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Saturday, October 24, 2009

An important letter sent to the President about the danger of climate change

When we were first sent this letter, we were trying to figure out what the writer meant and if he knew something that the global warming crowd had not figured out. After all, we did see a snow storm on Monday Night Football in New England which was extremely early for winter weather.

Then we read to the bottom of the letter and have been chuckling ever since. Shows the 'sky is falling' crowd is not to be taken very serious.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!
21 October 2009
An important letter sent to the President about the danger of climate change
Fabius Maximus @ 6:00 am

An important conference was held in January at Brown University: “The Present Interglacial, How and When Will it End?” (The October issue of Science had a summary of the it) As a result, the following letter was sent to the President. The media has not reported this, but you should be aware of the letter and its significance.

Dear Mr. President:

Aware of your deep concern with the future of the world, we feel obliged to inform you on the results of the scientific conference held here recently. The conference dealt with the past and future changes of climate and was attended by 42 top American and European investigators. We enclose the summary report published in Science and further publications are forthcoming in Quaternary Research.
The main conclusion of the meeting was that a global deterioration of climate, by order of magnitude larger than any hitherto experience by civilized mankind, is a very real possibility and indeed may be due very soon.The cooling has natural cause and falls within the rank of processes which produced the last ice age. This is a surprising result based largely on recent studies of deep sea sediments.

Existing data still do not allow forecast of the precise timing of the predicted development, nor the assessment of the man’s interference with the natural trends. It could not be excluded however that the cooling now under way in the Northern Hemisphere is the start of the expected shift. The present rate of the cooling seems fast enough to bring glacial temperatures in about a century, if continuing at the present pace.

The practical consequences which might be brough by such developments to existing social institution are among others:

(1) Substantially lowered food production due to the shorter growing seasons and changed rain distribution in the main grain producing belts of the world, with Eastern Europe and Central Asia to be first affected.
(2) Increased frequency and amplitude of extreme weather anomalies such as those bringing floods, snowstorms, killing frosts, etc.
With the efficient help of the world leaders, the research …

With best regards,

George J. Kukla (Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory)
R. K. Matthews (Chairman, Dept of Geological Sciences, Brown U)

Important details about this letter:

It was sent to President Nixon, not Obama.
The date of letter: 3 December 1972.

The text is from slide 6 ”The Origins of a ‘diagnostics climate center“, Robert W. Reeves and Daphne Gemmill (NOAA), posted at the NOAA website — presented at the 29th Annual Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop, 20 October 2004 — . It did not include the text of the penultimate paragraph. The last paragraph warned about Soviet science in this area.

Here is the text of the presentation.
The October 1972 Science article about the conference was “The Present Interglacial, How and When Will it End?”.

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