"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is Wrong with this Supreme Court?

What happened to State's Rights?  It is obvious that this Supreme Court who struck down the Montana campaign finance law has overstepped.  This decision is Corporate rights yes and States Rights no.  When did conservatives quit believing in state's rights?

For 100 years Montana had their campaign finance reform in place that was put there by the vote of the people of Montana to counter the corruption of the legislature by two silver mining companies who had bought and paid for office holders in the Montana Legislature.  Now the SCOTUS has decided that Montana citizens 100 years ago were wrong.

I cannot believe this court has inserted themselves in state finance laws ensuring the more corruption will take place in elections.  The very idea that a Corporation is a person who can give unlimited amounts goes against the very fabric of fair elections.  Individual citizens are limited to spend $2500 in the primary and another $2500 in the general for federal candidates but the Koch Brothers can spend whatever millions they want for a candidate from their corporation and are now pledging $400 million to buy this election.

It is time the American people stood up and ignored the campaign ads from the Super PACs and vote for the person they feel is the best person for the position.  These rich billionaires who pay a small percentage in taxes are out to take over America and destroy the middle class.  When I first heard someone say that I thought they were nuts, but not any more.  Some of the wealthy of this Country like the Koch Brothers are definitely out to buy a President and members of Congress and are basically telling the middle class that we don't count -- only the wealthy and their money now count in this Country.

Yesterday when Justice Scalia went after Obama on immigration, I was appalled at his venom.  When you are named to the SCOTUS, would think you would be held to a higher standard but conservatives like Limbaugh applauded Scalia because he took after Obama.  What was Scalia thinking with the attack on this President or any President?  What if a more liberal justice had taken after President Bush.  The hypocrisy of the conservative pundits is beyond belief today.  Now if the Obama order on immigration is challenged, Scalia must recuse.  That was stupid and childish.

Last night  I became totally embarrassed by the Republican Party and their sell out to corporations and the big money because that is the only explanation for the Romney win when in the early states he didn't even reach 40% of the vote but he was shoved down our throats.  Now the SCOTUS has interfered in State's Rights in a 100-year old Montana Law and some Republicans thinks it is great.

This is not the Republican Party I voted for the first time in 1968.  If things keep up like this, I am not sure I will continue to remain a Republican.  I am not alone as more and more Republicans are questioning what has happened to the Republican Party that is now bought and paid for by big donors.  Rasmussen has this gem today that more than half of Americans don't believe either party represents the American people::
That is very high percentage and shows there are major problems looming in both parties thanks to these two candidates neither who should be President IMHO.  How Republicans are managing to blow this election and drive long time Republicans to vote for a Libertarian candidate who is more Republican than the Republican candidate is one for the record books.

Last week Speaker Boehner said Obama was part of the cover-up on Fast and Furious because he invoked Executive Privilege.  Did he say the same thing when President Bush claimed executive privilege on the firing of US Attorneys by Karl Rove since he was not a cabinet secretary?  Now Cong Issa has declared that he believes the White House knew nothing.  I disagreed when people first said it was a witch hunt but after learning more, it sure looks like the House Leadership will do anything to embarrass Obama to help Romney.  Issa told the truth on Sunday so will the Speaker apologize or is he going to continue to be a hypocrite.

As you can tell, I am totally fed up with the leadership of the National Republican Party who seem to be bought and paid for by the big donors like the Koch Brothers who want to run America and have no rules or regulations including minimum wage.  People like the Koch Brothers are the reason we have unions.

When I can watch MSNBC and discover is it more honest on the SCOTUS rulings then Fox News, there is a real problem.  Michael Medved did a really good job with his appearance on MSNBC.  He gave straight answers which is missing in a lot of conservative pundits as they have turned into pretzels many times to defend Republicans of today and the nominee Romney.  Some have defended Romney more than they ever did President GW Bush. It makes you wonder what is their agenda because Bush was a conservative and Romney has always governed as much more liberal who never met a fee he didn't like as Governor of MA.

Today I voted in the Oklahoma Republican Primary and at least I didn't want to vote 'none of the above' like I did in our Presidential Primary.  Making progress.

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