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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video of President Obama from 2007 Flops Much to the Chagrin of Conservatives

UPDATE:  10/03/2012 2:45 p.m.

If you want to see what a group of unethical liars from the right wing media look like, you need to look no further than Fox News, Hannity, Drudge, and Tucker Carlson for starters:

RERUN: Fox, Carlson, Drudge Attacked Obama's Hampton Speech Five Years Ago  
Are those people like Hannity, Carlson, and Drudge that stupid to pretend this was breaking news when it was used to attack Obama in 2007.  A gnat has more credibility then this group of far right pundits.


Who is behind The Daily Caller that Tucker Carlson, a Fox News Analyst, fronts who went gaga over the Obama video that had been in public since 2007 when the speech was covered by major media outlets?
Foster Friess celebrates The Daily Caller 
By DYLAN BYERS | 1/23/12 12:53 PM EST 
Foster Friess, the billionaire businessman who is backing the pro-Rick Santorum super PAC, talks to my colleague Ken Vogel about one of his other investments: 
The Daily Caller, which was founded two years ago this month after Friess had lunch with founders Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel in his adopted hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyo., and decided to invest $3 million in seed funding. 
Friess told Vogel he is “absolutely thrilled” with DC's work and recently decided to invest a further $500,000.
“I just love what they’re doing, and I couldn’t help but be captivated by them and their plans." he said, praising the outlet for writing stories ignored by the mainstream media. "They’re the ones who got Michael Steele on the gentlemen’s club story, and they got the Journalist story."
Now we know that the big donors to the Super PACs have little to no political savvy by releasing this video last night before the debate tonight because it was  already on-line and had been covered by the media in 2007.  Fox News didn't deem it to be racist in 2007 but now they do?

I watched the video twice and still don't see the problem.  I also got a second and third opinion and none of us see the problem that Hannity and others are trying to make it sound like.  Once again we have a Fox News consultant, Tucker Carlson, with the big Romney donor Foster Friess behind release and airing of this video. Drudge went nuts but then he kept changing headlines according to people who visited his site.  Politicians for years have adopted an accent when speaking to various groups or using language they wouldn't normally use.  Romney and his wife tried the Southern accent which failed miserably -- y'all just didn't seem right.

The conservative media was laughable last night tying this video to racism  and the Romney 47% video trying to equate the two.  There is a huge difference as Obama's speech was in public while Romney's comments were said to a private fundraiser.  Obama's speech has been available since 2007 while Romney's comments happened at a fundraiser for wealthy donors in May of this year that was off limits to the media.

Thought this Fox exchange was interesting because Juan Williams seems to have had enough of the playing the race card by Fox News hosts.  We have been witnesses to the antics of Fox News, Rush, and more importantly the Romney campaign and its surrogates trying to infer that Obama isn't American, doesn't know America, birth certificate is fraudulent, he is Muslim, etc.
Carlson, on Hannity’s show, accused Obama of using a “phony” accent. That seems off base; while Obama dropped some g’s and spoke as if delivering a church sermon, the cadence is recognizably his. On a subsequent panel, Fox analyst Juan Williams, who is African-American, told Hannity that “you guys are playing the race card.” Hannity accused him of “protecting” the president.
Is Romney really going to use 'zingers' in his debate tonight or was that childish behavior to try and throw Obama off which won't work?  Still trying to figure out why some media are calling Romney's debate performances in the primaries so outstanding when he was arrogant and condescending to fellow Republicans often telling lies and spinning so not to answer the questions.

Still laughing about the conservative media and their touting this video which has been around since 2007.  If this was the October surprise from the Romney/Ryan/GOP, they missed the mark big time.
Conservative Outlets Push Old Video of Barack Obama Talking About the Poor

The 5-year-old tape shows him talking about New Orleans, bias and urban despair. Howard Kurtz on how Fox, Drudge and the Daily Caller are casting it as a racial controversy. 
Conservative media outlets trumpeted a five-year-old video of Barack Obama on Tuesday night in which he talked about urban despair, the Los Angeles riots and Hurricane Katrina but made only glancing references to race.Despite claims that the tape was a racially charged “bombshell,” it shows Obama as a presidential candidate speaking at Virginia’s historically black Hampton University in June 2007—and, according to BuzzFeed, at least part of it has existed online since then. 
What “steams me up,” Obama said, was that the Bush administration had waived a law after Hurricane Andrew in Florida and the Sept. 11 attacks that required local authorities to match federal aid—but did not do so after Katrina. “Somehow the people down in New Orleans, they don’t care about as much,” Obama said. While the Illinois senator didn’t mention race, New Orleans is a majority-black city whose poorest wards were hardest hit by the hurricane. A number of politicians and commentators have accused the administration of lacking urgency in aiding that city.

In a move apparently timed to influence Obama’s first debate with Mitt Romney on Wednesday, the posting of the 40-minute video appeared to be an attempt to shift the campaign focus to racial matters, a subject the Republican nominee has not broached.

The video was obtained by the Daily Caller, a conservative website edited by Fox commentator Tucker Carlson and financed in part by Foster Freiss, a financier who is helping bankroll one of the pro-Romney Super PACs. It was touted by right-leaning Internet gossip Matt Drudge and played on the air by Sean Hannity, the most reliably Republican voice on Fox News Channel. Hannity accused the “left-wing press” of “hiding” the speech.  
Read More from Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast

Some of us swallowed the Fox News/RNC/Rush/Hannity, etc., koolaid in 2008, but no more.  It seems to be pure hatred from the right based on the fact there is a black as President.  Now the GOP/Romney camp wants to define Obama as a racist?  That shows how stupid they think the American people are once again.  Their biggest problem is that a lot of Republicans have woken up to their lies and the fact it doesn't bother them when they lie in ads or when they go on talk shows.  For starters we have witnessed the GOP comments on welfare saying Obama removed the work requirement when he didn't.  They know it as it has been proven over and over again, but they don't care as they seem to think the American people will buy whatever they are selling.  The RNC and Romney campaign with Rush, the big donors, etc. all are convinced money can buy this election and "We the People" should not have a say.

This group of Republicans led by Karl Rove and his dirty tricks is the very reason we see the voter suppression coming out of Republicans along with fraudulent registrations.  They are no different then ACORN who they trashed.   How this group of Republicans can face the Republican voters and demand we get on board Romney/Ryan and their lies is mind boggling to me.  They will stop at nothing to defeat Obama and their lies know no bounds as they will lie, cheat, and steal to win their election.  They are now finding out that the Republican Party and its Tea Party do not own "We the People" as it belongs to all Americans and it is all of our votes that count not just Romney/Ryan votes.

When you realize that the Obama campaign reached the goal of 10,000,000 donations many of them small, you understand the American people who are Democrats, Independents, and yes Republicans support Obama for four more years.  In the last month over 5% of Republicans refuse to self-identify as Republicans due to Romney/Ryan and the GOP shift to the hard right.  How many women, teachers/professors, veterans, military members, seniors, minorities, fire, police, and civil service are going to vote for this duo that has trashed a lot of us?  Since Paul Ryan says people who take handouts from the Government are moochers and parasites, he might want to return the social security money that helped get him through college after his Dad died.  Ryan came from a fairly affluent family in Wisconsin involved in road construction so even with the trauma of losing his Dad at an early age, his family didn't have to worry where their next meal was coming.

If I was betting my money would be on Obama to win in November and win big.   In spite of Republican obstructionism in the Congress, the economy is slowly turning around.  Imagine how much faster it would have happened without the Republicans deciding to obstruct to make Obama a one-term President.  They lost me on that one because they hurt the American people by putting Party over Country and that needs drilled into the minds of voters each and every day.  This group of Republicans do not deserve to be in power after their tactics.

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