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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cain Needs to Apologize to the Perry Campaign TODAY!

Interview by Governor Perry on the Cain Allegations:

Have stayed quiet about Herman Cain for the last few days but no more.  I want him to apologize to the Perry Campaign, Chris Wilson, his supporters and Republicans for his lies, and drop out of the race.  His drip, drip, drip with the truth has not worked as another woman has come forward and would bet she is not the last.  The lies he has piled up to protect his campaign make you ill and they are systematically being discovered as lies.

The latest lie of blaming the Perry campaign for the leak to Politico goes beyond disgusting.  Obviously Block and Cain do not know Rick Perry who is very ethical and if someone from his campaign had leaked this to the media, he would have their head.  The Perry camp isn't the one running around dropping stories that are not true like the NH video of Perry's speech that was doctored along with the story -- that all belongs to Karl Rove and Crossroads in order to help Romney.  You want dirty politics look no further than Crossroads.  Cain never apologized for inferring that Perry was a racist because of a rock after the details came out.  Is Cain the stalking horse for Romney?  Is that why they are fighting to keep in the race.

The latest lies of Cain and Block:

The Cain campaign responded forcefully, accusing the Perry campaign of orchestrating the allegations. In an interview with Forbes, Cain accused another Perry supporter, Curt Anderson, of leaking the damaging revelations of the original accusations. Anderson, a consultant on Cain’s losing 2004 Senate bid, swiftly denied that charge. 
“I’d never heard any of these allegations until I read them in POLITICO, nor does anything I read in the press change my opinion that Herman is an upstanding man and a gentleman,” Anderson told POLITICO. 
But Cain repeated the charge in a tele-town hall event with TheTeaParty.net. “We’ve been able to trace it back to the Perry campaign that stirred this up in order to discredit me. … Members of his campaign have direct ties with POLITICO, members of his campaign, people that are supporting him have made erroneous claims against me,” he said. 
Mark Block, Cain’s campaign manager, told Fox News, “Both Rick Perry and POLITICO did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn’t true.”
Block was banned from running political campaigns for three years in Wisconson because of his suppressing votes.  Following that stupid ad that ended with Block lighting a cigarette thought he would have been removed by Cain or frankly never hired because of his background.  Maybe his background is why he was hired.  Now we know why he is still there -- Cain can control him and he will go out and say whatever whether it is the truth or not.   This Curt Anderson interview flies in the face of allegations by Cain and Block against Anderson:

Curt Anderson has now given an interview to CNN denying the allegations -- he sure has a lot more class than Herman Cain in all of this as he refuses to say anything bad about Cain even after Cain and Block lied about him.

Maybe Mr. Block should have thought before blaming Curt Anderson and the Perry Campaign as the allegations are turning out to be true and now the National Restaurant Association will consider allowing the victims to talk if they can work out an agreement.  Block better look in the mirror because the Cain campaign was contacted 11 days before the story broke for their comments so this did not come as a shock like he is pretending.  I didn't think there was a consultant lower than Rove in the GOP but I was wrong -- Block has shown he is as dirty as they come with his attacks on Perry and his lies to the media.
Why shouldn't Cain have been outed with this in his background.  I am a big believer in full disclosure of all candidates for President.  We had one serial sexual harasser in the White House and don't want to see another one.  Yes I believe that Cain is like Clinton in a lot of ways -- deny, deny, deny, and then drip, drip, drip and then try to blame the people who exposed the information.  Then you top it off by blaming the victims.   That means never taking responsibility for your actions.  The conservative pundits are a lot like the liberal pundits were for Clinton -- move on, nothing here.  Am having a hard time seeing the difference.

If Republicans demanded full disclosure on Obama which we never got, why are some media pundits not demanding full disclosure on Cain instead of blaming the liberal media.  Cain is the problem as he is at the center of sexual harassment claims.  The conservative pundits went after Clinton right away asking him to step down but now they defend Cain.  Why?

Chris Wilson who is a pollster was at the event when Cain went after a young girl just out of college and people at the table kept asking Cain to stop.  She filed charges against Cain and they settled for a one-year salary compensation.  She lost her job, Cain kept his.  Wilson wasn't the only witness to Cain's harassment but because he is now a pollster for a pro-Rick Perry PAC,  some lamebrains in the conservative wing are trying to tie Perry to the outing of Cain and now we know where they got the lie -- Cain and Block.

First of all if Wilson was the source, it doesn't take a genius to figure out he wouldn't go public.   That dog is not going to hunt with anyone who knows Wilson or has a brain which leaves out some conservative pundits.  Wilson refused to give the details on the air but our local KTOK radio host said they are bad enough to get Cain out of the race if revealed.  That is before a 3rd person came out and we heard about Iowa.  The same goes for Curt Anderson who Cain seems to be mad he went to Perry not to him so they are trying to tar and feather him as well.  After watching Anderson on CNN and his demeanor, there is no way he is the leaker and once again he wouldn't have gone on TV if he had leaked.

Now we are learning that Cain is going to send his wife out later this week to do an interview.  This woman has not been seen on the campaign trail but he wants her out there now.  This is so typical of politicians when they get caught -- send out their wife which has turned into a code for they are guilty.  That doesn't work any more, and you would think he would have more respect for her then to send her out for an interview.  Men or women who get caught that want their spouse to cover for them are as low as you can get.

The word we got on KTOK yesterday is that if the full story of Cain's sexual harassment with this one woman comes out where there were witnesses his campaign is over.  Why is Cain putting the Republican Party through this when there were witnesses that right now are not allowed to fully disclose what happened?  Are the conservative media for the most part going to believe one man, Cain, over other witnesses?  Can guarantee that Republican women are not, and we vote in high numbers.
You need not look further than the National Restaurant Association for a probable source when it was suggested that they endorse Cain but backed way off and now you know why.  It came out after I started on this that the head of the Association is a donor to Romney.  Do I believe Romney was involved in the outing -- NO but if you are going to look at Perry why isn't Block demanding you look at Romney?
Don't blame the women for not wanting to go public with this the way some of the conservative media has been acting in protection of Cain.  When I got two paid emails today from Cain Super PAC, I went through the roof and still haven't come down.  I will give you the title and the fact they asked for money -- I refuse to give more details as they are beyond disgusting:
"Act Now - Don't let the left "lynch' another black Conservative" from his Super PAC using sexual harassment charges to ask for donations
Accusing the left of wanting to 'lynch' another black Conservative and wanting donations for his Super PAC? How low can you go.  Using the word lynch against the left is reprehensible and that Super PAC owes everyone an apology.  I am not in the habit of watching the Joy Beher show, but while looking for the Anderson interview, I ran across this exchange on using the word 'lynch' to describe what is happening.  Must admit that I agree 100% with what was said by Roland Martin which I cannot believe I just said but it is time both parties learned that using words from the past that have such negative connotations are not smart. It is very insensitive and not true:

I quit two websites that sent out that paid email today and told them why.  They obviously didn't see anything wrong with the email but a lot of people thought it was so bad some sites refused to be paid to send the email sinceI normally get the Cain Super PAC email 9-10 times.  As I was writing part of this last night another email comes in from a site that I removed my email address this morning with this headline from his Super PAC:  "First Clarence Thomas, Now Herman Cain."  Vision to America would be wise to screen their emails they get paid to send out because their credibility with me and others has gone down a black hole.

Clarence Thomas never had any formal complaints filed, never settled with Anita Hill, and no other women came forward.  That was an easy one to debunk.

I have sent an email to the Republican National Committee asking them to find a graceful exit for Mr. Cain although there is no graceful exit as more details have surfaced in a NewsMax email a short time ago.  You can read it at NewsMax as new allegations have come out which were predictable.  From the Newsmax story:
Conservative radio host Steve Deace complaining that Cain made “inappropriate comments” to two female staff members during a visit to his studio in Des Moines, Iowa;
On the current campaign trail, Herman Cain made "inappropriate comments" to two female staffers of a radio show host in Iowa.  The man has not changed and has been lying all along.  How many women has Cain been responsible for sexually harassing over the years who were afraid to come forward?  How many people with his campaign have been covering for him?  Why did the female staffers quit his campaign earlier?  In all my years in politics I have never had a candidate even give a hint of "inappropriate comments" and have worked a lot of campaigns from when I was a teenager.

Hermain Cain obviously has a higher threshold for what he considers sexual harassment then most women which is a sign of complete arrogance.  If you want an example of arrogance, look no farther than the 2000 campaign when he ran for President after settling the sexual harassment lawsuit in 1999.  That says all you need to know.  In his position of power he felt he had a right to say and do anything he wanted.  His obvious lack of respect for young women is telling.

Most of the conservative pundits rushed out right away to blame the liberal media for this attack on Hermain Cain because he is a black Republican.  What I have said about their defense is not printable because they took his word without letting any facts come out.  What are they going to say now that facts are quickly coming out?  Are they going to continue to defend Cain because he is a nice guy and the women misunderstood his intentions.  That would be the same garbage they have been putting out so why change now with more facts -- just spin some more.  Cain has lied about what happened and now doesn't know if he will release the woman to talk so their side can come out.

Note to Cain -- no need to worry as witnesses to what you did to a recent college grad in the late 90's are refusing to stay silent.  They understand how you acted and how you are lying now.

There is one notable exception in the conservative punditry and that is Michael Medved who has stood against the rush to blame the media.  He didn't immediately defend Cain and waited for more facts to come out which is what some other pundits should have done.  Now he is not happy with the pundits for their rushing to defend Cain without facts.

If you listen to Hannity you get the feeling he sees nothing wrong with what Cain has done and this is only left wing media driven.  Why bother with facts?  That is one show I will not listen on the radio or watch on Fox again.  It brings into question if these pundits think it is okay for men or women to sexually harass the members of the opposite sex that work for them or give lewd comments to women you just meet?  Really sick and tired of this rush to blame the media for everything.  It is a coip out!

The conservative media punditry for the most part have let down the women of America and that includes a few women pundits.  Shame on the whole group of defenders who didn't wait for the facts to come out -- same group who went after Bill Clinton with a vengeance I might add.  This blame the media and race card is getting old really fast.  This is one Republican woman who is not staying silent and ask you to please contact the RNC and give your comments at GOP.cominfo@gop.com, p 202.863.8500 | f 202.863.8820

We know that RNC Chairman Preibus came out and said he cannot be Sherlock Holmes but this is making the Republican Party look really bad so he had better be finding an answer.

Will Herman Cain apologize and leave the race is a question that is left hanging?

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