"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Karl Rove's Meltdown on Fox After Spending over $100M and Guaranteering a Romney Victory

Laughed so hard when I heard this Rove meltdown was happening because Rove was talking about my home state of Ohio.  Growing up there I knew there was no way that Romney was going to get votes out of Cleveland in big numbers -- that wasn't happening because Cuyahoga County is the most Democrat county in Ohio.  Grew up with the fact that SW and Western Ohio had to go in big numbers for a Republican to win.  With Hamilton County (Cincinnati) already in the Obama camp, there was no way that Ohio was going for Romney.

I have been saying for weeks that Ohio was going for Obama after what I had been picking up especially after Romney's comment that Jeep was going to send all their production to China which included the Toledo plant when he was holding a rally in the Toledo area.  Jeep immediately came out they were adding jobs in Toledo not outsourcing to China.  They did announce that Chysler would be doing production of Jeeps in China to make them cheaper for the Chinese who love Jeeps.  Adding another shift at the Toledo plant is not outsourcing to China but Romney doubled down and even after GM weighed in he continued to say they were outsourcing and ran ads that Jeep was going to China.  Don't think Romney ever apologized for anything.  When the Ohio Governor finally said Jeep is not outsourcing to China, there was no way that Ohio was going to Romney who had a penchant for lying.

Would have bet the house that Ohio with unemployment numbers dropping thanks to the auto bailout that saved jobs in Ohio, that there was no way Romney was going to win Ohio.  It was Obama Country in the normal Democrat areas of the state.  If you base your campaign on hate of your opponent, it is not going to work.  GOP was not energized for Romney at all in Ohio not to mention that Obama had the complete ground game.  Looks like none of that was picked up by Karl Rove with his meltdown demanding Fox News take back their call of Ohio for Obama.

Watch the Karl Rove Meltdown on Fox News and then read the reasons why below:

Karl Rove's Historically Colossal Waste of Money 
Posted 4:30PM 11/07/12Posted under: Money and Politics
Karl Rove is the co-founder and senior advisor to American Crossroads, a multifaceted organization that has raised massive amounts of money in order to get Mitt Romney elected to the presidency.
That did not work out. 
Here's how much American Crossroads spent on Mitt Romney, thanks to the records at the Center for Responsive Politics.
  • Using money rolled over from a previous cycle, American Crossroads Super PAC spent $100 million this election cycle.
  • American Crossroads Super PAC spent more than 84% of that -- $84.6 million to be precise -- in independent expenditures against Barack Obama.
  • They also spent $6.5 million bolstering Mitt Romney
  • In the end, Rove spent between $90 million and $160 million of other people's money on Mitt Romney. That investment did not pay off.
Some donors spent multi-millions with the belief that Rove and Romney would deliver victory, the highest donor giving $19.5 million. 
All that money might explain why Rove had a televised meltdown when Fox called Ohio -- and thus the election -- for Obama Tuesday night.
How could Rove, Dick Morris, and Rasmussen all be so far off on the election.  The signs were all there Obama was going to win.  Then there was the factor of 'women' who frankly had it with the Neanderthal thinking of the Republican Party when it came to many issues including equal pay which Romney refused to endorse, definition of rape, Supreme Court justices appointed to overturn Roe v Wade, the 47% and the list goes on since a lot of women are teachers who Romney threw under the bus.  Add in students where Romney wanted to drastically cut Pell grants and the student loan program saying ask your parents for money for college, then there are the veterans, senior citizens, civil service, fire, and police not to mention our military and you have a prescription for a loss.

Hard to believe that Rove and this group thought money could buy a general election with such a flawed candidate who lied over and over again.  It worked in the primary so guess they just figured the Democrats were going to lie down and let Romney run over them.  Instead, the Obama campaign took it to Romney early in the summer.  They also had boots on the ground versus the limp GOTV of the Romney camp.  In the end Rove blew millions of dollars to see Romney lose along with the Senate candidates Rove went all in with millions to win the Senate seats.  Mr. guru's plan after Citizens United was a failure as the Democrats after having to defend 21 seats, pick up two seats -- huge win for Democrats and colossal failure for Rove and Republicans because some of those seats were winnable.

Now some are saying the GOP candidates didn't go hard right enough?  Excuse me but that is why they lost the women's and youth vote in big numbers plus minority voters.  Romney's rallies were almost all white while Obama's looked like America.  The Republican hard right, mostly white, mostly male Party is in for trouble in the years ahead if they think going more conservative is the answer.  As I have been saying for years when something bugs me, the GOP can 'shove it' because I will never lift a finger to support them again if they don't come back center right.  There are millions of Republicans who agree and others who actually registered independent who would come back if the GOP went center right.  With going hard right, they won't think of coming back or donating to the Republican Party.

Karl Rove blew this election big time and his dirty tricks finally caught up with him.  How many big donors want their money back?

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SJ Reidhead said...

It gives a whole new meaning to the term "drama queen".

I wonder how long it is going to be before the big donors begin to wonder if Romney was conning them?

The Pink Flamingo