"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, November 7, 2011

New accuser to go public with charges against Herman Cain

A fourth woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his time at the National Restaurant Assn. plans to go public with her allegations at a news conference Monday in New York.

The woman is represented by powerhouse Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred. Allred had a similar news conference earlier this year on behalf of one of the women who was enmeshed in the Twitter scandal that brought down New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Allred’s office said the woman “is not one of the three women who have previously been reported to have alleged sexual harassment by the Republican presidential candidate ” and that she will be “the first to give her name and to speak out about details of what she alleges occurred between her and Cain.”

Two woman reportedly complained about Cain’s conduct during his time as head of the restaurant association in Washington but have not revealed their identities. A third considered bringing a complaint but did not, the Associated Press reported last week.

The latest accuser surfaces at a time when Cain and his campaign are desperately -- and perhaps now futilely -- trying to change the subject. Cain grew testy with reporters after a campaign event with former House Speaker and fellow GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich over the weekend, refusing to answer questions about the allegations. His campaign manager has been sending out copies of the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethics code in a bid to deter reporters from bringing them up.

And now there are some signs that the scandal is taking a political toll on Cain. An Ipsos/Reuters poll conducted online at the end of last week showed Cain’s favorability rating among Republicans dropping 9 points, from 66% to 57%, and his rating among all voters dropping from 37% to 32%. Perhaps more worrisome for Cain was that a full 80% of respondents said they knew about the harassment allegations. One in three Republicans said the accusations made them view Cain less favorably.

Allred's news conference is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. EST.

Source:  LA Times


Must admit if I was a woman coming forward even though I am a Conservative Republican, I would want Allred on my side after what I have been witnessing out of the Conservative pundits, some Republicans including at least one Congressman, Steve King, of Iowa, and others who are downplaying sexual harassment with this is the liberal media's fault and a witch hunt.  It is not a witch hunt when someone is guilty and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) settled the complaints for money. Allred took down Weiner so this is not about Party but about what is right which some conservatives are missing.  Character of the candidate is important to most Repubicans.  Maybe not to Libertarians who pretend to be Republican but to the actual Republican voter.

If you think I am disgusted, you would be correct.  Cain has no government executive experience, lied about his time at Godfather Pizza which was not near bankruptcy  and left the National Restaurant Association before his time was up and right before they settled a 2nd Sexual Harassment suit -- connect the dots and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened.

First of all for the first time since I passed out literature for Goldwater when I was a teenager, I am questioning why I am a conservative and why I belong to the Republican Party after what I am witnessing with the demeaning going on of women and the conservative media by this con artist who many of us are coming to believe is not all that conservative.  Cain has proven he is someone who can lie, lie again, attack another candidate as the leaker and refuse to answer questions, yet the conservative pundits line up for the most part right with Herman Cain.

Michael Medved is one of the few pundits out there telling it like it is so there is at least one national pundit who has not sold out.

Cain has made allegations against Rick Perry on the rock or now his campaign is the leaker about the sexual harassment charges on Cain which were false but refuses to apologize.  Where is the outrage about having a black candidate that brings racism into the debate against a fellow candidate or now threatens to sue a news organization for telling the truth which he basically has admitted.  What am I missing here?

After what I have witnessed out of some of the conservative pundits and some elected officials defending Herman Cain and blaming the media for telling the truth, I am having a hard time reconciling the fact I am in the same Party.  Then I realize that this is the Libertarian leaning Republicans talking not most Republicans.  How many conservative pundits are not even Republican -- seems like quite a few.  The facts and lies from Cain mean zero, zip, nada as it is the narrative that the liberal media is always wrong and our conservative pundits and media are always right which is pure bunk.

This idea it is the "liberal" media's fault is ludicrous.  These same people blamed the media for not digging into Obama until it was too late but even then we knew about Rev Wright.  What have you seen written about the fact that the liberal church in Atlanta that Cain is an associate minister has a minister who uses Malcolm X for his guide?  Not much.  We also learned that Cain's wife voted twice in a primary in 2004 -- once as a Republican and once as a Democrat and votes mostly Democrat.  We know that Herman Cain supports Democrats in Florida running for Congress, one of them is a friend of Castor and Chavez.  I guess all of that is okay to the conservative pundits and elected officials as no one is supposed to print the truth about Herman Cain because after all he is a Republican black man and you don't dare go after him.  (sarcasm)

Since I wholeheartedly supported JC Watts for Congress, Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, and now Allen West for Congress, the idea that you have to protect a black Republican no matter what he does is so wrong and so outdated from either party.  The color of a man's skin makes no difference when it comes to ethics.  It is actually demeaning to someone like Allen West who has been not only a very good candidate but an extremely good Congressman with integrity.  That integrity is missing with Herman Cain who got in the race to sell his book and make money after spending years working with the libertarian Koch Brothers at Americans for Prosperity their non-profit arm which is under investigation for illegally helping the Cain campaign get up and running.  The Koch Brothers seem to be out to buy the Presidency with Herman Cain who has less experience than Obama.

This last week has been illuminating to say the least.  We have at least one Republican elected official talking about there is no such thing as sexual harassment.  I guess it is okay according to them to have a supervisor tell off color jokes, make lewd remarks, put their hands on a woman employee whenever they want, invite her to dinner or to his apartment and if she doesn't come threaten to hold up a promotion.  After all, only liberal women complain about sexual harassment.  That is so untrue because in the Government and I assume private industry you will find out that some civilian supervisors sexually harass their female employees and ideology makes no difference.  Now you hear complains of women supervisor to their men employees.  Experienced it first hand in the DoD and don't need to be told by any one there is no such thing as sexual harassment.

How could Cong Steve King of Iowa who made such ludicrous comments about sexual harassment.  Would he like to have a family member 20 years of age followed to her car by a 2nd level supervisor making all kinds of lewd comments and threatening to hold up a promotion -- that happened to me when I worked for the Air Force.  Fortunately the guys in my office stood up for me and two Lt's took turns walking me to my car.

Finally they got a Commander who cleaned house and some senior civilians throughout the Command found themselves retiring to spend more time with their family.  So no one needs to tell me that it didn't happen as it is still happening today.  It is not just men, it is women too.

I am never been so appalled in my life to have people I used to respect say there is no such thing as sexual harassment like Cong Steve King of Iowa.  He did say it shouldn't be reported unless there are three and now we have four.  Can I get an apology for the women of America who have been sexually harassed and it doesn't make a difference if you are liberal, conservative, moderate, or apolitical when it comes to sexual harassment.  How much money has a civilian ever gotten out of the DoD for filing a sexual harassment complaint?  Usually they are the ones transferred.  To say it doesn't exist is ludicrous and shows how far out of touch with reality a lot of today's Republican/Libertarian men are who are defending Cain.

These same men didn't say a word when Cain falsely accused Rick Perry over a rock or that the Perry camp outed Cain which wasn't true.  You must not speak ill of the token black Republican supported by the Koch Brothers as they might not donate to your campaign is the feeling I am getting.  Anyone who supports a candidate with NO Government executive experience who doesn't under how the Presidency works and the Constitution is doing this Country a disservice.  In fact, for Cain to have such little knowledge of the Federal Government is odd considering he was an in the beltway type lobbyist for the Restaurant Association which you don't hear about either.

This is most disgusting election I have ever witnessed.  I will never vote for Cain if he is the nominee because it will mean that the Koch Brothers and the Libertarians have taken total control of the Republican Party.  I will not stay a Republican if that happens.    Why are the pundits and the establishment types so afraid of Perry.  Are they afraid he is going to upset their apple cart and actually make a difference?  Are they afraid that Steve Forbes is going to have some say?  That would be the same Steve Forbes that Rove help take out in the 2000 Republican primary.

I am only one Conservative Republican woman but there are many more just like me who are absolutely appalled and disgusted with what we are seeing with the continued support of Cain after he lied and as the facts have been drip, drip, dripping out just like Clinton.  I don't see the difference and the amount of hypocrisy on the right is stunning.

My line is drawn in the sand -- I will not listen to pundits who keep defending Cain, I will not support him in any way shape or form or any elected officials who supports him, I will quit websites which I have been doing if their emails and articles continue to support Cain.  If the Republican Party has no integrity and is not willing to say enough is enough to Herman Cain, then I have zero loyalty to the Party as they will have proven they put narrative over substance and integrity.

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