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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Commandos' home base, pride is deep and lips are sealed

Wish the people in the White House would be doing the same thing as they are doing in Virginia Beach -- keeping their lips sealed.  This Obama Administration has been leaking like a sieve on the operation with their changing stories.  Now they have released the Bin Laden videos -- what is the purpose of that?  Why give out so much information on what they found in the compound?  Has this Administration never heard of 'need to know' or does that only pertain to Obama's background which is held like a Top Secret operation.

Virginia Beach keeps the identity of the SEALS quiet but Obama makes them fly to Fort Campbell to meet him.  Why Fort Campbell which is an Army base?  Makes no sense.  CNN has an expert on from Aviation Weekly to discuss the experimental helicopter -- interesting information in the video below.  According to him most experts think this technology goes back over a decade but CNN is breathlessly talking about the chopper while Aviation Week spokesman is not that impressed.  As he said, the fact that once you use this,  it is no longer secret.  Also said a company was working on this some time ago which corresponds to the 'experts' who say this goes back to the stealth plane development.   Typical CNN anchors trying to get an expert to say what they want to hear.

In commandos' home base, pride is deep and lips are sealed

By Dugald McConnell and Brian Todd, CNN
May 5, 2011 11:06 p.m. EDT

Virginia Beach, Virginia (CNN) -- The commando team that killed Osama bin Laden has already returned to American soil, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday. But in the town where they are widely believed to be based, you would never know it -- which is clearly by design.
While most soldiers returning from a war zone see an outpouring of welcome upon their return, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, it is quiet this week -- even though it is home to a storied team of Navy SEALs.

The highly trained operatives of the unit often called SEAL Team Six, widely reported to have been the ones to kill bin Laden, keep a low profile -- with the help of the community. That means city officials are planning no public commendations for the men based here, no matter how proud they are of the outcome of this week's overseas mission.

The Navy SEALs' stealth helicopter

Virginia Beach Councilman Bill DeSteph is a former Naval intelligence officer, but he was mum when asked whether the American commandos who went to Pakistan are based here.

"No matter where these individuals are from," he said, "there's no city that will be able to confirm or deny, or throw a ticker-tape parade, or anything else."

SEAL Team Six is widely reported to operate out of Naval Air Station, Oceana, near Virginia Beach. The unit is covered with such a degree of secrecy that the military doesn't even acknowledge that it's here. And that code goes beyond operational security at the base.

Excerpt:  Read More at CNN
Judge for yourself but this tail section of the chopper shows it going into the ground so how could anyone walk away from this.  Is this picture real or is it part of the Obama spin machine?  How large is the chopper?  A lot of questions and the pictures of the destroyed chopper don't match the picture of the tail section.

More of the unanswered questions from this Administration.

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