"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Presidential Talk Until after New Year's Please!

This is getting annoying that candidates are coming out of the woodwork saying they might run. Our new 112th Congress doesn't take office until January 3rd, 2011, and no talk of who is going to run for President should even be discussed before that. We have just come off a long election season and a lot of people who were involved in races would like some time to decompress from a campaign and enjoy the holidays without being bombarded.

The spotlight right now should be on the House and Senate where there is a lame duck session in progress, and plans are being made for the 112th Congress. That should be it until 2011 but now Republicans have some grand standers that cannot wait to get the word out they are considering running. Trust us doing this right now with the lame duck in session is not winning any support. We are tired of campaigns and candidates right now when we still have candidates whose races are in recount or contested.

On that note, Lisa Murkowski has been declared the winner by the AP and LA Times in Alaska. If all the disputed write-ins were tossed (they won't be), Miller doesn't have enough votes to win or even qualify for a state paid recount. Now he wants the State to pay for all votes to be counted by hand not machine even though he doesn't qualify. Since many states use the fill in the dots and those votes are pretty accurate tallies, no way he makes up the votes but it keeps him in the spotlight so more people will send money. With the lawyers he hired, he is turning into an Al Gore lite.

Miller is one candidate that vetting didn't catch because he had his records sealed and used the Obama defense from them being unsealed but it didn't work as the courts finally unsealed them. Once they were unsealed and people found out what a horrible candidate he was, the write-in for Murkowski took off.

Telling Alaskans they were basically too dumb to write in Murkowski was a dumb move on Miller's part or telling Alaskan tribes they should speak English or not vote was another dumb move. Having the Tea Party Express camp out in AK for weeks was another dumb move. After Palin pushing him against Murkowski, he refused to say if he thought she was qualified to be President. Anyone who sent money to his campaign should ask for a refund. If Miller's records had come out before the primary, he never would have won.

This is a perfect example of why all the records of a candidate for national office should be an open book. This idea that someone wants our vote but won't release details of their background has to end.

Like or dislike Murkowski, she ran only the second write-in campaign for Senator in the history of the Senate. The lies told about Murkowski by Miller supporters were mind boggling, and we are not a Murkowski fan. Frankly never paid that much attention to her but if we were in Alaska, we would have been writing in Lisa Murkowski.

About some of those challenged ballots by the Miller supporters:
Murkowski, Lisa
Lisa Murkowski Republican (they said that one meant they wanted Miller)
M in cursive rest printed perfectly
r that someone said looks like a v
You get the picture of why the election board supervisor didn't toss some of those write-ins when it was obvious who they voted for -- caused Miller to be the laughingstock with some of the ballots that they wanted tossed. They were set aside and even then with set aside ballots Miller still does not have the votes. Not to mention a lot of Miller supporters are now backing Murkowski in Alaska because of Miller's actions in the recount and all the truth coming out on his background.

This has been an interesting race to watch and shame on Fox News for giving Miller so much air time to spread his half truths and a few lies. Most of the fraud he said happened was for consumption of the lower 48 to send him money as it was never reported to the election board by the poll watchers but it was after he hired one of the sleeziest election lawyers, Floyd Brown, of Willie Horton fame. All of a sudden fraud appeared out of nowhere when he talked to the media but no complaints filed.

Murkowski hired Ben Gingsberg of Bush 2000 fame who is an expert on election law and spent little in Alaska when he discovered the voting was proceeding in an honest manner.

We are happy to see that the unethical Joe Miller is not going to be the Senator from Alaska. Last thing the Senate needed was another unethical person -- they have enough. Anyone who scams the system like Miller has is not someone you want in the Senate.

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