"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Florida Grassroots Leaders Led the Fight Against Omnibus Bill.

Thanks to Robin Stublen for sending me the email about the Florida Grassroots effort where activists from many groups joined together to "JUST SAY NO" to the Democrats Omnibus bill.

Great Job Florida Grassroots!

Looking forward to seeing more states follow the lead of Florida as various groups join together as part of the Grassroots that includes long time activitists as well as people who just became active in politics.

Florida Grassroots Leaders Led the Fight Against Omnibus Bill.

Below you will find grassroots leaders from all over the state of Florida who today led the fight against the Omnibus Bill in the United States Senate. On Thursday evening Senate President Harry Reid pulled the Omnibus Bill and has stated that he will work with Republicans for a Continuing Resolution on spending. The Florida Coalition of grassroots leaders are pleased with this victory for the taxpayers of our country.

At the time of the announcement our online petition was receiving on average 100 signatures per hour. You can view the petition HERE

Resolution Supporting a Government Shut Down

We, the undersigned grass roots organizers from the State of Florida, do hereby support and encourage the immediate shut down of the United States Government until
All earmarks are removed from the Omnibus Bill or A continuing resolution, excluding any earmarks or other business, is signed through the month of February.
In support thereof we submit the following:

The will of The People is not reflected in the Omnibus Bill.

It is in the best interest of The United States of America that the terminated Congress members be barred from voting on future policy or laws.

Signed this 15th day of December, 2010.

Pat Wayman
Venice 912 Project

Robin Stublen
Punta Gorda Tea Party

Sharon Calvert
Tampa Tea Party

Karin Hoffman
DC Works For Us

Paula Helton
Gainesville Tea Party

Nancy Meinhardt
Miami 912 Project

Billie Tucker
First Coast Tea Party

Elaine Laffey
Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale

Nathan Worley
North Port 912 Project

Tom Tillison
Central Florida Tea Party Council

Ron Rakovich
Nature Coast Patriots

Alan Berkelhammer
Gainesville Tea Party

Pam Evans
DC Works For Us

Sharon Taylor
DC Works For Us

Fred Donnelly
Titusville Patriots Group A912

Karen Jaroch
Tampa 912 Project

Paula Schaff
Punta Gorda Tea Party

Jason Hoyt
Central Florida Tea Party Council

Don Forward
Titusville Patriots

Tina Woode

Seminole County 912 Project
Sanford/Lake Mary Chapter

Jesse Phillips

Beth Colvin
Sarasota Patriots

Chrissy Prazeres
President, 13 Patriots, Inc

Tom Gaitens
Florida Director-FreedomWorks.org

Lisa Feroli
Orlando Tea Party

Kathleen Waligore
Tampa 912

Pace Allen, Jr., Founder
Tallahassee www.taxteaparty.com

Don Hensarling
Florida 912 Project

Joe Sekula
North Pinellas 9.12 Project

Kathleen Waligore
Tampa 912
Lakeland 912/Tea Party-viva

Maureen Siebold
Winter Haven 912-viva

Steve O'Neal
Fl. Minuteman Org-viva

Bill Landes

Clyde Fabretti
West Orlando Tea Party
& Central Florida Tea Party Council

Terry/Norma Osborn
Titusville Patriots

Scott Walker
Titusville Patriots

Trish Manesell
Titusville Patriots

Susan Vingris
Titusville Patriots

Fred Conolley
Titusville Patriots

JR McGovern
Titusville Patriots

Bob Davidson
Titusville Patriots

Jay Jacobs
Baker County Tea Party

John Lindsey
Winter Haven 912

Pat Barnhart
Writing Down Pat

Juan Torres, M.D.
Latino American Tea Party

David Folsom

John Burford
American Tea Party

Ed Knickman
Southlake 912 Tea Party

Rolando Perez

Edna Mattos
Citrus County Tea Party

Donald McDermott
Tampa Bay
Central Florida 912 Group

Ed Wilson
Tea Party Solutions

John Beck
Gainesville Tea Party

Cindy Haller

Dave & Ruth Kilburn
Palm Bay

Andria Kapit

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