"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Grinches who Stole Christmas!

We have chosen to enjoy the Christmas Holiday season and not even try to make sense of what Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi are doing in DC as they have chosen to play the Grinch with Christmas forcing the Congress to stay in session to pass their pet bills before Republicans take over the first week of January.

The Senate finally passed continuing the Bush Tax Cuts for everyone until December 31st, 2012, but then added in more pork which was to be expected from the Grinches.  As Cong Paul Ryan said yesterday there is no choice but to vote for them.  If I trust one person when it comes to the economy, it is Paul Ryan. This video from four days ago provides his stance on the tax cuts and what will happen if they are not passed.

Would vote for Paul Ryan for President in a minute. He has a better grasp of the economy than anyone that speaks IMHO. He also understands what it takes to get the job done unlike some of the 'sky is falling crowd.'

The Tax Cuts will expire the end of 2012 so in two years this will be brought back up but if the planets stay aligned, Congress should be able to make them permanent after the 2012 election even if they have to be made retroactive when the new President and Congress takes office.

As for the rest of the garbage that Reid and Pelosi are trying to get passed, we can get upset about it and let it ruin this Christmas holiday season or we can file it away for the 2012 election which is exactly what we are doing. Not going to allow the Democrats to put a damper on our Christmas holidays and trip to the Fiesta Bowl for the Oklahoma Sooners game at Connecticut.

Just returned from celebrating Christmas with my two granddaughters in Colorado -- had a great time and didn't even touch a computer. Family is so important all year but at Christmas it gives a chance to give back to those who mean so much to all of us. Hearing my youngest granddaughter (20 months) going around saying 'Grandma, Grandma' and her older sister saying 'I love you Grandma' over and over again puts everything into perspective. No matter what happens in one's life, family is so important.

Now looking forward to my youngest daughter and her boyfriend coming to Norman for the Christmas weekend to join her brother, his wife, and my precious grandson to celebrate Christmas. My brother will be here next week for Christmas and then off to the Fiesta Bowl where the Oklahoma Sooners are hosting Connecticut. Great way to start the New Year with our closest Sooner friends from around the Country.

We will be giving periodic updates if it is important but if we gave updates on all the stupid things the Democrats are doing right now, we would be in a horrible mood about something we cannot change. The Democrat leadership is the absolute worst ever in the Congress and bet we could get a lot of Democrats in both Houses to agree. They cannot believe they are slated to spend another Christmas Eve in DC instead of with their families and friends. Shows how little the Democrats in charge value their families and could care less about anyone else's that is in the Senate or the House.

Rallying cry needs to be Remember Christmas 2010 when the Democrat Leadership Grinches stole Christmas from members of Congress to pass their own agenda!

Members of the House and Senate needs to tell the Reid/Pelosi group to stuff it and leave town except for one person to ask for a quorum. I nominate a Blue Dog Democrat who was defeated because of Reid/Pelosi/Obama to do the honor!

My recommendation is to turn off your radio or turn to stations that carry music unless it is sports talk. The 'sky is falling' crowd is out in full force on political talk radio. No amount of blustering is going to change one thing about the Grinch who runs the Senate or

The Grinch that runs the House --

Have a terrific day and remember the fight begins in January when Republicans take over the House and pick up members in the Senate. The cost cutting will come on the budget that starts October 1st, 2011, which is something a lot of commentators are forgetting along with website posters. The new Congress will take up the next budget. This Democrat dominated Congress couldn't see fit to pass the FY11 budget starting October 1st, 2010, until the lame duck so they could add pork knowing they are going on a diet beginning in January when Paul Ryan and his Committee write the FY 12Budget.

Have faith in America and the people we elected in November to begin to right this ship in January.

Merry Christmas!

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