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Thursday, November 3, 2011

BREAKING: PJM Sources Report Details of Alleged Cain Incident

There is another sourced story this time from Pajamas Media which will make a lot of people want to throw up and question even more why Cain is still in the race or better yet, why did he run?  Was the women's drink spiked -- sure sounds like it.  It has happened a lot over the years by people in power.  Disgusting that one of them is the Republican candidate for President.  With these new facts coming out where she was paid off, it is time for Mr. Cain to come clean apologize and quit the race taking the unethical Block with him:
Both sources claim that during this period following the incident while the woman was still employed, the NRA’s human resources office held many “closed door meetings” that included her. The woman’s parents retained legal counsel and arranged an undisclosed financial settlement.
The sources are conservative so that flies in the face that this is a liberal media "lynching" which are Cain's own words.  If this is true, then he needs to step down NOW and stop all this in its tracks and let serious candidates continue.  Cannot even imagine how the Democrats would play this against Cain.  Now the Cain people have out a new email against Romney in Florida.  No attempt at taking personal responsibility even a little which I find reprehensible.  
BREAKING: PJM Sources Report Details of Alleged Cain Incident

Source: "Herman took advantage of seniority and power with a young woman. It was an abuse of power."

Adding to the ongoing Herman Cain sexual harassment controversy, two sources have now confirmed to PJ Media that a female employee of the National Restaurant Association told associates she had been brought by Mr. Cain to his Crystal City, Virginia residence where she alleged “he had taken advantage of me.”

Both sources claim to be politically conservative.

One source, a male, told PJ Media:

Herman took advantage of seniority and power with a young woman. It was an abuse of power.

Implying that coming forward with the accusations was an ordeal for the young woman, the source also said:

Who do you believe, a CEO or a mid-level staffer? It was unsettling for her to make charges.

The name of the woman — who was in her early twenties at the time of the alleged incident — has been confirmed by PJ Media. We have chosen not to reveal her identity for reasons of discretion.

Both sources, one male and one female, worked at the time — mid-1990s — for the governmental affairs department of the National Restaurant Association, as did the woman.

According to the female source, Mr. Cain and the woman had been with a large group for a long evening of food and drink at the Ciao Baby Cucina, a restaurant near NRA headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. This was a normal routine, as the trade association worked with the food and beverage industry. Afterwards, Mr. Cain allegedly took the woman by taxi to his apartment, where she spent the night and woke up.

The female source told PJ Media that she witnessed the woman and Herman Cain break away from the large group as part of a smaller group.

Neither source has direct knowledge of what occurred at Mr. Cain’s residence, but several days after the alleged incident, the female source witnessed the woman returning to her workplace “distraught.” “She was very upset.”

One source told PJ Media: “Some people didn’t believe [the accuser]” at the time she made the allegation. The female source recalls the woman continued working at the NRA for several weeks after the encounter; the male source recalls the woman continued working there for a few months.   
Excerpt:  Read More at Pajamas Media

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