"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A deal has been struck on Tax Cuts

Looks like in exchange for extending unemployment benefits for 13 more weeks, the Bush Tax Cuts will stay in place for two more years.  IMHO it is a small price to pay to get the Bush Tax Cuts for two more years and then hope to make them permanent so we don't have to go through this every few years.

Liberal Democrats are mad that Obama cut the deal with Republicans because they wanted the tax cuts on the rich to go away.  That would be the same 'rich' that create the jobs, but for once Obama didn't listen to the likes of Pelosi and the Progressives.  He did the right thing.

We think unemployment being extended for long time unemployed is something that needs to end, but at this time of year, some of those people cannot find work and with Christmas approaching, they could use the extra help.  A lot of places are not hiring and when you are unemployed, there is no way you can afford to move so it is Catch 22.  There are some people unemployed who have worked for years, have paid into the unemployment fund and for the first time have had to draw unemployment checks to survive.  With the high unemployment rate, I just don't see how we can do anything but help these people.  It is not like they are getting checks that most can afford to live on, but it puts food on the table and a roof over their head. 

A down economy leads to unemployment which is what we are seeing and believe the numbers are much greater than the ones we are seeing released from the Federal government.  It has hit every state but some a lot harder.  We do not see a big push to hire people even for the Christmas holidays either at least where we live.  We have noted a lot of older employees have taken jobs in places like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and Lowes when they were used to having jobs with a lot of responsibility.   We will say one thing that the customer service at check-outs has improved dramatically with the influx of these older people. 

We don't know the answer to the unemployment and down economy but we do know if the Bush Tax Cuts were removed for people making over $250,000, it would have been a disaster.  Thirteen more weeks of unemployment may just help some of the people make it to where they can begin to get jobs. 

Know we haven't seen the full details, but we think it is probably the best deal that could be achieved from what we are hearing off the record.  Lot of people forget that they hated everything being rammed through with no compromise.  Now that Obama has agreed to compromise, they want to go after Republicans for compromising.  Short-sighted in our opinion and part of what is wrong with politics on both sides especially from the pundits.  Not always going to get your way so you get the best deal possible. 

We have noted that pundits on both sides who have never been in politics always claim to know what is best and if an office holder doesn't follow their agenda, then they are not a 'true' conservative or liberal -- throw a dart depending on the office holder.  Have to wonder if some of these pundits have worked in campaigns before the way they want everyone to think they know it all.  As someone who has worked campaigns for years, nothing is ever a done deal because something out of the blue always comes up.  Anyone who says only "I" know the right way to go is arrogant. 

There are some pundits who are former campaign people like Dick Morris who at times is all over the place and one of the ones to use "he is not a 'true' conservative."  We have no clue to his agenda and frankly pay little attention since he was the Clinton mastermind.  When Karl Roves speaks, we listen because he knows how to organize a campaign and understands very well how something can come up out of the blue to hurt a campaign and what has to be done to keep moving forward.  If we had to rely on one person, it would be Karl Rove.  Even when not agreeing with what he is saying 100%, listen closely because he knows politics as well as anyone on the scene today and a lot better than most.  Sometimes a campaign guru gets blamed for what the candidate actually does, but most have broad shoulders and no one is going to rattle them.

We remember back in the 90's when the Republicans shut down the Government thinking it was a good idea when it was a horrible idea and gave Clinton the upper hand again.  We believe this leadership team is very smart and will not allow that to happen.  They will do what is best for the American people as a whole and work to always get the best deal possible.  With the Senate still Democrat controlled, it is going to be a tough fight but the House Leadership is up to that challenge the way we have seen them fight the last two years.

Bottom line is that this looks to be a good deal because we have two more years for the Bush Tax Cuts unless Pelosi throws a monkey wrench in the compromise. If that happens, then the new House can pass the Bush Tax Cuts and make it retroactive to 1 January 2011.


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