"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Romney Aides and USSS Agent Block Press from Rope Line

Does Romney know he is running for President not for King?  This is so believable because dating back to a Town Hall in OKC in 2008, he would only take questions from fellow Mormons or paid staff here in OK -- the rest were there to be pandered to with set-up questions.

Evangelicals need to get a clue that all he is pandering to them but they have drunk the Romney koolaid for now and come up with some of the strangest reasons why he is right.  They have been force fed the MSM is always bad and conservative media is always good so they believe everyone in the MSM shouldn't be able to even ask questions or travel with a Republican candidate.  Will be interesting to see how they explain keeping the press away from the man who wants to be king!
Blocks access at Florida event. 
Election reporters are used to the Romney campaign's unwillingness to engage, but even they were surprised at the presidential candidate's increased restrictiveness Wednesday. Following a speech in Florida, reporters were blocked from joining the audience or the voter reception line. Members of the media found themselves clashing with campaign aides when they ignored instructions and approached the crowd anyway. The Secret Service insisited they had nothing to do with the restrictions, it was all the campaign. Romney's spokeswoman later insisted—after many an angry tweet from reporters—that "this was an error on the part of the campaign staff and volunteers. We have reminded them that press is allowed on the rope line to record the governor's interactions with voters." 
Read it at The New York Times
If Romney is like this now, think how he would be in the White House.  The White House Press Corps would be subject to all sorts of new rules and regulations IMHO that would keep them away from Romney. Cannot have him upset by questions he doesn't want.

Romney and his aides seem to want to control every situation and make sure only the questions they want  are asked.  Absolutely disgusting but when he was Governor, they shut off access from the press and legislators so they could not walk in and see the Governor like they had in the past.
It's a window into how he might conduct himself as president. After he was elected governor of Massachusetts, for example, Romney closed off a set of public elevators in the Boston statehouse and prohibited press access to the lobby outside the governor's office. The area was previously open to the press, and his successor, Gov. Deval Patrick, re-opened the elevator and the lobby after he took office.
Have conservatives that endorsed Romney lost their collective minds?
Mitt Romney Campaign Tries To Physically Prevent Reporters From Asking Questions (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post | By  

Reporters covering Mitt Romney's campaign sent out a volley of tweets on Wednesday, complaining that they had been prevented from asking the presumptive Republican nominee questions at an event in Florida. Trouble between the campaign and the press apparently started at the beginning of the day. Sara Murray, a Wall Street Journal reporter, tweeted that journalists had been told they would not be asking any questions of Romney. "Isn't that our decision?" a reporter asked.
Then, the press corps was told that Romney was having an off the record meeting with "middle class families." Politico's Ginger Gibson noted that they used to be able to see these meetings happen, but were now having their access cut off.  
Things only deteriorated from there. A public event followed the private meeting, and campaign aides tried to physically prevent reporters from asking Romney questions at the rope line where he was greeting voters. The reporters "refused to leave," in New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro's words.
Video uploaded by CNN showed Romney aide Krista Warren saying, "We're not going to do this," holding her arms out to try preventing the reporters from getting to the rope line. 
ABC's Emily Friedman said that most journalists were able to get to the rope line, "despite USSS and campaign asking us to leave and stop," but that Romney still refused to answer any questions. 
Campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul later emailed Politico, saying there had been an "error" on the part of the staff. 
Source:  Huffington Post
It is the staff's fault I guess for carrying out the wishes of the candidate.  They didn't do it on their own.  What are they afraid Romney is going to say?  Are they afraid the real Romney who is liberal will come out? All the Romney people trying to tell us he is this big conservative are a joke as his record and past statements don't back up the assertions.  Wonder how much they are paid to all post essentially the same thing and to attack any Republican who doesn't agree with them as not being a Republican?

A lot of us have been Republican a lot longer than Romney.  We didn't become an independent like Romney did in 1976 through 1994 -- we were active Republicans during the Reagan years and helped elect the 1994  Contract with America Republicans who took control of the House of Representatives.  At the same time Romney's wife was declaring they didn't know any Republicans in Massachusetts when he decided to run against Ted Kennedy as a Republican and then ran to the left of him.  Yet we are told to get out of the Republican Party if we don't support Romney and swallow the Romney koolaid.  Makes no sense!

The common mantra is that you cannot be a Republican if you do not support Romney.  Last I checked my voter registration still said "Republican."

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