"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Republican Super PACs Have Gone to the Dark Side

If this was Star Wars, Karl Rove would be Darth Vader with his massive amount of spending to sway the election to the liberal former Governor of Massachusetts.  The other Super PACs aligned with Romney would be the Storm Troopers with Romney as the Emperor.  You may ask yourself why I keep using Rove as the person behind all of this.  This paragraph from AP sums it up quite well:
While the Republican groups legally can't coordinate directly with the Romney campaign, they do coordinate with each other. Leaders of some top Republican super PACs attend a monthly meeting hosted by Crossroads to share information and devise strategy to deny Obama a second term. That may mean, for example, taking turns ensuring Romney has a presence on the air — or, rather, the Republican criticisms against Obama are aired — even if his campaign itself can't afford to run its own ads yet.  
This idea that you can raise massive amounts of money and pour it into a political campaign with no accountability of who gives or how the money is spent is flat out wrong.  It is obvious that this group led by Rove for Romney intend to buy this campaign.  The same people who railed against George Soros and his money helping Obama.  Hypocrites?

When did the Republican Party become the party of no ethics, lies like we saw in the primary, and going around the rules as rules don't apply to them?  They don't seem to mind that every day people are having a tough time in many cases making ends meet while millions are being spent to make the media moguls at the networks and cable richer.   It is a win at any cost mentality even if it splits the Republican Party as long as they can spend millions to get their guy elected so the wealthy of this Country will continue to prosper.

Limited government is as foreign of a word to Republican establishment as it is to the Democrat establishment.  Their campaigns are based on lies from both sides and telling the people what they want to hear while tearing down the other candidate with lies and innuendos to make voters cast a vote for their unethical candidate who has no intention of living up to what he is saying today.

IMHO the Republican Party has totally lost their way and you can lay it at the feet of Rove and his handlers the Rockefeller/Country Club Republicans led by Bush 41.  They are the party of the rich today as the rest of us are to sit down and shut up as we witness the coronation of Mitt Romney against the wishes of approximately 60% of the Republican Party.  Conservatives who want ethics and rules followed need to get a clue that is no longer a priority with the Republican establishment types.  It is more important to get someone elected with an (R) behind their name then to have ethics which means keeping your word.  Romney has trouble keeping his word for 24 hours as we saw on gay adoptions.  A Republican's word means little today as witnessed by what we are seeing with the Super PACs for Romney:

The Romney campaign has spent no money on TV ads since Romney's Republican opponents dropped out and cleared his path to the nomination. 
Republicans have generally welcomed the emergence of super PACs, and several GOP-leaning groups spent millions to take control of the House and pick up six Senate seats in 2010. Obama sharply criticized the emergence of super PACs that year but ultimately green-lighted contributions to Priorities USA Action after it became clear that his campaign and other Democrats would be vastly outgunned otherwise. 
By law, campaigns and the outside groups are forbidden from working with each other. But at times like this, the lines of separation seem blurred if not crossed.
For years we have been hearing the Democrats are the Party of the rich, but what is happening in this election shows Republicans are right there with them if they have not moved around them.  One big difference is that Republicans today seem to care less what the Middle Class thinks as they want more tax cuts but you don't hear a word out of them revising the Tax Code and closing the loopholes.  That would make the wealthy pay more taxes and we cannot have that as they are the ones who create the most jobs -- that's the mantra of the Republican Party on why the wealthy get the most tax cuts when it is not true.  Small business owners are the job creators.  Maybe you could say the wealthy are the best creators of jobs overseas.

A good friend of mine suggested I put a line through Democrats and write Republicans since they seem to be for sale to the highest bidder based on the endorsements of Romney early on which made 'zero' sense.  Obvious to most that Romney has no core political values but he is going to the nominee of the White Man's Republican Party and the rest of us are to sit down, shut up, and vote for him.

I am 100% disgusted with this whole group of Romney people including Romney himself.  Many of them have been Independents/Democrats for years but to support Romney became a Republican.  What has the wealthy Romney promised his fellow wealthy friends who pay less than 15% in taxes?

Crossroads announcing $25 million ad push 
WASHINGTON (AP) — An independent group favoring Republican Mitt Romney is launching a $25 million, monthlong advertising campaign against President Barack Obama in 10 states, further escalating an expensive TV ad war in presidential battleground states less than six months before Election Day. 
Crossroads GPS was opening its effort Thursday, spending $8 million on an ad that castigates Obama on the economy by using his words against him. 
"We need solutions, not just promises," says the 60-second commercial that's to run in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 
It shows clips of Obama making pledges that critics say he hasn't kept on issues like taxes, health care and federal deficits. 
"We must help the millions of homeowners who are facing foreclosure," Obama says in a clip from June 2008. The ad then says: "Promise broken. One in five mortgages are still under water." 
Obama, Romney and their allies are in a rush to define each other negatively before voters tune out during the summer. Already, both sides are going for the jugular in a sign of the sharply negative race to come. 
Crossroads GPS' ad push is the latest to illustrate the degree to which this presidential campaign is playing out under dramatically looser campaign finance laws after a series of Supreme Court decisions allowed independent groups to raise and spend unlimited sums as long as they don't coordinate directly with the campaigns they support. 
The push also comes as several other Republican-leaning super PACs have been spending millions on ads in key states to tear down Obama while Romney, the underfunded challenger to the record-shattering Democratic president, focuses on raising money after a primary season that left him broke and battered. 
The super PAC Restore Our Future, staffed with former Romney aides, has spent $4.3 million, while Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers' group, has spent $5 million. The American Future Fund, whose goal is to promote conservative and free-market ideas, is spending an additional $4.7 million to run a one-minute ad suggesting Obama hasn't cracked down on Wall Street because of his campaign's fundraising. "Tell Obama to stop protecting his Wall Street donors," the ad says.
On the Democratic side, Obama's campaign has launched its own $25 million, monthlong ad push in the most competitive states. In recent days, it's started going after Romney's business credentials, specifically his time at the helm of the private equity firm Bain Capital. The campaign was running an ad Wednesday on the matter but in just a handful of states and at a very low price tag, just under $100,000. 
But the real money to promote the same message was coming from a pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action. It's spending $4 million to air its new ad, which is remarkably similar to the one from Obama's campaign. Both highlight the failure of GST Steel, a Kansas City, Mo.-based company purchased by Bain Capital that went bankrupt and laid off 750 workers in 2001.   
Obama's campaign and the Democratic Party ended March with about $124 million cash on hand, while Romney and the GOP reported $43 million left in the bank at the end of that month, according to federal reports.  
But the president's money advantage is minimized by the campaign cash raised by Republican-leaning super PACs.
Crossroads GPS told the IRS it raised more than $77 million through December. Donors could include individuals, businesses or trade groups. Without naming names, Crossroads reported two gifts of $10 million each and four of more than $4 million. 
American Crossroads, its ally, has raised $100 million so far this election cycle to defeat Obama and support the Republican nominee. Combined, the Crossroads twins have announced plans to spend as much as $300 million to influence the presidential election, with longtime George W. Bush political adviser Karl Rove guiding them. 
Excerpt:  Read More at Yahoo News

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