"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Twelve Days of Clarity -- Day Eight -- Debates

Did not watch the debate Saturday night as I find all these debates frankly annoying on a Saturday night or during football games in the fall.  Debates take time away from candidates being on the ground with voters which makes no sense unless you want to benefit a candidate who does not do well meeting regular people.     RNC's motives are questionable since they are behind the debates hosted by the liberal media.  Who benefits the most by not meeting with people?  Mitt Romney hands down.  

In 2007 here in Oklahoma at a Town Hall, Romney would only take questions from local staffers or fellow Mormons.  People walked out when they saw it was a set up to make Romney look good.  That seems to be what RNC, Fox News, Drudge, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and the establishment want -- make Romney look good to get elected.

The problem with this scenario is that it can backfire easily, and we could get a very flawed candidate like Gingrich who would have a hard time beating Obama.  He talks the talk as a history professor but his record is less than conservative.  Why he is even running with his baggage is beyond me.  I have talked to too many people who remember when he had to resign during Monicagate because he had an ongoing affair with his much younger staffer.  That is his second affair we know about and third marriage.  Is she the one behind Gingrich running as she wants to be First Lady?  If he cannot be honest with his wives and has affairs, how can we expect him to honest with the American people.

We already know he wants all the trappings of the Presidency as he whined enough when he flew on AF One with Clinton and had to exit the back not the front.  He is arrogant to the core and would bet he would travel on AF One as much as Obama.  No one tells Gingrich what to do because he is smarter than those around him.  If you don't believe it, just ask him.  Don't know when I have seen a candidate tout their own intelligence as their brain being smarter than a fellow candidate.

The reason I decided to watch the debate after the debate was finding out that Romney wanted to bet Rick Perry $10,000 which it turns out was he (Romney) was mad at being accused of taking words out of his book which he claims he didn't do.  OOPS!  We now learn that Romney did delete his own words from his book so what does that say about Romney?
PerryTruthTeam:  Romney deletes his own words from his book: bit.ly/sHnFc0 #IowaDebate   
At the link you find what was in the Romney book originally.  Romney wanted to bet Perry $10,000?  He must be getting desperate.  The comments in this article about the bet are priceless:
Mitt Romney Challenges Rick Perry To $10,000 Bet At Iowa Debate 
Mitt Romney is tired of hearing about the change made to his book that touts Massachusetts' CommonWealth Care as a "model for the nation." But Rick Perry keeps bringing it up. So Romney proposed a $10,000 wager -- perhaps unprecedented in presidential debates, although we'll wait for Gingrich to provide the historical background. 
Sadly, Perry didn't want to take the bet, so we never got to learn what the terms were exactly. Instead, Romney quoted from the chapter in which he said that every state should have the opportunity to make its own health care plan. 
My colleague Ryan Grim quips: "How many people have you met who casually make $10,000 bets?" It's pretty "1 percent," if you ask me. 
To put the amount in perspective, according to a tweet from West Wing Report, "The $10K bet Romney offered to make represents three months pay for most Americans." 
Conservatives didn't hold back on jokes directed at the wealthy Romney. Jonah Goldberg of the National Review tweeted that "Romney promises that his butler will 'personally deliver' $10,000 check if he loses," which was quickly retweeted by RedState's Erick Erickson.

Jonathan Martin, who covers the GOP race for Politico, also pounced. "Who among us doesn't wager $10K at a time?" he tweeted
Romney with this bet idea just put himself smack dab in the middle of the elitist, establishment class.  Whoever came up with that idea is probably the same person who had Romney going around saying he was unemployed since he left the Governor's office.  Building a $12M mansion while unemployed is not something most of us can do while employed.  His elitism showed through Saturday night.  Not to mention he did remove a sentence from his book as shown at the link above.  Did he honestly think people wouldn't find that removal?

At the end of the debate Saturday night, it was obvious there is only ONE DC outsider and that is Rick Perry.  He is also the only one with a long record as Governor (3+ terms) that shows the Texas economy and jobs have grown under his leadership.  Romney had one term as MA Governor and left them with huge debt following the passage of Romneycare which he has tried to change the story line in this election.

Then you have Newt who was for individual health care mandates with Hillary, global warming with Nancy Pelosi, but now it is our imagination because today's Newt would never pal around with Hillary, Pelosi, Daschle, and Rev Al.  He is rewriting history right before our eyes.

Finally a debate with good questions instead of some of the nonsense we have been seeing from people asking questions in past debates.  Ironic when you get good questions Governor Perry shines.  There were no gotcha questions in the debate which has been a trademark of some of the debates especially the Fox News Orlando debate which was proven to be slanted.  Newt Gingrich also didn't get a free pass this time as Michelle Bachmann went after him.  Wonder how many members of Congress who served when Newt was Speaker have bent her ear -- plenty would be my guess.

Those conservative House Members who worked with Newt are not supporting him.  In fact Senator Coburn said in an article that he would have a hard time supporting him if he won the nomination.  Dr. Coburn is honest but Newt and honestly leave a lot to be desired as he spins about his playing up to Democrats in the past.   What makes anyone think as President he wouldn't do the same since he had such disdain for a lot of the Freshman conservatives who were elected in 1994.

Still cannot believe these debates have been going on for so long and there are so many -- some within days of each other.  They have been going on through football games, on Saturday nights, and other times where people are doing other things.  DVR comes in handy for some households but many Republicans have just tuned them out.  A lot of people are frankly tired of the virtual campaigns that never ends.  This Republican primary started way too early IMHO especially with debates.

Hope in 2016 someone gets a clue and says no debates before Labor Day 2015 except maybe for a forum before the Iowa Caucus which makes sense.  With over 60% of Republicans undecided in key states will someone please tell how these polls we are seeing for the flavor of the week are worth anything?  Wonder who is going to be the flavor of the week next?  Ron Paul?

Cannot fathom what it would be like if both parties had active primaries for 2016 -- personally would just turn off debates, turn on sports, and enjoy my evening without getting disgusted which I have pretty much done for 2012.  Would Democrats be as dumb as Republicans to have so many debates?  Something tells me they wouldn't.

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