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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mitt Bain Capital Document Lists Mitt Romney As 'Managing Member' In 2002

How are Romney and his Romneybots going to spin this one?  Romney has backed himself into a corner and frankly couldn't happen to a better person.

Are the leaders of the Republican Party going to be dumb enough to nominate Romney after the evidence is piling up that Romney's visit to the five networks on Friday night to say he had nothing to do with Bain after 1999 was an outright LIE?  One of the anchors Friday night said they believed that Romney doing his act Friday night on Bain along with not releasing tax returns was going to cause more investigation and that is exactly what has happened.  Michael Steele said basically the same thing.

Was Michael Steele undermined at the RNC so he could be taken out and put a Romney loyalists in his place to make sure Romney got the nomination?  That would go along with the modus operandi of this group of Romney people who have completed a hostile takeover of the Republican Party with the help of the Koch Brothers and others.  Don't recognize today's Republican Party who could care less about the middle class or poor as they pander to the wealthy donors and hold up legislation that would help the economy.

Had to wonder when I saw he had his retirement from Bain backdated to 1999 if there wasn't something suspicious.  But people like me didn't have a clue about Romney who I said he was unethical as I have been told many times.  There is only one problem -- opposition research from 2008 when a lot of us worked for other candidates.  I am proud to say that I was member of the Rudy team before he was taken out by the far right -- same far right who has now teamed up with Romney who was as a liberal for MA Governor in 2002.  He is the perfect chameleon candidate who changes depending on the audience.  That same Romney who in 2001 was head of Bain when they invested in a company that disposed of  'aborted fetuses' per Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast.  The usual comeback is that Sullivan is a liberal but he has the evidence and unlike some Republican journalists this time around, he is not making it up.  It has been out there waiting for the media to investigate.

What has happened to honesty and integrity in the Republican Party this election and looks like back in 2010?  From the Congressional Republicans holding up bills that might make Obama look good, to lying that they were working with the President, and turning into pretzels to support Romney for President early on which made no sense, it makes you wonder about anything the GOP is saying today.  What happened to the GOP backbones?  Are they so entrenched with the wealthy that when a member of leadership, Cantor, bets against the US Treasury to make money that he doesn't get a reprimand.  What kind of Majority Leader bets against the US?  But then he is the same one who donated money to an organization trying to take out incumbents including some TX Republicans who won big.  This is a microcosm of today's Republican leaders who put party and big donors ahead of the American people.  Why should any of us be shocked that they refuse to take action on Romney?

Republicans are going into the fall election most likely with an outright liar heading the ticket which brings back memories of John Kerry who Republicans savaged for lying which they should have and I was one who was thoroughly disgusted with his lies.  He couldn't tell the truth about his time in Vietnam and Romney cannot tell the truth about his time at Bain.  Why?  We can go for a trifecta and ask what is in the drinking water in MA that causes their politicians to lie because Sen Scott Brown (R-MA) keeps talking all these imaginary phone calls he gets from Democrats and world leaders.  He was poised to keep his seat before his foot in mouth took over -- now it is toss up.

The Alabama Governor, Robert Bently, along with NRCC Chair Pete Sessions have called for Romney to release his tax returns.  Michael Steele did the same on Friday night, Bill Kristol has joined the chorus, and we expect that chorus to get louder.  What is Romney hiding that he was so arrogant to say only two years of tax returns was enough when his Father released many more?

Huffington Post authors have discovered one more piece of evidence to add to the pile -- this one from Bain itself in 2002 -- is that going to be another lie according to Romney and his surrogates?
A corporate document filed with the state of Massachusetts in December 2002 -- a month after Romney was elected governor -- lists him as one of two managing members of Bain Capital Investors, LLC "authorized to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record any recordable instrument purporting to affect an interest in real property, whether to be recorded with a Registry of Deeds or with a District Office of the Land Court." 
Yet Romney told the Feds in August 2011 in his federal disclosure that he retired from Bain on Feb 11, 1999, but we know that retirement was backdated to 1999 AFTER he won the Governorship of MA in 2002.  That was confirmed this morning by a Romney spokesman saying that it was a retroactive retirement to 1999 and Romney didn't have anything to do with Bain.  Lies keep mounting up because he told the MA Ethics Commissions when trying to get on the ballot for Governor that he had taken a leave of absence from Bain to work for the Olympics but has been reported he took numerous trips back to MA to participate in Board Meetings, Thanksgiving, etc.  Yet Romney goes on TV Friday night and says he had nothing to do with Bain after he left for the Olympics in 1999.  Is he lying now or did he lie on documents earlier.  Going out on a limb here and say he is lying now.  Doesn't have to be a big limb to support that one.

How many of you would like to take a retroactive retirement and get paid for it?  Bet most would but you see we are not wealthy so those rules don't apply to all of us.

If he thinks any of this is going away, he needs to think again.  For the good of the Republican Party he could come clean with his lies, pull out of the race, and allow the Republican Party to have an Open Convention but that would take honesty and integrity along with ethics which are missing with Mitt Romney.  In the meantime the Chairman of the RNC Priebus and others who orchestrated this crooked primary process need to resign immediately.  They have disgraced the Republican Party with choosing Romney as the nominee.  Anyone who thinks the primaries were fair haven't been reading where one state was proportioned and another wasn't, or missing ballot boxes, dead voters, multi-state voters, turning people away from voting in caucuses or running a shadow GOP in NV for starters when they didn't like the person who was elected to head the GOP at the Convention for starters.  How about the debates where the RNC Chair scheduled and picked the moderators and kept people out of the debates that might show up Romney like former Gov of NM Gary Johnson.

Only hope for the Republican Party in November is to have an Open Convention IMHO!  If they go down the road with Romney and his lies and arrogance, expect collateral damage to the GOP Congressional races in November.  I am not enjoying seeing what Romney and his supporters have done to the Republican Party along with the Koch Brothers and their meddling, but I am enjoying the mess Romney has gotten himself in after what he has done to candidate after candidate to fulfill the Mormon prophecy of becoming President.  He didn't even follow his Father's lead who I believe was an honorable person who did release tax returns.  Doesn't phase his son as he is always right and the anyone who questions him is called names by his surrogates like socialist, communists, traitor, and the list goes on.

I put my principles over my Party so no way do I support or vote for the MA liberal Romney who has a problem with the truth and if people don't like it, don't talk to me because I could less.  I will not vote for a candidate who I know to be unethical who has no integrity just because there is an (R) behind their name.  Not happening.
Mitt Romney Bain Capital Document Lists Him As 'Managing Member' In 2002
Ryan Grim and Jason Cherkis
Posted: Updated: 07/15/2012 10:40 am
WASHINGTON -- Add another document to the pile of evidence contradicting Mitt Romney's continued insistence that he ended his active role with Bain Capital in early 1999, part of his long-running effort to avoid responsibility for the company's activity, related to outsourcing and bankruptcies, during the years that followed. 
A corporate document filed with the state of Massachusetts in December 2002 -- a month after Romney was elected governor -- lists him as one of two managing members of Bain Capital Investors, LLC "authorized to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record any recordable instrument purporting to affect an interest in real property, whether to be recorded with a Registry of Deeds or with a District Office of the Land Court." 
In August 2011, Romney told federal authorities, as part of the financial disclosure process, that he "retired from Bain Capital on February 11, 1999 to head the Salt Lake Organizing Committee [for the 2002 Winter Olympics]. Since February 11, 1999, Mr. Romney has not had any active role with any Bain Capital entity and has not been involved in the operations of any Bain Capital entity in any way."
Bain Capital Investors is a Bain Capital entity. 
Previously reported evidence shows that Romney was listed as the CEO, chairman and president of the company after 1999 in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission; took a six-figure salary; signed corporate documents related to major and minor deals and attended board meetings for at least two Bain-affiliated companies. The state document was filed two and a half years after Romney now says he retired from the company, demonstrating his deep and ongoing connection to the firm. 
The mountain of evidence that Romney had a connection to the firm after 1999 leaves him with two possible explanations, neither of them political appealing: Either Romney was officially in charge of the company but took no actual responsibility for it, or he was involved then and is either lying or shading the truth now. 
The latter has its obvious drawbacks, and the former doesn't paint Romney as a portrait of stand-up leadership. President Barack Obama over the weekend seized on Romney's attempt to shed responsibility for the company he officially ran, arguing that a U.S. president doesn't have the luxury of picking and choosing when he's responsible for what happens on his watch.
"Ultimately, I think, Mr. Romney is going to have to answer those questions because if he aspires to being president, one of the things you learn is you're ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations," Obama said in an interview with the District of Columbia's WJLA-TV. 
It's a line of attack Obama employed with deftness against his Republican opponent in 2008, when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) suspended his presidential campaign to address the financial meltdown. 
"Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time," Obama said then, rejecting McCain's request to postpone debates. "It’s not necessary for us to think that we can do only one thing, and suspend everything else." 
On Friday evening, Romney responded to the barrage of Bain reporting and attacks by the Obama camp by scheduling a raft of interviews with major media outlets, during which he repeated his claim that he had had nothing to do with Bain after 1999. 
Source:  Huffington Post

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