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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breitbart Confronts Blumenthat at CPAC - MUST SEE VIDEO

Note: Looks like Blumenthal got more then he bargained when he ran into Andrew Breitbart from Big Government. This video finally outs Blumenthal. Great job by Andrew Breitbart from Big Government as we have been waiting a long time for someone to take on Blumenthal.

Breitbart Confronts Blumenthat at CPAC
Posted by Larry O'Connor Feb 20th 2010

A funny thing happened on the last day of CPAC. Max Blumenthal, recently corrected and embarrassed “journalist” from Salon.com paraded through the convention with a camera crew. Like last year, he was looking for a confrontation of some kind. I’m not sure what Max uncovered in his fact-finding mission, but I know that as he was leaving, a confrontation found him.

As luck would have it, Andrew Breitbart was walking in the front door of the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel at the exact moment Blumenthal was walking out. Breitbart took this opportunity to address his beef with Blumenthal head-on and assailed Blumenthal for his attempt to link James O’Keefe to white supremacists.
Toward the end of the conversation, Blumenthal says to Breitbart that he did not call anybody any names. At this moment I jumped into the fray and challenged him on the point. I reminded him that he had, in fact, called O’Keefe a racist. Blumenthal attempted to deny it, but as you can see from the video, he was only able to stick to that story for so long.

Even though Salon.com issued a partial retraction for Blumenthal’s opinion piece disguised as a news article, Big Journalism is still waiting for the other errors and falsehoods to be corrected.
Much more to come…

Source: Big Government

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