"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What does snow, eating healthy, gardens, and a smile have in Common?

As I was sitting here figuring out what to focus on various topics, I decided to do various topics -- very little to do with politics and more how you see things when you are hibernating. You can choose to be grouchy but anyone who knows me knows that doesn't happen off or you can choose to make the best out of another day of hibernation after all last week. Haven't seen a car move on my street this entire day.

Once again the Norman area has been hit by snow, but this time we got less than predicted -- YEA!!! That said -- the roads that were clear are now snow covered, my walk that was clear has about a foot of snow on it from blowing snow, and my deck is almost clear as most of the snow blew off. It was predicted to end at 6:00 p.m., but has already ended so we are grateful for that. What we would like now is that early spring promised by the groundhog.

We have lived in Norman since January 1997 and the last two years we have seen more snow than all the rest put together. In Tulsa they are breaking the record for the most snow in a year.

This is global warming? Tell that to my spring flowers that were poking through and now covered up with snow again. It is not supposed to snow like this in Oklahoma or be this cold -- predicting single digits again tonight. Heard several people ask if Al Gore had been visiting the state. Last time he was here we went from a drought to flooding.

This storm is now headed east and has pretty much blanketed Arkansas. Eleven days ago it was 79 degrees and a few days later we had in single digits. Know people say in Oklahoma if you don't like the weather just wait and it will change. I didn't just like but loved the 79 degree weather.

Yesterday was spent getting ready for today -- you should see the shelves in our local grocery stores -- not much left in milk, cheese, eggs, meat, lunch meat, bread, dog and cat food, and throw in bird food. Had to go to four stores to find sunflower seeds yesterday.

The past ten days puts things in perspective. It makes you think what does my family need to survive if the power goes off and then you cannot get out -- that's why there is a bunch of wood in my garage and a propane tank filled with my grill under cover on the deck. Also stocked up on water in case something happened. Those empty Coke bottles came in handy for something besides watering my plants on the Sun Porch.

Reconnected with day time TV last week when I was sick during the snowstorm. Not a lot can be said for day time TV -- in fact I think I could only watch because I was sleeping a lot on the couch and was kind of in and out. How do people sit all day and watch television? Cable News for the most part sucks for lack of a better word. The same stories over and over again. Hard to tell which station you are listening to as they are all giving Breaking News which was the same as the Breaking News 30 minutes ago. Without Meghan Kelly on Fox who actually delves into subjects, it is pretty much of a waste of time and energy during the day.

Guess if you are sitting at the car dealer for hours waiting for the car that is going to be ready in a few minutes, it is something to pass the time. Do people actually watch cable news on a daily basis?

Did enjoy watching Hawaii 50 on CBS at night along with NCIS but then I have always liked Mark Harmon who leads the team on NCIS. Watched the NFL Network and found the guys they have on there are really enjoyable. Laughed at a lot of what they were discussing because they were having such a good time.

Started thinking that maybe some people stay in a bad mood because they do watch too much cable news or listen too much to talk radio who tend to say the same things. Everyone seemed to be saying the 'sky is falling' and the Country is going downhill rapidly. Why does every little thing have to be commented on about what happens at the White House?

Do I care what any First Lady serves for Super Bowl or that they are having 100 people over to watch the big game? Find it stranger if they were not celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. So Michelle believes in eating healthy most of the time but splurges on a day like Super Bowl? What's wrong with that? More adults would be better off if they ate better, got more exercise, and put their health up at the top.

What is wrong with eating healthy most of the time and making our sure our kids growing up are outside more and don't eat so much snack food. Never have figured out why they had Coke machines in elementary schools. This sniping has gotten out of control. Would rather have a First Lady who cares about eating healthy than one like Hillary who wanted to run the world. Michelle Obama gets a big pass and thank you for taking on child obesity. The First Lady shouldn't have to tell schools to prepare healthier food but she did because they were not doing very well on their own. Ever looked at what they are serving -- YUCK! A big thank you goes to the NFL teams who have programs around the Country encouraging kids to go outside and play.

Someday the snow is going to melt and the spring garden will be planted -- love to be outdoors and get the fresh vegetables from the garden. So much was made of the First Lady having a garden along with snarky remarks. I think it is neat to let school children in DC experience a garden. In fact, our eating habits would be better if we all had gardens when we have room. Don't have to worry about pesticides or pay the big bucks for organic food -- go out and pick your own. Years ago when I lived in an apartment, I grew tomatoes and peppers on my balcony. Why not plant a garden and if you have children have them help. My granddaughter loves to help Grandma pick vegetables -- she giggles the whole time.

The world moves very rapidly and we are as guilty as the next in forgetting what priorities should be. Was reminded at the post office on Monday when I was holding the door open for this older woman and she thanked me and then I told her to have a great day and stay safe from the snow. She turned and said well thank you very much -- I feel better already. How many times when we are out will a smile, a thank you, or telling people to have a great day make a difference in someones life?

Try holding a door open the next time you are out and tell them to have a great day and see the look on their face. One thing between being sick and all the snow is made me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for and need to start thanking those around me more for the blessings I have been given.

When I look at the wall near the desk and see the pictures of my three grandchildren smiling, I find myself smiling at the pictures. I put all three pictures in a frame that says "Grandkids Fill a Place in Your Heart You Never Knew was Empty" which says it all.

Have a really terrific day! As they say "Take time to smell the roses!"

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