"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Romney, the Spoiled Brat, Unmasked Tuesday Night

If you didn't think he was raised as a spoiled brat who everyone had to bow down before, this should do it from his wife about when she was dating others he was so upset it put him in the hospital and then she follows the lead of Romney that serving in a "Mission" is the same as serving in the Military.  The Romneys are part of the privileged class that the rest of us are here to serve.  When Ann Romney told the women of The View to ask her husband, I couldn't believe it because he refuses to go on The View.  They were stunned.

The whole family needs brought down to earth from the lofty perch looking down at the rest of us.  Looks like they raised their sons to be the same entitled people as the two of them are with his oldest son wanting to go punch out Obama with absolutely zero respect for the Office of the President.  School yard bully comes to mind.  This was the next day he made those remarks not during the debate.  More low class out of the wealthy Romney Clan who as a good friend said are "perfect."

These comments sums up what many of us saw in the saw in the debate from Willard Mitt Romney:
Romney challenged the moderator, disrespected the President, and showed America he is rude, obnoxious, and a schoolyard bully borne of arrogance, entitlement, and inability to acknowledge authority.
No-one really knows what shaped Willard Romney into the self-important, arrogant malcontent he is today, but it appears that between his life of wealth and entitlement coupled with his religious upbringing as a princely god-in-waiting, he was molded into a disrespectful bully who cannot bring himself to show deference to the President and in fact, treated him like an underling or worse; a cursed-by-god dark-skinned man unworthy of respect. 
The last end of the paragraph above bothers me the worst when it says "a cursed-by-god dark-skinned man unworthy of respect" which unfortunately is what you take away from the comments of a lot of Republicans who speak out against Obama that he is not American, doesn't know or understand America, and try to make him seem almost less than human at times.  Their obvious racial overtones have not gone unnoticed especially when you realize that the Republican Party is now the home once again to the John Birchers and the white southern Democrat racist males who found a home in the Republican Party with the anti-illegal immigration crowd many of them who don't care if minorities are here legally or not as they all have to leave this country of whites where white males dominate.  There is also the faction in the Republican Party especially the Tea Party who do not believe women should vote or you have to own property to vote.

It is the old barefoot and pregnant mentality we are seeing out of the GOP today with their attacks on women whose crime is to want equal pay or horrors of horrors want contraceptives paid for while the good old boys want to keep getting their Viagra for free.  The very idea that a black man is President makes them seethe with anger and thus some of the off the wall comments we are getting.  They are not treating women much better with their remarks calling women sluts, etc. like Limbaugh and even some GOP Congressmen and Senate candidates.

Women will not be relegated to binders no matter how much Romney and others want that to happen.  Fox Tabloid News is trying to set women back years with their attacks on Candy Crowley, the moderator of the debate, for doing her job.  How dumb are they to redefine act of terror as not being terrorism all to defend Romney?

Then there was the Alfred E. Smith dinner in NYC last night where Romney took the occasion to roast Obama which politicians do not do as it is about making fun of yourself and the other candidate.  Some of Romney's jokes made no sense.  But then there is this from a Romney supporter:

The queers at MSNBC are "Very offended" by Romney's "Hateful, unprofessional jokes"
These are the same people who compared Candy Crowley to Nazi's and John Wilkes Booth who shot Abraham Lincoln.  The lack of class from this group of Republicans leaves a lot of us cold and asking what happened to decency from the GOP?  The very fact that Romney used this dinner to Bash President Obama shows the total lack of character and class of the candidate:

Romney Uses Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner As An Opportunity to Bash Obama
This year, someone needed to tell Mitt Romney that you're supposed to make a few jokes about yourself at these events. He seemed to think it was a roast of President Obama and treated it more like another campaign stop, rather than a charity event. 
I think the President did a lot better job of keeping things a little more light-hearted and with making fun of himself and his last debate performance in particular. 
As people who read this blog know, I have been calling Mitt Romney a spoiled brat for sometime who thinks he is better then the rest of us.  Looks like I am not the only one who is seeing through Romney especially after the debate Tuesday night.   This idea of the Mormon Church that males are superior is stunning in today's world and makes me wonder why ANY woman would ever vote for Romney:
Whether it is due to his cult’s belief that Mormon males are without fault and princely from the age of twelve, or because he was born into wealth and privilege, Willard had the look of disbelief that anyone on Earth dared to doubt, challenge, or correct his stunning lies and misinformation, and for the first time in the campaign, his vapid, soulless eyes showed emotion.
Having a real problem understanding Republicans who are going out defending Romney -- makes no sense.  Do they think a man this flawed can be controlled when he meets foreign leaders and one of them disagrees with what he is saying?  For once, will Republicans in leadership positions put the Country over the Party by telling the American voters what they really think.  What some say in private about Mitt Romney is that he would be a disaster for this Country and you cannot trust the man as he has no core values?  Will they say it in public -- no way!  What are they afraid of?  The John Birchers, the Tea Party, big donors like the Koch Brothers and Adelson, the religious right, social conservatives, being called names, or are they just afraid of their own shadows and go along to get along.

Even after Romney was exposed at the debate Tuesday night as being a bully and a total jerk, the RNC Chair said Obama lied not Romney.  What was he drinking as it was clear Romney was the liar?  Then there was former NY Governor Pataki defending Romney on Libya with comments that made me mute my TV.  The clincher for me came from Michael Steele saying Romney was right on Libya when it was proven wrong.  In this campaign, the pundits and Republicans who are speaking on the networks supporting Romney have the credibility of a gnat.  Takes you less than a minute to discover they are lying when you do the search.

Despicable is the word that comes to mind that this group will take down a whole party to see a very flawed candidate from their Party become President.  Is it because they hate the fact that someone other then a white male is the President.  With their attacks on women this time, I have to believe a woman would be treated just like they are treating Obama which is like scum.

This article speaks for me:

Obama Exposed Romney as a Brat Who has Never Been Challenged or Corrected 

One of the most difficult and under-appreciated jobs in America is being a public school teacher for myriad reasons, but none more than dealing with children whose parents coddle them from birth and inculcate them with the notion they can do no wrong. It is a disservice to children, and teachers, for parents to indoctrinate their child to believe that not only are they perfection exemplified, but that their excellence makes them immune to authority. Most teachers have experienced a student who refuses to follow instructions based on their deep-seated belief their superiority exempts them from following directions or adjusting to social norms.

It was not surprising Willard stood and lied time and time again, it is what pathological liars do, but his insolence, rude behavior, and blatant disrespect for the President, moderator, and debate rules he agreed on was stunning. What Romney verified was that he presents symptoms of anti-social personality disorder that informs his “narcissism, extreme sense of entitlement, and intolerance for authority figures” that he put on display for 65-million Americans in Tuesday’s debate.

One of the rules Romney agreed on was no questions from one candidate to the other, and Romney broke that simple rule often. It wasn’t just that he asked President Obama direct questions, he harassed him and at one point told the President “answer the question, answer the question” as if he was the authority figure and the President was his employee or a witness being grilled by a slimy defense attorney. In one exchange, Romney asked the President about oil drilling permits, and he interrupted and badgered the President by repeating the question 6 times before he stopped running his mouth, and then interrupted the President again and told him “you’ll get your chance in a moment, I’m still speaking.” It was, without a doubt, typical of an arrogant spoiled child used to bullying his parents that educators see from children who never learned social convention whether it is in a school setting, at home, or at family functions, but one never expected to see such rude behavior from a presidential candidate.
Romney also attempted to bully and manipulate the moderator as he had done in the first debate, except Ms. Crowley is not Jim Lehrer and at one point she told Willard, “if I can have you sit down governor Romney;” it must have stung Romney to have anyone, much less a woman, tell him, in essence, to sit down and shut up. 
President Obama won the debate on Tuesday, and he won using facts and challenging every one of Romney’s lies and deceitful assertions. He also exposed Romney as a fraud because when his lies were stripped away, and the bully was smacked down, what was left was a sniveling little brat who has never been challenged or corrected. When he was confronted as a liar and bloviate incapable of showing deference to the President or debate moderator, he was exposed for what he really is; a bully that a school teacher would report as antisocial and in need of immediate intervention.
No matter whether you like or detest the person who is President, you should respect the Office of the President.  It is obvious that Mitt Romney has little regard for anyone but himself as he is Mr. Perfect and how dare anyone question anything he says.

Once again I am asking how Republican voters can vote for such a flawed candidate and think they are doing their civic duty?  Do they really want Romney representing the United States when he states Russia is our biggest geopolitical ally or that we have to take out the Iranian nuclear reactors.  He doesn't care about sending young men and women to war.  After all he is someone who demonstrated FOR the Vietnam War and then got a deferment from the Mormon Church to go to France on a Mormon Mission which the family equates to being in the military.  Republicans deserve to lose it all this time for giving us Willard Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, an Ayn Rand disciple, as the GOP candidates for President and Vice President.

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SJ Reidhead said...

The problem with someone like this is so obvious. They talk about Nixon, but this is far worse. It's one thing to have this personality and be a Wall Street "killer". It's another to have this sort of personality and be the most powerful person in the world. It is absolutely terrifying.

I heard someone on the news today, don't remember who or what channel say that if Obama is re-elected there is a chance we will have a war with Iran. If Romney is elected, we WILL have one. That alone is enough to disqualify him.

The man is mentally ill. What gets me are the blinders people wear. Do they hate Obama that much?

The Pink Flamingo