"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot, Hot, and Hotter in Middle America

UPDATE:  8/3 9:40 a.m

In case you missed it, this picture from Stillwater, OK, has been making the rounds from the heat which set off a fire in a dumpster and would have caused some black on the light but since it was already 113 degrees, look what happened to the light!

Twenty-three out of the last 28 months we have been warmer than normal in Oklahoma and set a record last summer for 100 degree days.  Don't mind setting higher temps in winter although we didn't get sufficient cold weather to kill a lot of bugs, but in summer months, it is brutal.

It was nice this morning because a cloud cover was in place to cover up the sun, but now the sun has come out, wind is starting to pick up which has led to a high fire danger alert.  Winds are supposed to get worse as the day goes on because right now they are pretty normal.  Watered my lawn in last night so it wouldn't be so dry with the threat of high danger.

There is no global warming -- there is no drought -- it is all my imagination that Oklahoma is flat out hot and could reach at at least 114 right here in Norman and could be 115 in other parts of the state breaking a Dust Bowl record.  Last year we broke the record for the number of days over 100 degrees and this summer we are going to break the record going back to the dust bowl.  We have been blasting through records this week to set new ones and looks like two more days until we cool off in the low 100's which is going to seem cool.

We also have ozone alerts this week telling you not to mow grass, ride a motorcycle or anything else with that type of engine.  Only supposed fuel up your car at certain times and cut down on driving.  Seems reasonable to me but not to some of my neighbors who mow grass when there is very little grass to mow.  I am not mowing grass which is the one good thing about heat.  I have bermuda grass which means when the first drop of rain comes, it will green back up.  I am watering around my foundation and my plants throughout the yard I have invested in so they can survive the heat and drought and some of that water is getting on my lawn so it is slightly green.  My one neighbor left his hose going all night so that water was running in the street when I got up and in the process lost some rose bushes when they fell over with a little wind.

Next year I am investing in a sprinkler system for my plants and lawn so I can put it on a timer and not stand outside in the heat watering my plants to keep them from dying.  They can be watered early before the sun actually comes up like we did in So California.  A timer works GREAT!  Maybe that means we won't have a heat wave next summer if I get a sprinkler system.

This is more like southern California weather in August then Oklahoma but it was nicer on the west coast living in the foothills  because when the sun went down, it cooled off a lot.  Last night it was still 111 at 8 p.m. after reaching 113 yesterday.  Tomorrow there is a high danger of fire as the winds are picking up with about 11% humidity which I hope means that my neighbor who smokes and throws cigarette butts around uses common sense.

Feeding the birds, squirrels, and ducks.  They are not going to get much out of this landscape right now to eat.   I must have 100 birds feeding at my house now.  If this heat keeps up I will set up some feeders in the lower level of the yard in the big trees.  Right now I am very thankful for the big trees in my yard and green belt because it keeps the hot afternoon sun from scorching my deck which faces north but gets plenty of sun in the afternoon in my area.

If you are complaining about the heat where you leave, come visit us.

The good news is that this afternoon OU football kicks off for the fall with meetings.  Then an early practice tomorrow morning and more meetings in the afternoon.  We have an indoor practice facility that could be used in the afternoon because no way you would want players out in this afternoon heat.  Looking forward to going to the opening game in El Paso -- might get a chance to cool off.  The people who schedule football games for the networks wanted our game to start at 1:30 and were told by both schools -- no way so we are starting later in the evening because when the sun goes down in the desert, it gets much cooler.

The Americans are picking up more gold today at The London Olympics in a variety of sports although gymnastics and swimming are where we are picking up the most medals.  The way the USA is playing basketball, I would expect that our three OKC Thunder players, Durant, Westbrook, and Harden will be bringing home the gold along with the rest of the team.  They are going to roast when they get back to OKC and want to return to the cooler temperatures of Great Britain.

Don't know if this hot weather is caused by global warming as I have been a skeptic but when you break a record from the dust bowl, it does make you wonder.  I am not so fast to dismiss it today after two summers in a row with this intense heat -- we had more 100 degree days last year but this is hotter.

Too hot for politics today after the members of the Republican House made fools of themselves yesterday comparing mandates on insurance companies to provide contraception for women on their healthcare plan comparing it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.  The same thing Federal Employees Health Benefit program has been doing for years with no one complaining.  Very much over the top and what I have come to expect out of the far right of the House who are intentionally stalling bills to make Obama look bad and hurt people looking for jobs.

That came on top of Chick-Fil-A where I was told my a neighbor that I had to go eat there to support the push against gay marriage.  How is my not eating at Chick-Fil-A going to stop gay marriage when I don't like their food but the fact I never eat there didn't matter, I had to do it to support the anti-gay marriage group.  I think whoever came up with the idea is a marketing genius because Chick-Fil-A profits went through the roof as Rush's 'mind numbed robots' (neighbor's description) flocked to Chick-Fil-A yesterday.

I told my neighbor I was going to Raising Cane's for their chicken fingers which are excellent and much better buy for your money.  After he got his Chick-Fil-A, he tells me last night when I was watering my plants that he should have gone to Raising Cane's because he forgot how much he didn't like Chick-Fil-A -- even his kids like Raising Cane's better.  He also said that is the last time he listens to anyone telling him where to eat as he will make his up his own mind when it is his money.  Said he got caught up in the moment.  Another convert to the anti-boycott movement that the Tea Party likes to throw around if they don't like some business.  After all all businesses have to think like them are they are bad.  Maybe more people are going to wake up before November and realize we have been fed a bunch of garbage by the so-called conservative pundits and the far right in Congress who are nothing but obstructionist who could care less about the American people as a whole.

Have a terrific rest of the day and stay cool if you are in the heat that is baking the Country.


SJ Reidhead said...

I was reading that there is no global warming in the OKC area. That the temps are not that bad, and people were just complaining to make the right look bad when it came to climate change.

So, tell me, is it so hot that street lamps are melting?

The Pink Flamingo

Sharon said...

It was only 108 last night at 10 o'clock -- it is a conspiracy against the the far right to say it is this hot. We were breaking records from the dust bowl now and 23 of the last 28 months have been much warmer than normal. We also have an ozone problem this week -- the made bad air by liberals.

I am adding the picture of the street lamp to the main article from Stillwater, OK

Heavy fire danger today but conservatives can keep their head buried in the sand and say there is absolutely nothing to any of this as we are entering more of a cooling period -- would someone please speed that cooling up!