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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why is Right Leaning Media Spinning and Lying for Romney?

Will someone please tell me why so many in the media not only Fox News but CBS, The Hill, and other sites who are supposed to post facts are bringing us spin and lies now.  Finding more and more that Media Matters  is honest in their assessment of what is happening in this Presidential campaign while the far right Fact Check is MIA.

Looks like heads exploded on the right when the new job numbers came out from remarks made over the weekend because they will give no credit to Obama.  Even more disgusting is the realization that these numbers would be even lower for employment if it was not for the obstructionist Republicans in the House and Senate. Still cannot believe that Mary Matlin took on Paul Krugman and thought she could win.

The lies being told by the Conservative/Republican pundits/media make your head swim.  You start asking yourself why you are staying a Republican except to be a thorn in the side of the GOP and try to help take the Party back to center right which I am not sure will happen after the election.  When Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Koch Brothers, Fox News, Roger Aisles and others decided to do a hostile takeover of the Republican Party feeding on the hate of the Far Right/Tea Party against Obama, they put ethics and honesty on the back burner as have so many elected Republicans and pundits.

Had to finally acknowledge after seeing the lies that this may be one of the most corrupt campaigns in the history of the Republican Party.  They will lie, cheat, and steal to win and use the Rove playbook to accuse the opponent of what they are doing.  Honesty and integrity have taken a real hit in today's Republican Party.

Looks at these links on Media Matters and you see the narrative -- job numbers are good so they must be bogus.  When you have to use Donald Trump as your expert on job numbers like Fox did yesterday, you are in trouble.
Fox Turns To Donald Trump To Peddle Unemployment Rate Trutherism (Video)
Coulter Credits Fox And Talk Radio As The "Only Place" Reporting On Obama Administration's "Phony" Jobs Numbers  (Video) 
Hannity Joins The Conspiracy, Claims Obama Administration "Altered For Political Gain" Monthly Job Numbers (Video)
These links from Sunday tell a story that is not very pretty and shows why Republicans should not be in charge when they are this dishonest.  This isn't just spin which you expect in campaigns but downright dishonesty and conspiracy theories.  This is no different then the lies/myths told by Romney in the debate -- 27 lies/myths in 38 minutes.

My favorite is the video where Paul Krugman took on Mary Matlin -- talk about an over match:

The bigger question is why is there a need for such elaborate schemes and conspiracies. Every four years a losing side emerges in the president campaign, but that losing side has never taken it upon itself to just make stuff up, connect invisible dots, and in general act like paranoid maniacs in effort to explain away their frustration.
The right-wing press, locked inside its airtight bubble, remains incapable of introspection or self-doubt. Instead, denial reigns
That's because many of the media players who insist pollsters are working in tandem with the White House to juice Obama's numbers, or that the nation's unemployment rate is now fabricated, are the same ones who have spent the last four years deriding Obama's presidency as an unmitigated disaster. But if Obama remains in good position to win re-election, what does that tell us about the hysterical anti-Obama cries that have filled the air since 2009? 
Unwilling to face those uncomfortable truths, the Fox-led brigade just keeps manufacturing one truly unbelievable explanation after another. (Pollsters are preemptively suppressing the vote!) Who knows what kind of absurd claims will be made during next four weeks of the campaign.
One thing is for sure though, this is what a collective nervous breakdown looks like.

Fox's Steve Doocy invented the claim that President Obama's reelection campaign may be receiving tens of millions of dollars from foreign sources in violation of federal law. 
Doocy based his allegation on a claim by a Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report that 43 percent of online traffic going to the Obama campaign website came from foreign countries as well as the fact that Obama has raised more than $270 million from small donors. 
But Doocy's guests from the GAI acknowledged they had no evidence to back up Doocy's claim.
CBS chief political correspondent John Dickerson disputed President Obama's description of Mitt Romney's tax plan as a "$5 trillion tax cut" because one of Romney's advisers suggested he would reduce the size of his proposed tax cuts if he could not pay for them. But Dickerson is ignoring the fact that Romney running mate Paul Ryan suggested last week that Romney would not reduce the size of his tax cuts because lowering taxes is his highest priority.
John Fund of National Review and Jonathan Karl of ABC News both used factual statements made by President Obama as examples to claim that he "stretched the truth" during the October 3 presidential debate. Fund cited Obama's comments about the power of an advisory board created by the health care reform law, while Karl pointed to Obama's statement that he has proposed a $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. In fact, both statements by President Obama during the debate were true, and have been supported by independent fact-checkers.
  • CNN's Howard Kurtz: "Sean Hannity Could Barely Contain His Enthusiasm" For Race-Baiting Daily Caller Attack -- From the October 7 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

This one is just in:

Conservative Media Attack Obama Campaign, Media For Pointing Out Romney Debate Falsehoods (Blog) (Oct 8)
In the minds of conservatives today, it looks like Obama is not allowed to tell the truth about the Romney lies.  Those pundits praising Romney for his huge win in the debates must not have comprehended that organizations would Fact Check and find all the Romney lies.  Now they are out in full attack against President Obama for stating the facts.  
When you have to lie in a debate to win, you have won nothing except contempt and scorn once the Fact Checking is complete with people waking up to the fact Romney lied.  Is this what today's Republican Party wants to be known for in 2012 -- group of liars who refuse to tell the truth and then accuse their opponent of doing what they are doing?  They are so dishonest that I am having trouble finding one redeeming thing about the RNC and the Romney campaign.  
The question is whether the GOP can regroup after the election or is it a lost cause that I am hearing more and more people state openly now.  When you hear it on a plane or in the terminal waiting for the plane from people you don't know who are fed up after being Republican for years, today's GOP has a major problem facing it after the election.

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