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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MRC: Matt Lauer Urges Bachmann to Bash Perry; NBC Debate Coverage Promotes GOP Infighting

Is Michelle Bachmann so self absorbed in wanting to score points that she allows herself to be used by the Obama media?  Sure looks like it from her interview that was sent out by the Media Research Center (MRC).  The "Today" Show has never been a friend to Republicans and it is worse now than in the past which says a lot.  Her appearance on Today after other appearances shows she is an opportunist who thinks being against the frontrunner on "Today" and other shows is going to buy her votes even though she stretches the truth and outright lies.  With candidates like Bachmann, no Democrat needs to do any research.

We have also noticed that Bachmann and Palin have the same talking point papers.  Did you know that AK while Palin was Governor took money for Gardasil vaccinations and no one heard a peep or that it is mandatory in VA with an Opt Out?  That seems missing from the discussion.  It is only Texas where it never took affect that gets the laser beam, narrow mindedness of Bachmann and then Palin piled on with Greta along with her crony capitalism against Perry.  What have those two women ever done that stands out above the rest of the candidates except try to make sure they are center stage and if not, they attack?   

When I think of Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), I think of intelligence, class, and articulate.  When I think of Bachmann and Palin, first word comes to mind is grandstanding and second is selfish.  Neither one of them could have attended the summit on healthcare with Obama and came out ahead like Blackburn.  The two usually  have their own list of reporters they will talk to or be interviewed.  When Bachmann went away from her list, she allowed herself to be used by the Obama media.  Yet both of them with pretty skinny resumes think they become President when Bachmann cannot even handle an interview without getting played and Palin only grants interviews to her list.  Why isn't Marsha Blackburn in the discussion -- is it because she doesn't fit the Obama media profile for people to be interviewed because you don't play Marsha Blackburn like Lauer just did Bachmann and others have done Palin?

Anyone who knows me knows that this is not just about Perry as I have thought these two women were pretty clueless long before he decided to run.  Went after Palin a long time ago and never cared for Bachmann who has one of the thinnest resumes ever in Congress.  Bachmann has always been too temperamental and too far right for me.  How can a candidate like Bachmann go to Concord, NH, and tell people she is in the town of the 'shot fired round the world' not once but twice.  Bachmann is late to events including the Fox debate and the stunt she pulled in Iowa sitting in the bus and lying she was at a reunion should tell people all they need to know about her.  

The excuses people have made for Palin are legendary with the gotcha questions.  If a guy said what these two women have said, they would be called all kinds of names starting with the word 'idiot' but for someone reason some Republican men give them a pass which speaks volumes.  Anyone with a brain can see both are clueless in a lot of areas and when outed make all kinds of excuses that it is always someone else's fault.  This has been ongoing for months for Bachmann and for years for Palin.   Ask John Bolton about Sarah Palin and see what he has to say.    

Wonder who distributed the Talking Point papers before the debate and before the guess appearances on TV shows?  Make an educated guess and you are probably right.  When candidates use the same buzz words, you know there are using talking points that have been circulated.  Why is a Republican consultant using the Democrat playbook but then he has supported a Democrat candidate before against a Republican so it shouldn't be a shock?   There are actually two choices as negative campaigning is loved by two National Republican consultants/advisers.

Read the full article on MRC and all I could think of was Bachmann was so clueless that she was led around by Lauer who had to be secretly laughing.  When she finally go to the jobs agenda, it was the same old talking point paper with no real plan.
Matt Lauer Urges Bachmann to Bash Perry; NBC Debate Coverage Promotes GOP Infighting
By: Kyle Drennen
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 5:40 PM EDT

In an interview with Michele Bachmann on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer actually delayed discussion of job creation as he pushed her to attack Texas Governor Rick Perry: 

"We'll talk about jobs in a second, but I do want to stick on this controversy over...Perry mandating vaccinations for HPV." 
Bachmann had attempted to begin on the subject of President Obama's jobs plan, but Lauer quickly steered her toward Republican infighting: "You not only question the policy [of mandating the HPV vaccine], but you questioned the motivation behind it, suggesting rather strongly that this could have been an attempt to appease a big drug company, Merck, because they contributed to his campaign. So I want you to lay this out for me. Is that what you are asserting?" 
Bachmann maintained her criticism of Perry on the issue and Lauer continued to promote the division: "Do you feel he placed the health and safety of young girls in the state of Texas behind or below the need for campaign funds?...Do you think that you're going to continue to hammer away on this subject? Do you think there's traction to be found here?" 
When Lauer finally asked Bachmann about her plan to create jobs, he skeptically wondered: "Part of your solution is to cut corporate taxes, cut spending, kill certain regulations, and repeal health care reform and Wall Street reform....there was high unemployment before health care reform and Wall Street reform were ever voted on. So why do you think that's so important? Where are the jobs there?" 
Prior to Lauer's interview with Bachmann, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd offered a report on Monday's Republican debate that focused solely on their attacks on each other, without a single mention of the numerous criticisms leveled against the Obama administration. 
Todd noted Perry being the new front-runner in the race and declared: "...the Tea Party debate turned into a Texas bashfest." The headline on screen throughout the segment read: "Rick Perry on the Defensive at Tea Party Debate." 
Excerpt:  Read More at Media Research Center
Very tired of some Republican women giving the rest of us a bad name because a lot of us can think.  I had one recent graduate tell me that when it comes to politics 1) I react like someone in their 30's, 2) I have a tendency to support common sense candidates no matter their gender, 3) that I think more like young people on social issues and 4) realize that this election is about jobs, the economy, and national security.

Just because someone is a woman means nothing to me if they cannot stand the heat in a race and give back instead of wanting to be treated differently and whine about being picked on.  Cannot stand wimpy candidates no matter the gender or party.  Obama falls in that 'wimpy' category for me.

President Reagan was trashed in 1980 and then trashed some more because he believed that America's best days were ahead, believed in a strong military, and he had a plan.  That was one nasty primary and general election since in the primary they gave a lot of ammo to the Democrats and Carter.  Reliving history again but have to admit the guys who ran back then would have a hard time matching Bachmann for her nasty attacks first on Pawlenty and then on Perry.  If you attack back, you are attacking a woman and that is a no-no to some Republicans.  We should have been prepared for it because she does not get along very well with most members of Congress and she had the same problems in the MN legislature.

Her Tea Party (TP) Caucus she established has held only one meeting since March in early June, they did not take a stand on the debt ceiling, and people off the record are now saying that she formed the TP Caucus only because she was running for President.

The gloves were taken off at the debate in Tampa Monday night so all is fair game for bloggers as if it wasn't before.  I do have a question for the people who schedule these debates.  Why would you ever schedule a debate when there is Monday Night Football?  Football wins hands down in this part of the Country because you can always DVR the debate but love to watch football live.

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