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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chris Christie Rates High in Latest Poll from Quinnipiac

The Republican primary will be adding another candidate tomorrow with Newt Gingrich announcing.  Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is sounding more and more like he will be getting in the race soon probably in time for the next debate.  The first debate we had Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul, with Mitt Romney turning down the invite for South Carolina but is signed up for the next debate.  Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, and Rudy Giuliani are making noise they might get in the race.  The GOP field will be adding more in the days ahead which should make for an interesting spring and summer.  

Of the current slate of announced or ready to announce candidates we see Herman Cain as being the most popular. One of the funniest quotes of this campaign so far came out of Cain, ""I guess I am a racist" for opposing Obama which shows how idiotic Obama and his campaign are to accuse people who oppose him as racist. Talk about thin-skinned -- Obama goes to the top of the list.  Cain brings life to the campaign because he will stand up and be counted and by all accounts won the debate in South Carolina.  When you have a sense of humor it goes a long way in getting people on board because it means you don't take yourself too seriously like the current occupant of the White House whose number one word is "I."

Wish list of some Republicans who want different choices is led by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, and recently added Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

Chris Christie Rates High in Latest Poll

According to a Quinnipiac poll in which voters rated their feelings about politicians and other national figures, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is “the hottest politician on the thermometer.” (Of note: 55 percent of American voters said they don’t know enough about Christie to form an option.)

Former speaker Nancy Pelosi received the coolest rating from voters, while Majority Leader Harry Reid ranks next lowest, followed by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

I would place some people in the poll higher and others lower, but it strikes me that the person at the top and the people at the bottom are more or less where they belong. Beyond that, it should reassure conservatives that Governor Christie, much more than Ms. Palin, is the type of figure the public is looking for from its political class.

One can sense how much Palin has been diminished in the public’s esteem in recent months. Her endless Twittering, her lack of basic knowledge about public policy and inability to articulate a compelling case for conservatism, and her striking sense of grievances and resentments (some of which are understandable) have come at quite a cost.

Ms. Palin has also suffered in contrast to other Republicans, and most especially Republican governors, many of whom embody a maturity, a proper governing temperament, and a seriousness of purpose. Compared to what Christie, Mitch Daniels, Scott Walker, Bob McDonnell, Bobby Jindal, and other lawmakers are doing, Palin seems to be shrinking before our eyes.

Source:  Commentary Magazine
High negative numbers do not win elections for any one.  No matter what some people want to say, Republicans need those independents and Democrat conservatives to win the Presidency.

In the days ahead we are going to start looking at the pros and cons of each of the candidates.  Personally the candidates that have not announced are intriguing and think can energize the base better.  We are not enamored with anyone who ran in 2008 and couldn't beat McCain in the primary starting with Romney and Paul and maybe Huckabee and Giuliani who are the latest to make noise about running.

A quick look at 2008 candidates who have committees or thinking of running:

We like Rudy a lot but doubt he will never make it through the GOP primaries in some states because of his stand on abortion first and foremost.  We understand that he has backed adoption over abortion for years but that prosecutor comes out in him that until the law of the land is changed on abortion there is nothing that can be done.  He also opposes federal funding of abortions but that was missed by some conservatives in their constant attacks.  We also know he fell on his sword for McCain by going to Florida early the same thing Fred Thompson did in South Carolina.

Huckabee is the former televangelist who governed  at times to the left of Bill Clinton in Arkansas raising fees to bring in more money and as Governor was against home schools before being for them when he ran for President.  We don't seem him as a candidate this time around as he would have to give up his TV show on Fox News.

Romney is a non-starter for a lot of us.  During 2008 when he would hold Town Halls, he would only allow Mormons or state staffers to ask questions.  We oppose his stand on healthcare and frankly are not interested in his spin about Romneycare as we know people from MA who went to NH in 2008 to work for McCain as they didn't like Romney as Governor.  He is too closely tied to Bush 41 and Rove for us.  In fact we wish that Bush 41 and the people who surround him would stand down this time around and let Republican rank and file choose our candidate.  Rove's attacks on Trump who he perceived as a threat to Romney were way over the top and cost him credibility when you find out he most likely is going to be helping Romney.

Ron Paul is not a serious candidate that could challenge the leaders but it gets his message out and he makes debates interesting.  His support on the net and at events is very loud but does not transfer into a lot of votes in the primaries.

There is absolutely zero desire from a lot of us to support anyone who ran in 2008 and couldn't beat McCain even after some Romney people tried to tank his campaign.  McCain came back to win the nomination thanks to Rudy and Thompson people.  It is time for new blood to run who can beat Obama.  Do the announced candidates have the backbone to withstand the onslaught the media is about to throw at them?   We will find out soon enough.

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