"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

GOP Strategy Revealed -- Three Prong Attack

This video comes from MoveOn.org, but before anyone says you cannot believe what they say, the facts in this video checks out.  Many of their facts have been reported and sourced on this site and others. This is a strange election where sites I thought I could believe don't think twice about lying today if it will get Romney votes. When you fact check those sites, you discover, they are stretching the truth or outright lying for Romney and Congressional Republicans/Candidates. Yet when you go to more progressive sites, you find sourced truth about what is happening.

Anyone who thinks the Republican Party is not trying to do voter suppression is not paying attention. When I watched this video, was taken back about the facts from an organization I have been led to believe over the years never told the truth. Looks like that is another one of those lies Republicans have been fed over the years. Facts speak for themselves.

Someday I am going to have to do a post apologizing for having my head buried in the sand of Republican Party lies. Karl Rove IMHO may be the worst thing to ever happen to the Republican Party with his win at any cost mantra. What I want to know is why people I thought were honest are so dishonest in the Congress to obstruct bills that would help the American people so they can help make Obama a one term President. 

Blinders are off -- I detest what I am seeing out of the Republican Party where in Ohio the Secretary of State at one time this summer was going to give longer voting hours in a Republican County then a Democrat County. In Ohio, the State GOP is admitting voter suppression is aimed at minorities. Judges in four states are rejecting GOP plans for voter suppression including Ohio, Florida, Texas, and Wisconsin.  Then you have Pennsylvania where their Supreme Court heard the case this week on the difficulty of obtaining a photo ID card.  Most telling was a justice holding up the ID that is used to get into secure areas of the court house by justices with a picture that cannot be used because it doesn't have an expiration date.  The PA actions are even worse because the Republican Leader, as you see on this video, declares this new law would elect Mitt Romney.  How stupid was that?

Time for common sense and honest Republicans to make our voices heard that we are NOT going to put up with what we are seeing out of Republican elected members of the Congress who put Party and desire to make Obama a one-term President over America and what was in the best interest of the American people.  I can say shame on them, but then it would take a conscience to feel shame.  Looks like many of them have also thrown their conscience out the window in order to support Mitt Romney who decided the night of the election in 2008 that he was running for President.  He then went to the task of lining up the usual people like Karl Rove because they share the 'win at any cost' mentality and are more then willing to step out and accuse the opponent of what they are doing.  Then to top it off on Inauguration night for President Obama, a group of Congressional Republicans along with the Gingrich and Luntz met to plot the best strategy  for making Obama a one-term President.  The man had just been inaugurated and their were plotting how to obstruct his plans.

Is this the new Republican Party dedicated to electing Mitt Romney devoid of integrity and honesty?    Have always thought if the fringe right of social conservatives and now Tea Party ever took over, the Republican Party as most of us knew it was going change drastically tracking to the far right.  That looks to have happened in 2012, but in reality it has been building over the years looking back.  The far right in the party has never been known for being the truth tellers of the Party.  Now men and women in the Congress we thought stood for something play to this fringe element like they are afraid to take them on.  I call that being a 'coward' who goes along to get along!  Is Koch Brothers and other big donor money the driving force?  If that is the case, the word 'sellout' comes to mind along with 'coward.'

Senator Snowe (R-ME) has had enough of the far right and their demands as she is retiring  at the end of her term in January from the train wreck which is the far right Republicans in the Senate.  Today's Republicans are now tracking to the  far right becoming obstructionists to any cooperation with the Democrats or Independents in the Senate.  When a Republican Senator works across the aisle for the benefit of all Americans, they get called names and castigated by the conservative pundits and far right Republicans of today.

We need more citizen legislators like Freshman Cong Lankford from the Oklahoma 5th District who was willing to work with other House Members of both parties to get the road and bridge bill passed in the House that Senators Infofe (R-OK) and Boxer (D-CA) had spent so much time working on in the Senate. Took a long time to pass the House, but Cong Lankford never quit on the bill.  It brought needed road/bridge construction funds to the states along with jobs.  Shows what happens when both sides work together for all Americans.

Now you know the GOP playbook -- win at any cost no matter who it hurts.  The Congressional Republicans for Mitt Romney's election have tanked the economy by not passing the bills that would help so now time to tank them on November 6th and vote for honest candidates no matter the party who will put America's interest over their Party. 

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