"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reagan Centennial Update and the Year Ahead!

This email was perfect timing.  The 'sky is falling crowd' has been out in full force because of the lame duck session of Congress which frankly should be outlawed except for keeping Government open and emergency type items.  That said, many are convinced our best days as a Country are behind us which makes me wonder about the people posting stories and some people's comments.  In the middle of all of negativism comes this email from the Reagan Foundation to remind us that this is the Reagan Centennial Year.

Ronald Reagan was such a positive person who saw the glass half full when he shared with all of us "America's best days lie ahead."  We still believe in the Reagan optimism that our best days are ahead.  Having been around a lot of college students by living here in Norman and having children graduate from the University of Oklahoma, I will second his comments.  Many of the young people today are very bright and share a theme with President Reagan that they want to make the world a better place.  The number of hours donated by OU students to different charities and to our communities is enormous.  A large number of our athletes are mentors in the public schools here in Norman. 

The future of America is bright as people standing up telling Government to go on a lean budget and stay out of our every day lives.  They are not snarky and don't attack all the time, they just speak the truth that they want the Congress to stop the runaway spending.  A few national politicians are frankly too snarky and are too quick to comment negatively on every little item.  It doesn't do the country any good to keep fostering the hatred we see.  We don't like the President's lurch toward the left supported by the Democrats in Congress, but elections have consequences as people are finding out.  Change will be coming in January as the House of Representatives will be the outpost for the common sense Republicans we just elected. 

This is the holiday season and the world is not ending.  In a few days we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the next week we usher in the new year that should be full of hope and optimism.  The first week in January the new Congress is sworn in with Speaker-Elect Boehner becoming Speaker Boehner and the Senate adding six more Republicans.  Republicans this session will have a say in the direction of the country and in government spending.  They need our full support because the veto pen is still in the White House and Reid is still leader of the Senate. 

During this time of year remember the optimism of Ronald Reagan who brought back American Pride after some of the worst years this Country went through where our military returning from Vietnam were treated very poorly and harassed, where mortgage rates were 16% and inflation very high under President Carter.  President Reagan with his hope and optimism was able to work with the Democrat Congress to get the economy moving and interest rates down.  He treated people with respect and they responded.  That is something people running from office need to remember.  

As we celebrate the 100 years of President Reagan's birth, we need to bring back that hope and optimism of a man who took office when we had our Iranian embassy staff being held prisoner in Iran who were released right after he was sworn in as President.  The Iranians knew they were no longer dealing with Carter who was a wimp but would be dealing with President Reagan, a man who would not back down to their threats.  Those were dark days when the former two-term Governor of California took over, but our Nation turned around and we will do it again. 

Reagan Centennial Update

Dear Friends,

The Ronald Reagan Centennial is quickly approaching! These past few months have been exciting as a number of partnerships and programs have taken shape. Meanwhile, through the generosity of Centennial presenting sponsor, GE, throughout 2010 the "Traveling Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum Exhibit" brought artifacts and stories from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to cities across America including Long Beach, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Boston and Houston.

President Reagan often said, "America's best days lie ahead." As representatives of America's next generation of great leaders, the Ronald Reagan Centennial National Youth Leadership Committee embodies that same optimism, representing the future with anticipation and promise. If you haven't done so yet, visit our website to read the profiles from the National Youth Leadership Committee. Some members participated in a podcast series with Reagan Centennial partner, and non-profit promoter of free markets, Sam Adams Alliance. These podcasts can be found here, or on iTunes.

Additionally, in January of 2011 many of the student leaders on the Committee will be featured in their college or university newspaper.

Visit the Centennial website ( www.reagancentennial.com) for the most recent Calendar of Events and other Centennial updates. In particular, here are upcoming dates to keep in mind:

January 1: Ronald Reagan Centennial float in the Tournament of Roses Parade

January: Ronald Reagan civics based curriculum announced for use by schools nationally

February 5 &6:  Live webcasts of President Reagan's Centennial birthday celebration

February 7: Grand re-opening to the public of the greatly enhanced and renovated Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

February 10: Ronald Reagan Centennial Postage Stamp issued by the United States Postal Service

February: Academic Symposia with University of Southern California, University of Virginia, University of Notre Dame, followed by the United States Naval Academy next fall

March 12: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Wall Street Journal, and Manhattan Institute conference in New Your City titled, "Supply Side Economics: Reagan's Leadership Then and Now"

March 27: Partnership with the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for the NASCAR Auto Club 500 May: Select Major League Baseball teams will honor the Reagan Centennial during a home game
For the third year in row, the Rose Parade Viewers' Choice Award will allow Rose Parade fans to choose their favorite float by voting online and via text message. On January 1st be sure to vote for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation float #52 and ensure Ronald Reagan's place in Rose Parade history!

Let me conclude with a photo of sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan - two of whom are on our Centennial National Youth Leadership Committee - spelling out "RR 100" on the carrier's deck:

Sailors honor Reagan

By: Senior Political Editor Mark Preston

Celebrating late President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, U.S. Navy sailors mark the occasion on the deck of the aircraft carrier named in his honor. (PHOTO CREDIT: U.S. Navy/ Dylan McCord)

Washington (CNN) - Sailors serving aboard the USS Ronald Reagan paid tribute to the nation's 40th president last week by forming together on the deck of the aircraft carrier to spell out his initials and the number 100 to signify the upcoming anniversary of the late president's centennial birthday.
Reagan, who was born on Feb. 6, 1911, was first elected president in 1980 and again for a second term in 1984. He died on June 5, 2004 at the age of 93. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library plans a year long celebration to honor the 40th president on his 100th birthday.
What a terrific tribute! I'll be in touch with you again in the new year as our celebratory year begins.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

My best to you all,
Stewart McLaurin
Executive Director Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration

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