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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romney "Just Trust Me" Campaign is Laughable

A Mitt Romney "Just Trust Me" campaign made me burst out laughing.  Is anyone that dumb to believe such nonsense?  He has been saying for months that if people saw the details of his plan, they probably wouldn't vote for him and now Ryan is saying the same which is even more reason for Romney to release his plan -- that is if he has one.  Count me as one of the Refuse to Trust Mitt Romney Republicans.

Lack of transparency on the party of Romney and Ryan is now part of the campaign strategy?  Did that come from the same advisers who helped tank former FL Governor Charlie Crist from being a popular Governor to losing as an Indy in the race for Florida Senator to Marco Rubio?  According to Newsmax, they are one in the same which explains a lot about his consultants and staff who would have a hard time in any race.  If they could tank Crist who was popular, think what they can do to Romney who had trouble getting about 35% of Republican votes in the primary when there were other candidates in the race.  One big question comes to mind:
Why would Romney hire consultants from the more moderate Crist campaign if he wants to run as a hard right candidate?  Was Romney really planning to move to the center but the far right has blocked that move threatening to not vote for him?  
That's the way it looks from my vantage point as the  chameleon Romney seems to have no trouble morphing into a candidate where he thinks he can get the votes.  Going hard right is going to make those more centrist Republicans today think twice about supporting Republicans in 2012.  The same centrist GOP voters who used to be considered Conservatives under Ronald Reagan until the far right with the help of the Koch Brothers took over the GOP.

These Romney consultants are serious about a "Just Trust Me" campaign which is nothing short of amazing when you have a candidate that has trouble with the truth and lies so much not to mention his flip flopping.  Was Ann Romney's shrill comments in an interview about taxes saying people would tear the tax returns apart and come after them the first shot in this "Just Trust Me" campaign?  If it was, Ann Romney came across badly in her interview on their taxes -- very elitist with an I dare you to ask that question attitude because "you people" don't have a right to see more tax returns.

On The Daily Beast they had Greg Sargent rants about the Romney-Ryan's deliberate dodging of policy specifics:
[I]n what appear to be strategic leaks designed to mollify Republicans worried about the campaign’s lack of specificity, Romney advisers are explicitly confirming that all of this is part of a grand strategy to only signal general direction to the American people. It’s a guiding idea that specifics are a political peril to be avoided. The campaign thinks sharing details about what he’d actually do as president would be politically suicidal. As Steve Benen asks: “what does it say about the merit of Romney’s policy agenda if voters are likely to recoil if they heard the whole truth?”

Will someone please tell me why even Republicans would vote for Romney/Ryan now with this new campaign "Just Trust Me?"  Do that hate Obama that much based on a campaign of lies to make him look evil and out of touch?  Romney/Ryan are continuing with those lies against Obama and ramping up the nastiness.  Is that all they have left is to tell lies since they don't want anyone to see the details of what they have planned for America.  That is frankly frightening since they are taking a page from Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and "you have to pass the bill to see what is in it" quote she made on the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Republicans couldn't believe she said that and rightly so but today positions are reversed and some Republicans think it is okay that you have to elect Romney/Ryan to see what is in their plans beyond what we already know of the Ryan Budget Plan.

To put it bluntly I trust Romney/Ryan as much as I trusted Pelosi which was not at all!  Don't think the "Just Trust Me" campaign is going anywhere because Romney may be one of the most distrusted candidates running for President ever in my lifetime.
Posted at 01:46 PM ET, 08/17/2012 Romney advisers confirm it: We’re running a `just trust me’ campaignBy  
I noted here yesterday that Mitt Romney is running a “just trust me” campaign, in which his lack of specificity and transparency extends far beyond just his tax returns, to his bundlers and to large swaths of his policy proposals. Intriguingly enough, Romney advisers have now come right out and confirmed the thinking behind this strategy. 
In a development that Dems are pouncing on right now, Romney advisers spelled it all out in interviews with Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei
You don’t say! Let’s step back and survey the overall picture so far.
Romney has broken with recent precedent — his father included — in refusing to release his tax returns, but he says has paid 13 percent for 10 years. (Just trust me.) 
Romney has not released the names of his major bundlers, but he won’t be beholden to his donors, as Obama has been. (Just trust me.) 
Romney vows to eliminate the deficit, and promises that his tax plan will be revenue neutral, even though he won’t say which loopholes and deductions he’d eliminate to pay for deep tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the rich. (Just trust me.) 
Romney says he intends to eliminate whole agencies of government, but won’t say which ones, except in closed-door meetings with donors, and even then, details are scarce. (All together now: Just trust me.)
Both Romney and Ryan have already confirmed in interviews that they see no need to share details of how his tax cuts would be paid for until after the election, when it all can be worked out with Congress. And when it comes to Romney’s vow to eliminate whole agencies and programs, Romney has freely admitted that he won’t specify which ones for the explicit reason that so doing would be politically problematic for him.

Excerpt:  Read More at the Washington Post

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