"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Romney is Losing -- It is Bush's Fault

Sorry couldn't resist with the headline.  Many of Romney's advisors come from the two Bush Presidencies, but now you are starting to hear without a George W. Bush Presidency, Romney would be winning.  That cracked me up because Romney is losing because of Romney as he has zero core issues or values with all the flip flopping he has been doing to pander for votes.

How could anyone tell where the man stands when he couldn't even go 24 hours without flip flopping yesterday on Obamacare -- first he has been saying for weeks that he would repeal Obamacare on Day One after the inauguration.  Then yesterday morning on Meet the Press Romney said he would keep some of the parts of Obamacare like pre-existing conditions, and less than eight hours later a spokesman for Romney said it wasn't true and then another update after that to clarify what had been clarified -- all in the same day!  How can you keep track of where he stands on issues?   Thought this comment from Salon summed it up nicely:
So Romney tried to sound like he supports it, when in fact, he doesn’t. I’m hoping David Gregory gets a chance to follow up, but that’s not likely.
Romney may be the most dishonest person running for President I can remember.  If he is trying to play the game like he is moving to the middle, it is obvious that he is a failure because as soon as his comments about Obamacare hit, the far right got up in arms, and he had to back track once and then twice but the damage was done.  Once again we saw Mitt Romney with no backbone and have no idea where he stands on issues.

When I read this article this morning, I couldn't quit chuckling.

September 10, 2012
Why George W. Bush Will Decide the Election 
Peter Beinart: "Mitt Romney is not a great candidate; Barack Obama is a better one. But without the Bush legacy, Romney would be leading this race. His problem is that except among staunch conservatives, Bush has so hurt the GOP's brand that Romney doesn't look like the fresh economic fix-it man that Republicans want to portray him as. Instead, it's all too easy for Democrats to paint him as George W. Bush the 3rd, just as they painted John McCain as George W. Bush the 2nd."
"Romney has tried to handle the Bush legacy the same way McCain did: by ignoring it. When Republicans convened in late August in Tampa, as in Minneapolis in 2008, Bush was not there. But in campaigns, ignoring your weaknesses rarely makes them go away. While at their convention Republicans tried to pretend that the Bush presidency never happened, the Obama campaign handed Bill Clinton the microphone and allowed him to define the race as Obama-Clinton versus Romney-Bush. The GOP, in Clinton's narrative, creates economic messes. Democrats clean them up."
Romney ignored the Bush Legacy so much he didn't deem it important to remember our troops in Afghanistan when he spoke at the GOP Convention and thinks Russia is our biggest geopolitical foe which has left him wide open for attacks from all sides.  Thanks to Romney, the Dems now own support of our military and foreign policy and took full advantage at the DNC Convention.  Strange election and getting stranger.  Knew Romney was a horrible candidate in 2008, but didn't realize how bad until this year when he is the nominee.

Thought I would add some comments from the posters who replied to the article to show what people think of the Bush's Fault angle:

Perhaps someone could explain to me how Bush's policies differ in any material way from the stated "GOP brand"? There isn't any. The GOP's biggest problem is they got everything they wanted from 2000-2008: lowest taxes in a century, rolled back regulations, continually more restrictive social policies, conservative judges everywhere, energy policy that starts and ends with OIL, denial of global warming, massive pay outs to the military-industrial complex, erosion of workers rights. And those policies so clearly led to the economic meltdown in 2008. 
So now they want to keep their policies and somehow blame Bush's "personal qualities" as the reason he failed? No. Huh uh. It is a failure of their policies, their party and the people who voted for them. It's time for them to stop their denial and seek help. (Big Guy Don)
Not true. Romney wouldn't be leading because most Americans see through him. Obama is the best politician in my lifetime while Romney is one of the worst GOP candidates in American History. (Maddy) 
I disagree with this point on many levels. One of which is that, the current Republican brand is more defined by the Tea Party, anti-ACA, and War on Women than the Bush presidency. (Bret Wask) 
Romney is explicitly advocating a doubling down on Bush policies across the board. He might even be worse than Bush's third term, since Bush probably learned more from his mistakes. (molosky)
These are just a few of the comments I have seen today about the undercurrent of "It's Bush's Fault" for Romney doing poorly.  Guess it is Bush's Fault that McCain chose Palin who turned out to be not ready for prime time or it is Bush's Fault for how poorly the Congress is rated or ______ fill in the blank.  All the while Bush 43 goes along minding his own business organizing aid to help out AIDS and health issues in Africa.

The Romney camp must have flipped out when they saw Obama had raised more then they did in August as they have been making snide remarks about Obama must not have raised much as he had not reported.  Then it hit he raised more.   Following the DNC Convention, Obama has raised money from over 800,000 donors which sets an all-time record.  Unlike the Romney camp, they look for small donations from a lot of people which translates into a lot of votes.  Romney looks to big donors with only one vote a piece.

What a way to start off the week with the conservative community blaming Bush!  Rush is saying the polls are wrong and Romney is doing better.  Based on the crowds for the two, I would agree the polls are probably off but it is in Obama's favor.  A campaign doesn't act like Romney's along with the excuses of the conservative pundits when a candidate is winning.  The GOP is stuck on stupid to have nominated a candidate that 2/3's of the GOP didn't like.

Their campaign to demonize Obama is not working either as more and more Republicans I talk with have had it with the RNC and the Republicans in Congress who are nothing but a group of obstructionists out to make Obama a one term President.  That seems to be the goal of Republicans in Congress rather then helping the American people with passing bills that would help the economy.  Looks like Republicans are willing to let Americans without jobs continue to suffer so they can make Obama look bad.  Voters need to remember that on November 6th and throw them out!

Just remember when Romney loses -- it is Bush's Fault.  I have received emails from several friends who are basically saying that is another reason to support GW -- he is tanking Romney!  I would agree with them it is another reason to like President Bush!

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Blame it on Bush and you lose this life long Republican.

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