"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Latest Polling Numbers on Republican candidates against Obama

One of the most interesting numbers are the numbers for Jon Huntsman.  I would have expected him to farther back in this early polling since he has not been on the national stage that long.  Don't expect the Romney numbers to hold in the Republican primary where the man who was the MA Governor is not that well liked in Middle America as demonstrated in 2008.  Jon Huntsman on the other hand was the popular Governor of Utah and doesn't have to look around for his conservative credentials.  How many more candidates are going to get in the race is the questions a lot of Republicans are asking.  Huntsman sounds like it is a matter of time before he announces.  Herman Cain is not listed in this article who is starting to pick up support.  Wonder if he will be showing up higher in the next polling?
Seventeen points 

One more data point from today's Quinnipiac poll: President Obama would start out leading a 2012 match-up with Sarah Palin, 53 percent to 36 percent. 
That's a 17-point advantage, compared with Obama's 6-point lead over Mitt Romney, 12-point lead over Tim Pawlenty and 14-point lead over Jon Huntsman. Palin's the only Republican who loses a majority of Americans in a match-up with the president; even Pawlenty and Huntsman keep Obama under 50 percent. 
The poll was taken May 31-June 6, opposite Palin's widely covered bus tour. 
The Quinnipiac data comes on the heels of an ABC/Washington Post poll suggesting Palin doesn't have much of a path in the GOP primary, let alone the general election. 
From the Post: 

The balance of public opinion is decidedly against a Sarah Palin run for president. Nearly two-thirds — 64 percent — flatly rule out supporting her in 2012; 28 percent would consider it; and just 7 percent are committed to voting for her ... Among Republicans overall, 42 percent would definitely not vote for her, and 14 percent say they would definitely support her ... Sentiment among conservatives has shifted 10 percentage points away from Palin since 2009; now 46 percent would not vote for her.
With such high negatives from most of the polls, why is Fox News pushing her tour of historical sites during a real downturn in the American economy where most families have cancelled their vacations to stay home.  Won't it drive her negatives up even more that she has no regard for the American people and how they are affected by the economy?  The more she is interviewed on Fox, the more convinced a lot of us have become that Fox feeds her the questions before the interview -- sounds just like Hillary when she was fed the questions.  We now have a news organization Fox that is making themselves part of the news.  Fox will do will anything to get the ratings and is fast being the conservative version of the liberal MSNBC.

We will be watching candidate interviews closely to see who gets the interviews.  The fact a potential candidate Palin refuses to be interviewed by any and all should send chills up your spine.  That is not someone you want in the Oval office as we already have that with the current occupant.  That is another reason along with her high negatives that make us suspect she will ever run.

As a sidenote, decided to watch Scott Pelley, the new news anchor at CBS, who started on Monday and it turned out to be refreshing.  He was the only one not putting that NY Congressman and his interview ahead of all other news.  For once, we had a real news anchor not a tabloid new anchor like the remainder of the news outlets.

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