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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Donald Trump Running for President?

From the Desk of Donald Trump Apri 7, 2011

You can find a variety of answers to that question and frankly we are part of the group that thinks he should run to liven up the primary.  We will say one thing that Donald Trump is not afraid to speak his mind which is totally refreshing.  Getting sick and tired of candidates afraid to take on Obama and tell it like it is with the harm Obama and his cronies in his Administration along with liberal Democrats in Congress are doing to this Country.  Also tired of potential candidates after Trump comes out asking about the Obama records saying they agree with Trump.  Why didn't they speak out earlier? 

There has been a website launched, Should Donald Trump Run for President?  Rumor has it that the site has signed up more than 800,000 people already.  What does that say about Republicans looking for a candidate that can excite them? 

The question of the month has been:  'Why did Obama launch his Presidential campaign in the middle of a war in Libya and the budget crises?'  Is it because he is afraid of the fact that Donald Trump may run for the Republican nomination and win?  I would pay to see a Trump versus Obama debate.  How would the media spin that one?  More importantly how would Obama react would be even funnier.

Actually would like to get one of the bumper strips that says:  "Obama:  You are Fired" to put on the back window of my SUV.  The number of Trump bumper strips for sale is amazing and shows that people are considering him.  There is a liberal on my street that has put out their Obama sign recently -- I cannot think of any bumper strip that would drive them more nuts than one from Trump. 

Have said all along that no candidate from 2008 needs to run in 2012 -- if they couldn't beat McCain what makes them think they could win this time?  If any of them won the nomination, we would be looking at four more years of Obama.  We need someone new and innovative that can afford to run and not depend only on donations.  We also need a candidate that will not take matching funds in the general election and can spend money on his campaign unlike Obama in 2008 who was financed by Soros and his cronies including suspect donations from foreign sources and small donations unaccounted for who donated.  Why let FEC rules stand in the way seems to be the Obama mantra.  FEC is currently investigating the way that Obama accepted donations in 2008.  Will anything come out of it?  We doubt it but at least they are shining the light of day on the crooked way they took donations especially from foreign countries and small donors.

Obama was all for taking matching funds from the Government in 2008 until he got McCain to sign on and then pulled out of the deal.  That was a  clue right there that Obama doesn't fight fair just like Obama and his paid hacks set up McCain on the bailouts.  Want the Obama and his political hacks to try the same thing on Trump and shortly would discover he is not going to play their brand of ball.

Some Republican candidates are too timid to fight when you have to be able to match Obama toe for toe and call him out on his ridiculous claims.  Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are only a few of the Republicans that will challenge Obama on the facts.  Too many Republicans go after Obama as a right versus left and in the process get labeled as the conservative right, Tea Party people who are always angry even though it is not true and they are right in what they say.  The word is 'perception' which can harm a candidate's chances or make them the star of the campaign trail.  We believe that Trump can combat the media after what we have witnessed out of Trump interviews.  Anyone who can take on the women of The View and come out ahead is worthy of consideration.  That was one of the funniest exchanges on TV to date as he flustered the liberal women on the show.

Democrats and some Obama media are up in arms because Donald Trump dared to challenge the Obama birth certificate and his college records.  Why not?  No one spends over $2 million to keep the birth certificate and college records hidden unless there is something that Obama doesn't want the general public to see.  Why wouldn't Americans question Obama's lack of transparency on his records?  Senate Democrats required McCain to prove he had a right to run for President since he was born to military parents in the Canal Zone, but not Obama who was actually adopted by an Indonesia stepfather.

We are believers that ALL records should be made available for anyone running for President and let the American people decide.  Did Obama go to Columbia University on a foreign student scholarship?  That question has never been answered to date.  What passport did Obama travel on when he was 18?  Another non answered question.  First Clinton got mad when Pres George HW Bush looked at his passport records, and now Obama won't allow anyone to see any of his records including passport records.  Will someone explain why the American people don't have a right to know where someone traveled on an American passport or if they traveled on a foreign passport.  Seems like simple questions that a President should answer but looks like if you are a Democrat different rules apply. 

We applaud Donald Trump for standing up and asking the questions that so many Republican candidates are afraid to ask.  We are looking forward to hearing more from Donald Trump in the days ahead.  If you have a chance, visit Newsweek and vote in the Donald Trump Poll.  Yesterday, the results of over 600,000 votes showed Tump would get 58% of the votes of the people voting in the primary.  You realize then that you are not the only one seriously considering a Donald Trump run for President.

This site is run by pragmatic conservative Republicans who want to win -- we don't believe losing is an option.  As we were preparing this post to publish, more details have come out from Donald Trump on his strong stance that he will run as a Republican because Obama who he considers the worst President ever has to be defeated:

Trump: I'm Running as a Republican, Period

Monday, 18 Apr 2011 08:13 AM

Billionaire Donald Trump has made it official: If he decides to run for president in 2012, he will do so as a Republican.

"If I run, I'm running as a Republican," the real estate mogul told the Shark Tank political website.

Trump, who continues to lead several presidential polls, including an ongoing poll by Newsmax, dismissed the likelihood that he'd run as an independent, as that would split the Republican vote and all but guarantee President Barack Obama's re-election.

That would "absolutely cause a loss for the Republicans -- it would be an Obama dream," he said.

Trump also said he was prepared to sink "tens of millions of dollars" from his own personal fortune into a presidential campaign.

Read more on Newsmax.com about Donald Trump.
For those of you who don't follow Florida politics, I would like to point out that the Shark Tank blog where this video came from was also one of the leading blogs for Marco Rubio in his Senate campaign against Charlie Crist. It was one of the first places that was checked every morning for updated information. Now he has this video from Donald Trump that Trump will run as a Republican which is great news that we are not looking at a 3rd Party candidate in the 2012 Presidential campaign except for the usual couple percentage points candidates that always run.

With the people I see jumping on board in my inbox, would have to say that Donald Trump is a very serious candidate and a campaign that looked dull just weeks ago is now looking like a lot of fun with a lot of energy in the Republican primary.

Good Luck to Donald Trump and others who are considering running -- we have to keep our eyes on the end game for 2012 which is:


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SJ Reidhead said...

Excellent article. I'm stealing part of it for a PF piece I'm doing.

My problem is snuggling up to the tea parties. That's where he really has lost me. I fear he is drinking the FOX tea theory that the TPs rule the GOP.

The Pink Flamingo