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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Does the State Department Not Want Us to Know about Honduras?

This is a question a lot of Americans are asking. When Sen Kerry tried to keep Sen DeMint and others from making this trip, the red flag went up. Thanks to Sen Mitch McConnell they were able to make their trip. It has made no sense from Day One as the Honduran Government followed their Constitution and Obama/Clinton backed the President trying to get around the Constitution and remain in office against the Constitutiuon.

Will someone explain to us why this Administration keeps ending up on the wrong side of events. They side with our enemies against long time friends. First people said Obama was naive but now we are hearing more that people believe it is HIS agenda at play to weaken the United States and placate our enemies.

One thing has become obvious is that he is backed by a group of radicals both domestic and foreign. How much money did it take to buy the Presidency and the MSM so there would do no investigative journalism into Obama and his past?

Once again the lack of transparency by this Administration is mind boggling!

What Does the State Department Not Want Us to Know about Honduras?
Posted by Ian Vasquez

Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina recently traveled to Honduras and found—no surprise—a peaceful country and broad support for the ouster of President Zelaya among members of civil society, the supreme court, political parties and others. In an op-ed in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, DeMint describes his trip in light of Washington’s continuing support of Zelaya and its condemnation of what it calls a “coup.” U.S. policy is mystifying since the ousted president’s removal from office was a rare example in Latin America of an institutional defense of democracy as envisioned by the constitution and interpreted by the Supreme Court that ruled that the president be removed. (For independent opinions on the case, see here and here.)

However, the Senator reports a legal analysis at the State Department prepared by its top lawyer that apparently has informed Washington’s policy but that has not been made public nor even released to DeMint despite his repeated requests. In the interest of democracy and transparency, the State Department should immediately release its legal report. Maybe then we (which includes much of the hemisphere) will be less mystified about what is driving Washington policy toward Honduras. Or at least we’ll have a better insight on the administration’s understanding of democracy.

Source: http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2009/10/13/what-does-the-state-department-not-want-us-to-know-about-honduras/

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