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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you want a GOP Candidate for President who wrote Obama "You are a Remarkable Leader"?

UPDATE, 1:28 pm cdt:  Rush Limbaugh weighs in on a Huntsman candidacy which mirrors our thoughts:
Rush Limbaugh took on Jon Huntsman Tuesday, ripping into the newly announced candidate's soft stance on Obama, and poking fun at the theatrics of the location Huntsman used to make his presidential bid.  
Huntsman made his announcement at historic Liberty State Park, the location Ronald Reagan once used to deliver a rhetorical cannon blast at Jimmy Carter, Politico reports.  
Limbaugh compared, using clips, Huntsman's speech and Reagan's. Huntsman spoke about ushering in an era of "civility" in campaigns and acknowledging his respect for the president.
At the time n 1980, Reagan blasted Carter. Limbaugh also called Huntsman “the former ambassador to the ChiComs for Obama." Here are Politco's excerpts of the radio show host's comments: 
"The Republican Party is still convinced that in order to secure the support of independents, that they have to be boring. They have to be serious and Milquetoast and cannot be confrontational, cannot be partisan, cannot go into attack mode. Somehow this is going to cause the independents to get nervous and send them running right back to Obama. Now, of course, that's flat-out BS, it's totally wrong. The elections of last November demonstrate that in a real world, real life example."
"This is reminiscent of McCain getting rid of anybody in his campaign who dared use Obama's own middle name. Even that was considered to be provocative. So you don't need to run down anybody's reputation. "I respect the president of the United States." This is Consultants 101 — and I'm sure Huntsman believes this himself. As a moderate, this is what they all believe."
"Can you believe how mean-spirited Reagan was? Why, he went right after the reputation of Jimmy Carter. My God, he was making fun of Jimmy Carter. He was making fun of him! He was laughing about Jimmy Carter being no different than a dictionary. Why, I can't believe how uncivil Reagan was! I didn't hear Reagan talk about how much he respected Carter's reputation. I heard him talk about how damaging Carter was — and Reagan was just getting warmed up."

Read more on Newsmax.com: Limbaugh Hits Huntsman as 'Obama's Ambassador'

This is probably all you need to know about Huntsman, the candidate on the block, to ask yourself why is he running?  Is he running for President or to run interference for Obama?  Jury is still out but knowing he has McCain advisers is not a winning combination for most conservatives.  While most Republicans were appalled at Obama from Day One or frankly before he was sworn in, could not feature ever calling him a 'remarkable leader' but Huntsman did in a letter after being named Ambassador to China:
In a handwritten letter to President Obama obtained by The Daily Caller, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., the former governor of Utah, calls the president a “remarkable leader” — and underlines “remarkable” for emphasis. 
The letter was written two years ago, just after Mr. Obama selected Mr. Huntsman as his ambassador to China. 
“I am most grateful for the graciousness and kindness you have shown me and my family – particularly your confidence in my ability to represent you in China,” Mr. Huntsman writes. “Mary Kaye and I will begin our journey tomorrow – leaving behind a state we love – but also anticipating an extraordinary experience in Beijing. You are a remarkable leader – and it has been a great honor getting to know you.”
Source:  Caucus Blogs
If that wasn't enough to make you say 'no way,'  we learn from Michelle Malkin today that he has McCain's staffers and plans to run a "mellow" or "marshmallow" campaign.  So Huntsman, Mr. Nice Guy, thinks that approach is going to work with Obama?  Maybe he can be the new Vice President for Obama and then in his mind we could have a bi-partisan team for the White House.
Former McCain mastermind John Weaver, now a key Huntsman strategist, said this week that the campaign will be “mellow.” More like “marshmallow.” Instead of trashing enemies by name, they’ll keep it vague and mushy. Huntsman has been buoyed by months of glowing coverage from left-leaning dead-tree media, whose reporters have lapped up his trashing of the GOP as “devoid of ideas” and “a very narrow party of angry people.” See? No names. No nastiness. Embrace the civility!  
Liberal media is also embracing Huntsman which makes sense so their hero, Obama, can sail to reelection.  We keep thinking the candidates are going to get better but they get worse -- Huntsman may be the worst one yet.  Any Republican candidate this milk toast is going no where in this election except in the minds of the liberal media.  Having Wolf Blitzer praise you is not something Republicans strive to have happen.
Michelle Malkin
Jon Huntsman: McCain on Wheels 
He's the liberal media's favorite conservative. 
Jon Huntsman wants you to know he rides a dirt bike. On real dirt! He’s Salt of the Earth. Grease of the Garage. Dragster on the Dunes. Huntsman’s runnin’ and gunnin’ for president. But underneath the Steve McQueen costumery, this made-for-cable-TV Moderate Speed Racer is a creaky old John McCain on Wheels. 
The former Utah Republican governor and Obama ambassador to China is the answer to an election-year problem that doesn’t exist. The quadrennial “problem,” in the minds of Beltway GOP strategists and liberal-media chin-pullers, is that the Republican party isn’t moderate, civil, self-critical, or inclusive enough. 
Huntsman is the latest no-labels flavor of the month, a straw man of the same people who have spent the past year smearing entitlement reformers as senior-citizen killers, budget hawks as Hitler’s spawn, border-security activists as racists, and leading GOP women as sluts, nuts, and bimbos. 
Just like the failed 2008 GOP contender whose consultants are now fueling the Huntsman bid, McCain 2.0 is a big-spending accommodationist more in tune with the Democratic elite than with the conservative rank-and-file. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday, Huntsman assailed the current economic crisis overseen by the Obama administration as “totally unacceptable” and “totally un-American.” Yet Huntsman retains nothing but “respect” for his former boss in the White House and laments the loss of “civility” wrought by “corrosive” political debates. 
This is all you need to know about the manufacturing of the Huntsman candidacy: Swooning reporters far outnumbered supporters at the kickoff in Liberty Park and at a follow-up rally in New Hampshire. CNN’s enamored anchor Wolf Blitzer gushed: “Here’s what I especially liked about Jon Huntsman’s presidential announcement in front of the Statue of Liberty. He called for some civility in the race for the White House. Unlike several of the other Republican candidates, he did not open with a blistering assault on President Obama.” 
Yeah. Who do all those uncivil Republicans running against Obama think they are — opposing the opposition with oppositional rhetoric? Heaven forfend. 
Excerpt:  Read More at National Review  

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