"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lessons Learned on Romney/Obama from Denver Trip Last Week

After spending a good portion of the last week in Denver, I have come to the conclusion that there should be a limit to how many ads that lie you are forced to endure if you want to watch television or turn on the radio.  Halloween with my granddaughters was awesome as I was able to attend their Halloween parties and go trick or treating with them.  The politics in Colorado is unbelievable by the media ads and the conservative talk show hosts who give out instructions what to tweet or what to message for Romney.  The conservative media may be the most dishonest I have ever seen out of the media and that includes the liberal media over the years.  I have seen stretch the truth in campaigns with spin, but not the outright lies coming out of Romney and his campaign.

Believe Colorado will end up in the Obama column since the pollsters keep leaving out Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who is well liked in Colorado.  Funniest things I heard was Boulder (think San Francisco) was going for Romney.  Obviously anyone who knows Colorado knows they would never go GOP.   Imagine the shock in Boulder to wake up and discover some pollster said they were for Romney who is about 180 from everything that most people believe who live in Boulder.  My second funniest thing I heard was votes for Gary Johnson would normally go to Obama.  Since when are Ron Paul supporters Obama supporters?  They are Libertarian Republicans who are going to Johnson across America.  IMHO the Romney/Rove/GOP spin in CO is not working in 2012 any better then it did in 2008 with McCain/Palin.

After watching the Romney ads, you have to ask yourself if Romney even has an ad that doesn't lie?  If he does, it is not being shown in the Denver media area.  Obama has a very positive ad on why you should vote for him which looks like an ad for a GOP candidate of old.  The Romney ad that bugged me the most was Romney talking way too fast on what Obama promised knowing full well we were in a recession and lasted longer because of obstructionists Republicans in the Congress.  I heard that one on the radio so much as they run so many ads back to back that are the same but I would switch stations and get it on another station as well.  Talk about oversaturing a market with ads -- Romney has wasted a lot of money and in the end his lies should tank him not only in Colorado but around the Country in states where people still value the facts and truth.

Driving through southern Colorado is an experience as the local radio stations all use the same Fox News/Rush talking points with different hosts -- last Sunday it was the Libya consulate that they were giving out lies and coming back on Thursday later in the evening it was Obama was too fast to offer aid to the areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Bet  New Jersy Governor Christie wouldn't agree with them or any other Governor whose state received a lot of damage.  Still haven't recovered from former FEMA Director Brown complaining that Obama rushed in with emergency help but then he is the person who blew Katrina relief efforts for the Bush Administration but yet he is talking on Fox News about how Obama mishandled the aftermath of the hurricane.  Talk about a loser -- Brown's name comes to mind.  Believe Obama has done an outstanding job.

Then there was Mitt Romney holding a canned goods 'non' campaign event for the hurricane relief when anyone with a brain knows that the Red Cross does not take canned goods and then it comes out the Romney campaign bought the canned goods or did they?  Did they come from the Mormon  storage areas around the Country for a disaster for Mormons to be able to survive -- forget the rest of us. Turned out it was really a campaign event after all complete with a band and campaign video of Romney.  Lying even near the end of the campaign when there is a disaster that hit the uppper East Coast.  Some things don't change.

Then there are the lies Romney told about Jeep and Chrysler that the Chrysler CEO had to debunk not once but several times about his moving the Toledo Jeep plant to China when, in fact, it was establishing Jeep production in China not moving American jobs there.  Guess Romney is so much into outsourcing jobs that he never gave it a thought that a company would actually start up new manufacturing not move American manufacturing to China.  Not only has Chrysler chastised Romney but so has the head of General Motors.  Romney scared a lot of people about moving Jeep and never gave it a thought when he knew he was lying because when it was pointed out by Chrysler that he was lying, he kept doing it.  Remember that Romney and his campaign don't believe in Fact  Check for anything Romney says. 

Then there is the matter of work for welfare recipients that Romney says Obama wants to give them free money but that wasn't the case as it was giving the states more leeway on how they handle welfare.  Romney ads received four pants on fire but continue to use them.

Every time Romney came on the TV while I was in Denver, lies spewed from his mouth.  Fortunately despite all the money, crooked polls, crooked RNC to get Romney the nomination, big donors trying to buy the election, and the lies of Romney and his surrogates, Romney is going to lose.  When pollsters have to leave out Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, to get the results they want, it shows that the hand of Rove has stretched in the polling companies.  Ever heard of over sampling white southern males -- it is happening this time.

Then we have the flip flopper Romney himself -- how can he keep track of where he stands as he has changed positions so much?  In Florida he is running ads that are almost making him pro-choice but then the hard right says jump and he goes back to being pro-life saying he is going to sign a law ending Roe v Wade but then says he believes in abortion but only for the exceptions.  All three stances in a week.  The only ad that Romney has done for a Senate candidate is for Mourdock in IN, the total nutjob on rape that is actually to the right of Akin which is almost impossible to believe.  Even when Mourdock referred to a woman who got pregnant from rape as being God's will she was pregnant, Romney didn't back off his endorsement.  In the end who knows if he is pro-life, pro-life with exceptions, or pro-choice?  Don't think anyone knows as this 'severely' conservative fraud has been all over the map on where he stands.

On top of Romney lies are the surrogates willing to lie for him like Portman, McCain, Guiliani, Tom Ridge, Condi Rice, Gov Jindal, and most members of the Republicans in Congress.  Why?  Have they all lost their backbones and afraid to stand up to Romney and say they will not attack Obama and lie about him for Romney?  It sure looks like it.  It makes me wonder how I ever supported this bunch of limp wristed Republicans who put wealthy donors ahead of the middle class.  Not allowed to touch their tax cuts and especially their loopholes from the Bush Tax Cuts according to the Romney Republican Party.

What I took away from Denver TV was that I NEVER want to living in a Battleground state and have to endure all the negative campaign ads this time it was Republicans but it could easily have been Democrats in a different year. 

Also learned that the Tea Party backed by the Koch Brothers, Rove, and Ailes are running the Republican Party and why the move to the hard right where most of their candidates for Congress could easily lose as they are out of mainstream America.  The hostile takeover of the GOP by this group of hard right is going down IMHO but then they will blame everyone in sight as they take no personal responsibility.

Looking foward to Tuesday night when the election will be over and Obama gets four more years. My one hope is that some GOP grow some backbones and actually work with the President and Democrats for all Americans not just the wealthy GOP supporters.

My mini rant about the last week!  

Please go vote and make your voices heard!  Don't pay attention to ads but pay attention to what candidates are saying.  Please vote for Common Sense candidates to get America moving forward not back to the 1950's!

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