperate.  The comments in this article about the bet are priceless:
Mitt Romney Challenges Rick Perry To $10,000 Bet At Iowa Debate 
Mitt Romney is tired of hearing about the change made to his book that touts Massachusetts' CommonWealth Care as a "model for the nation." But Rick Perry keeps bringing it up. So Romney proposed a $10,000 wager -- perhaps unprecedented in presidential debates, although we'll wait for Gingrich to provide the historical background. 
Sadly, Perry didn't want to take the bet, so we never got to learn what the terms were exactly. Instead, Romney quoted from the chapter in which he said that every state should have the opportunity to make its own health care plan. 
My colleague Ryan Grim quips: "How many people have you met who casually make $10,000 bets?" It's pretty "1 percent," if you ask me. 
To put the amount in perspective, according to a tweet from West Wing Report, "The $10K bet Romney offered to make represents three months pay for most Americans." 
Conservatives didn't hold back on jokes directed at the wealthy Romney. Jonah Goldberg of the National Review tweeted that "Romney promises that his butler will 'personally deliver' $10,000 check if he loses," which was quickly retweeted by RedState's Erick Erickson.

Jonathan Martin, who covers the GOP race for Politico, also pounced. "Who among us doesn't wager $10K at a time?" he tweeted
Romney with this bet idea just put himself smack dab in the middle of the elitist, establishment class.  Whoever came up with that idea is probably the same person who had Romney going around saying he was unemployed since he left the Governor's office.  Building a $12M mansion while unemployed is not something most of us can do while employed.  His elitism showed through Saturday night.  Not to mention he did remove a sentence from his book as shown at the link above.  Did he honestly think people wouldn't find that removal?

At the end of the debate Saturday night, it was obvious there is only ONE DC outsider and that is Rick Perry.  He is also the only one with a long record as Governor (3+ terms) that shows the Texas economy and jobs have grown under his leadership.  Romney had one term as MA Governor and left them with huge debt following the passage of Romneycare which he has tried to change the story line in this election.

Then you have Newt who was for individual health care mandates with Hillary, global warming with Nancy Pelosi, but now it is our imagination because today's Newt would never pal around with Hillary, Pelosi, Daschle, and Rev Al.  He is rewriting history right before our eyes.

Finally a debate with good questions instead of some of the nonsense we have been seeing from people asking questions in past debates.  Ironic when you get good questions Governor Perry shines.  There were no gotcha questions in the debate which has been a trademark of some of the debates especially the Fox News Orlando debate which was proven to be slanted.  Newt Gingrich also didn't get a free pass this time as Michelle Bachmann went after him.  Wonder how many members of Congress who served when Newt was Speaker have bent her ear -- plenty would be my guess.

Those conservative House Members who worked with Newt are not supporting him.  In fact Senator Coburn said in an article that he would have a hard time supporting him if he won the nomination.  Dr. Coburn is honest but Newt and honestly leave a lot to be desired as he spins about his playing up to Democrats in the past.   What makes anyone think as President he wouldn't do the same since he had such disdain for a lot of the Freshman conservatives who were elected in 1994.

Still cannot believe these debates have been going on for so long and there are so many -- some within days of each other.  They have been going on through football games, on Saturday nights, and other times where people are doing other things.  DVR comes in handy for some households but many Republicans have just tuned them out.  A lot of people are frankly tired of the virtual campaigns that never ends.  This Republican primary started way too early IMHO especially with debates.

Hope in 2016 someone gets a clue and says no debates before Labor Day 2015 except maybe for a forum before the Iowa Caucus which makes sense.  With over 60% of Republicans undecided in key states will someone please tell how these polls we are seeing for the flavor of the week are worth anything?  Wonder who is going to be the flavor of the week next?  Ron Paul?

Cannot fathom what it would be like if both parties had active primaries for 2016 -- personally would just turn off debates, turn on sports, and enjoy my evening without getting disgusted which I have pretty much done for 2012.  Would Democrats be as dumb as Republicans to have so many debates?  Something tells me they wouldn't.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Twelve Days of Clarity, Day Seven - More or Less of the Same in 2012?

The Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Seven - More or Less of the Same in 2012?

by ThinkFirst http://nevils-station.com/qp_files/quam-plures/blog5.php?disp=msgform&post_id=440&recipient_id=5&redirect_to=/qp_files/quam-plures/blog5.php
The Twelve Days of Clarity
Day Seven
More or Less of the Same?

Which part of “Conservatives are sick and tired of political hacks and warmed-over Democrat-lite ideas from Republicans” do the media moguls at ClearChannel, Drudge, Fox, and the MSM not get?

Which part of “We don’t trust empty campaign promises from politicians with records that contradict their rhetoric or no relevant-record-of-accomplishment at all” do these candidates and their media-promoters think the mainstream Republican conservatives and Tea Party activists don’t really mean?

How many times do fad-candidates have to rise-on-rhetoric and fall-on-facts for the pollsters to figure out how to measure hard-support from informed-likely-voters and not shallow name-ID and celebrity-cool?

On which list of issues does any candidate even come close to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s solid record of effective conservative leadership? Can you say none, zero, zip, nada? There is no other candidate who comes close to real-world chief executive experience that proves their real-world capacity to get done what it is that the American people want done.

What is it about his success with balanced budgets, defending freedom of religion and freedom of speech, defending the Second Amendment, encouraging job-creation, law enforcement at the border and throughout a State, and respect for life that the Perry-haters dislike?

It is becoming increasingly-apparent that the Perry-haters have a great deal in common with the Reagan-haters in Campaign 1980 - they are either liberal-leaning or impressed with establishment-elites and they do not want to see any real change - just a moving of the chairs on the deck of the socialism-bound Titanic created by Barak Hussein Obama II.

On this Seventh of the Twelve Days of Clarity our challenge to you the reader is to compare and contrast, check and recheck, accept no slick words or empty-suit promises!

ABC Debate Recap
Cut, Balance, and Grow
Newt Gingrich Supported Individual Mandate
Romney Deletes His Own Words from His Book
Romneycare: Billions of Dollars Spent, Tens of Thousands of Jobs Lost
Rick Perry’s Strong Border Security Record

Gov. Rick Perry Corners Outsider Mantle on Healthcare Mandates, Bailouts and Conservative Economic and Foreign Policy Ideas

Posted on December 10th, 2011
Offers winning performance at ABC News Presidential Debate



Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Twelve Days of Clarity - Day Six - Commander in Chief

Who has the experience to be Commander in Chief?  If you follow the careers of the various candidates, you soon realize that first there are only two candidates who have served in the military -- Ron Paul and Rick Perry, both who come from Texas.  Please watch this video and see what these veterans have to say about Rick Perry:

Rick Perry graduated from Texas A&M going into the regular Air Force where he became a C-130 pilot flying missions around the world earning the rank of Captain.   The Air Force had a major presence and overhaul facilities in Southeast Asia so necessary supplies were airlifted into Southeast Asia even after the war was over as the US maintained a military presence in Southeast Asia.

Perry understands what our military go through on a daily basis and has made sure as Texas Governor that our military veterans are put first with various programs he has initiated in Texas from housing to education.  This video brought tears to my eyes to hear the stories of these men who served our Country and how much they want a fellow veteran as the Commander in Chief.  I agree with them 100% that Governor Perry is the man.

The ad made me think of my own husband who was an 18 year Marine serving as an forward air controller in Korea.  He turned 18 on the ship going over.  He is one of many veterans who have issues today dating back to Korea and what they witnessed as young men.  Over the years he would only support someone for President who served in the military.  What he thought of Clinton and then Obama is not printable as he shares the same thoughts as many veterans about Commanders in Chief who have never served.

Flickr Photo: Flying B-24 With Distinguished Veteran
Gov. Rick Perry Announces Veterans for Perry CoalitionPosted on December 8th, 2011 
MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. – Texas Gov. Rick Perry today announced the formation of the Veterans for Perry Coalition aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, S.C. The veterans coalition reflects the strong support from veterans across the nation for Gov. Perry, the only presidential candidate in the race who volunteered to serve his country. 
Gov. Perry served in the U.S. Air Force as a tactical airlift pilot from 1972-1977, flying C-130 tactical airline aircraft, moving military troops and equipment. The Perry Veterans Coalition is already more than a hundred strong and will continue to grow as more veterans join to voice their support for their fellow vet.  
Excerpt:  Read More at Rick Perry.org
Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are both around the same age as Rick Perry, but neither one served in the military.  Why?
Mitt Romney served a 30-month Mormon mission in France in lieu of serving in the military. 
A woman at an Ask Mitt Anything forum earlier today in Iowa raised the question again, asking whether any of Mr. Romney’s five sons are serving in the military, adding pointedly, “If none of them are, how do they plan to support this war on terrorism by enlisting in our U.S. military?”
Although his campaign said his remarks were taken out of context, Mr. Romney’s response is drawing criticism, because he said, in part, “one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected.” 
Source:  http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/08/08/questions-about-romneys-sons-and-military-service/ 
Mitt Romney served a 30-month Mormon mission in France in lieu of serving in the military.
Mormon church obtained Vietnam draft deferrals for Romney, other missionariesBy Michael Kranish, Globe Staff | June 24, 2007
As the Vietnam War raged in the 1960s, Mitt Romney received a deferment from the draft as a Mormon "minister of religion" for the duration of his missionary work in France, which lasted two and a half years. 
Before and after his missionary deferment, Romney also received nearly three years of deferments for his academic studies. When his deferments ended and he became eligible for military service in 1970, he drew a high number in the annual lottery that determined which young men were drafted. His high number ensured he was not drafted into the military. 
The deferments for Mormon missionaries became increasingly controversial in the late 1960s, especially in Utah, leading the Mormon Church and the government to limit the number of church missionaries who could put off their military service. That agreement called for each church ward, or church district, to designate one male every six months to be exempted from potential duty for the duration of his missionary work. 
Romney's home state was Michigan, making his 4-D exemption as a missionary all but automatic because of the relatively small number of Mormon missionaries from that state. It might have been more difficult in Utah, where the huge Mormon population meant that there were sometimes more missionaries than available exemptions. Most missions lasted two and a half years, as Romney's did. 
Source:  http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2008/specials/romney/articles/part1_side_2/?page=1
Will never forget Romney comparing his son's time on Mormon missions to serving in the military and topping it off with using their time in his campaign as service to the Country.  That is an affront to everyone on has worn the uniform and IMO disqualifies him to be Commander in Chief.  He is not forgetting a name or an agency in an OOPS moment we all have, he is speaking what he feels -- serving as a Mormon missionary equates to military service.  That is someone that I will never support.

Newt Gingrich went the route of so many political figures -- education and marriage deferments so he didn't have to serve during the Vietnam War.  He was adopted into a military family and calls himself an Army brat but I have known a lot of military kids over the years and brat is not the word I would use for them but 'brat' seems to fit Gingrich even today and I am not the only one who feels that way.  It is hard on kids to be transferred to different areas and leave your friends as we know from personal experience with my husband's transfers for Air Force Materiel Command from coast to coast and in between.

I have a hard time with the deferments that were given out during the Vietnam War as I lost two friends in that war.  If you had the means to go to college and then got married, you were deferred no matter how high the lottery number or in Romney's case he went on a Mormom mission.  I have more respect for those who claimed consientious objector status and served in non-combat roles.

I have a good friend who was also my neighbor growing up that was a conscientious objector who joined the Army and served in military hospitals here in the States.  Their church did not believe in war but believed they should serve their Country in non-combat roles.  That I respect.  I do not respect the Mormon Church who was handing out deferments right and left.  Why not say you are pacifists and have some core values.  That was one of my problems with Dick Cheney named Secretary of Defense -- deferments.  Know it bothered a lot of military.  Now Panetta is in charge with no military background.  When Cheney was Secretary of Defense, at least the, President George GH Bush, was a Navy veteran pilot who served in the Far East during WWII.  Have great respect for those who fly off carriers -- to be launched into the air takes courage.

Know it is going to get harder to find someone who was in the military to be President with the all-volunteer force.   For me when you are sending young men into war, I think that person should be former military.  Call that old fashioned but someone who never served doesn't have a clue what these young men go through from boot camp to pilot training. 

Recently I was at the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City with my husband where you see President Obama's picture hanging all over.  In the waiting room we were in, this older black guy on crutches was not happy with the picture and wanted the girl to turn it around.  He told a fellow veteran sitting next to him that it makes his blood boil when he had to serve under a Commander in Chief who had such dislike for the military -- Clinton but this guy is worse.  He said joined under Reagan and then ended up serving under Clinton which he said was the worst years of his career. He told the guy that those who serve today have it worse now with Obama doing away with 'don't ask, don't tell.'  He is 100% correct.

A person who never served approving the dismantling of 'don't ask, don't tell,' is a slap in the face to those who serve as it puts them in an uncomfortable position from the barracks to the war zone. It was discussed throughout the military with the Joint Chiefs from the Army and Marines Corps objecting loudly, but Obama and his Secretary of Defense Panetta paid no attention to what the vast majority of military felt that spoke out in favor of maintaining 'don't ask, don't tell.'  Instead a small minority in the military dictated the decision as Obama played up to the gay movement.

Romney has stated that he will allow 'don't ask don't tell' to stand as we are not in a war.  In fact Romney has said he's OK with repeal of  'don't ask, don't tell' and as president wouldn't work to reinstate the policy.  How does not being in a war situation according to Romney change what goes on in boot camp, community showers, etc?  Not to mention we are still in Afghanistan and have troops in Korea and other places around the world.  Voting for Romney should be a NO for anyone who supports our military because he already shows he supports the wishes of a few over the majority in our military ranks.  When is he going to flip flop on this like he has other things?

From a NH debate in June:
CAIN: If I had my druthers, I never would have overturned "don't ask/don't tell" in the first place. Now that they have changed it, I wouldn't create a distraction trying to turn it over as president. 
GINGRICH: Well, I think it's very powerful that both the Army and the Marines overwhelmingly opposed changing it, that their recommendation was against changing it. And if as president--I've met with them and they said, you know, it isn't working, it is dangerous, it's disrupting unit morale, and we should go back, I would listen to the commanders whose lives are at risk about the young men and women that they are, in fact, trying to protect. 
BACHMANN: I would keep the "don't ask/don't tell" policy.
Source:  2011 GOP primary debate in Manchester NH , Jun 13, 2011
The problem with Gingrich is that he has been selling out to Democrats for years so who knows if would follow through on anything he says.  As Speaker, he would agree with conservatives, go meet with Democrats and do a 180.  That is not a good trait for a President.

Rick Perry got in hot water on You Tube this week from gays, liberals and establishment Republican with his ad 'Strong' but at least he takes a stand which from what I am hearing from Veterans they are very grateful.  He doesn't waffle and if it is not popular with the elitists, he could care less.  With Rick Perry he will do for veterans across America what he has done for veterans in Texas -- put them first as they put this Country first in serving in the military.

The ad 'Strong' that riled up the liberals:

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.

As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage.

Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.
No doubt where Governor Perry stands on gays in the military.  We agree with Rick Perry that repealing 'don't ask, don't tell' was irresponsible out of Obama.  Thank you Governor for standing up for what is right in face of a lot of criticism even from some your staff.  That is the Rick Perry a lot of us have come to respect as Governor.  He stands tall for our military and veterans and his core values are unwavering.

Hands down the IMHO the best candidate to be Commander in Chief is Rick Perry.  He has proven as Governor of Texas that he supports our military and veterans and he will do the same for them around the Country as President.  If elected President, the men and women in today's military will know they have a friend in the White House with Rick Perry.

Just finished watching the opening to the Army/Navy football game and see because it is an election year that Obama/Biden showed up.  Rick Perry would be there every year not just when running for election.  That is the big difference between Obama who does something for show and Rick Perry who would be there to honor our military.

Don't have a favorite in the game as my Dad served in the Army, my husband served in the Marines, and my daughter served in the Navy so excuse me if I say "Go Air Force!"