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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romney: Carter years now look like 'the good ol' days'

Don't know what part of the Carter years Romney thinks were so great but since he was an independent during the Reagan years, I can assume he didn't like the policies of President Reagan and preferred those of Carter.  Are we now seeing the true Romney come out?  With these comments about Carter, it sure looks like that is the case.  Romney registered as an Independent in 1976 and stayed as an Indy until he decided he wanted to run for Senate and registered as a Republican so he didn't have to meet Ted Kennedy in a primary.  As we have said before the evidence is there that Romney ran to the left of Ted Kennedy so he became a Republican of opportunity not conviction.

Did he vote for Carter in 1976 and also in 1980 since he didn't like Reagan in those days?  I would be willing to bet he did because in all my years as a Republican, I have never heard one person say anything good about the Carter years.  They understood that the high return on Certificates of Deposit and savings was more than offset by the high mortgage rates and high inflation. IMHO Romney only mouths his support of Reagan today but doesn't mean one word.

I have seen dumb statements but this one ranks right at the top.  I guess if you like 16% interest on your mortgage or higher, you would want to return to the Carter years.  Try selling a house with a transfer with 16% interest.  We were transferred to Norton AFB and sold our home on a lease option when the interest rate hit 12%, they had to buy.  Since we applied part of their payment to the down payment, they would have owed us a huge sum if they defaulted as all the money went in escrow plus the $5,000 they put down for the lease option.  Our mortgage rate when we bought in 1982 was 12% which meant in a short time that President Reagan had gotten interest rates on the downhill slide after taking over from Carter in January 1981.
Romney: Carter years now look like 'the good ol' days'
5/2/12 11:43 AM EDT 
POLITICO's Reid Epstein reports from Chantilly, Va.:
Romney, who has built his campaign pitch around the idea that Americans remember better economic times, sought to draw a contrast between the current economy and the one during Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

“It was the most anti-small business administration I’ve seen probably since Carter,” he said. “Who would’ve guessed we’d look back at the Carter years as the good ol' days, you know? And you just go through the president’s agenda over the last, uh, the last several years and ask yourself, did this help small business or did ithurt small business?”

Romney is due to hold a fundraiser Wednesday evening with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in Pentagon City. The two are due to appear at a campaign event Thursday afternoon in Portsmouth. 
Source:  Politico
Don't know who Romney's advisers are but they obviously didn't live through the Carter years.  We had gas rationing where customers lined up to buy gas in certain parts of the Country.  We were fortunate in our part of Ohio that we did not have the long lines for gas or quite as high prices as some people were paying.  We made a trip to Upstate New York to visit my husband's family.  We waited 30 minutes to get gas when we were used to driving up to the pump and filling up the tank.  We also paid about 50 cents more a gallon.  My father-in-law commented that it was a short wait compared to some of the waits he had experienced.

The housing market in a lot of states was flat on its back because of high mortgage rates which put a lot of construction workers out of work.  We had moved into a new housing development in 1976 where building came to a standstill by 1978.  Our mortgage rate of 8.5% looked like a huge bargain the longer that Carter was President.

Guess if you were wealthy you liked it because the interest being returned on certificates of deposit were very high and they were giving out airline tickets to anywhere in the US if you renewed.  If you were not rich, it was a time of inflation with groceries and gasoline which meant your dollars didn't go near as far.  

The Shah of Iran fell which brought into power an Islamic regime who captured our embassy and took 52 hostages during Carter's years.  He sent in a rescue mission dubbed Operation Eagle Claw to free the hostages on April 24, 1980, which failed miserably resulting in deaths of members of our military as the mission had to be scrubbed and the exit was a failure:
As the U.S. force prepared to leave Iran, one of the helicopters crashed into a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft containing fuel and a group of servicemen. The resulting fire destroyed the two aircraft involved and resulted in the remaining helicopters being left behind and the deaths of eight American servicemen. The 5 Airmen who died that night were Major Richard L. Bakke, Major Harold L Lewis Jr., TSgt Joel C. Mayo, Major Lyn D. McIntosh, and Captain Charles T. McMillan. They were very experienced Airmen, all of them between 28 and 35 years of age. The 3 US Marines casualties were Sgt John D. Harvey, Cpl George N. Holmes Jr., and SSgt Dewey L Johnson. Operation Eagle Claw was one of the first missions conducted by Delta Force.
The vast majority of Republicans will never look back on the Carter years as "the good ol' days!"  Don't know what koolaid Romney is drinking but it shows very clearly that he is not on the same page with most Republicans and especially not Conservative Republicans.   Can someone tell me why the establishment pushed Romney on us?  What did he promise the establishment in order to get their full support including cheating to get him the nomination?  They are risking splitting the Party with this nomination and it doesn't seem to bother them as we are told as Republicans to sit down, shut-up, and vote for Romney.  As you can tell that it not happening on this blog!   I will not sell our my core principles to vote for a candidate like Romney who deep down is still that Massachusetts liberal IMHO!

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