"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Will Romney/Ryan Turn Nasty for the Last Seven Weeks?

You can bet on that and win a lot of money of Vegas would give you odds.

Romney's "God" campaign yesterday was sickening and disgusting.  The Republican Party and Mitt Romney do NOT own "God" and to invoke the word "God" into a partisan campaign shows how desperate Romney has become to win.  To infer that Obama is anti-God and going to take God off the coins, out of the pledge, and the Government shows a very flawed man that should be no where near the Presidency.

The very nerve of Romney to use "God" in a political way goes against everything I have been taught.  When one of the Romney supporters, Gary Bauer said, "God doesn't want to be mentioned in the Democratic Party platform ," I lost it.
He’s going to campaign with at Robertson. He’s going to work “Obama-Is-Anti-God” motifs into his stump speech, as he did yesterday. He’s going to keep running with the lies about welfare. 
Does Romney want us to believe he is the only candidate who believes in "God?" I thought Romney couldn't get any more despicable then he was in the primaries, but he managed to do it yesterday.

If Tomasky is correct, which I believe he is, then Romney/Ryan are going to get worse.  We already know how low Romney can go from the primary when he went after fellow Republicans with lies and innuendos.  Already his attacks on President Obama have sunk to a new lows which seem to go lower almost on a daily basis.

The fact checkers on welfare have called Romney/Ryan ads completely false and on social security mostly false which also included some of the Obama/Biden comments as well, but the Romney/Ryan answer?  Ignore the fact checkers unless it is against their opponent and keep right on lying about welfare.  Fact Checkers have been used by both sides for years but now Republicans want to ignore them to keep spouting lies?  Is that how far the GOP has sunk today?

Now Ryan says he didn't vote for defense cuts which he did as part of the agreement that was reached to keep the Government from defaulting.  Just like Ryan criticizes Obama on not following Simpson Bowles when his vote is the one that killed it.  Guess you should figure out when a person lies about their times in a marathon, they will will lie about everything else.

Battleground States are going to see some of the nastiest ads every out of Romney and his Super PACs but I don't think they will work as we already saw what a nasty person Romney was in the primary in 2008 and worse in 2012.  IMHO Romney will say and do anything to get elected because he seems to believe the end justifies the means.  That is one reason even Republicans are pulling away from Romney and the Republican Party who have left a lot of us in the dust.

It felt good to join Republicans for Obama even though philosophically there are a lot of issues I  disagree with Democrats but frankly I agree with them more than the far right social conservatives and the neanderthal  GOP Platform.  The Democrats have taken over supporting our military, veterans, foreign policy, and many other issues that were Republican at one time like Civil Rights and One Man, One Vote.  Now Republicans want to suppress voting to elect Romney and don't mind saying that in public while tossing President GW Bush under the bus like he didn't exist. It is like there is a seismic shift going on between the parties -- don't recognize this Republican Party.

How about making Independents a political party?  At least there would be some common sense unlike what we are seeing out of the far right Republican Party that has been taken over by the Koch Brothers and Tea Party movement.

It is going to be a wild and nasty seven weeks with the Romney camp going after Obama with lies, mistruths, and innuendos to make the President look bad.  I don't think it is going to work because Romney and now his wife are not likable people as they are condescending and come across that they think they are better than everyone else.  We are supposed to trust them -- no details why -- just trust what they say to which I reply Bravo Sierra!  When your whole campaign is based on being anti against your opponent, your chance of winning is slim to none IMHO
Michael Tomasky on What Will Happen When Romney Gets Desperate

Obama’s lead is growing, and Romney can’t seem to catch a break. If the trend continues, get ready for things to turn very ugly very fast. 

I don’t know if team Romney should be panicking just yet. Convention bounces have been known to fade; it’s not every week that Barack Obama is going to get Bill Clinton to give a barn-burner of a speech on his behalf that outdraws the NFL game on the other channel. In my view it’s not so much that the fundamental nature of the race has shifted as that it has solidified. Obama spent months being mostly just a little ahead, and now he’s a little more ahead than that. Lots of people have been writing in the last couple days about the larger Obama lead. But no one has yet turned attention to the consequences of that change: that Romney and Paul Ryan are likely to run the dirtiest campaign we’ve seen in a long, long time.
Go back in time a few months. The Romney theory, bruited by his aides and accepted by much of the media, was that all he had to do was talk about the economy and he’d win. There was no way an incumbent president sitting on these kinds of economic figures could possibly be reelected. Unemployed, underemployed, not even looking anymore, wrong direction … no question that they are all bleak figures. All Romney had to do was keep talking about them, and as they say in the East End, Robert’s your father’s brother
This job was supposed to get even easier when Romney tapped Paul Ryan for veep. Ryan was the man with the plan, the Republican Brain, the guy who actually knew budgets and fiscal policy, the Republican who could slice right through all the Democratic pettifoggery and actually beat the Democrats at their own game of talking all those numbers. Ryan’s presence on the ticket made the economic choice that much more stark, the argument went, and he’d win over the serious-minded moderates.
Well. It’s exactly one month after Ryan’s selection was announced, and his reputation has gone nowhere but down. He’s a liar and his famous “numbers” actually make no sense at all because they’re intentionally misleading. So now he looks less like a serious budget person than a drunken back-bencher who has to be elbowed awake to cast a vote. 
Then there are the past few days. We got a crappy jobs report Friday morning. Romney trotted out and said the kinds of things he was supposed to say. And lo and behold—it hasn’t hurt Obama a whit. In the days since the report—days, I should note, when media coverage has made it abundantly clear that the jobless rate fell only because more people quit looking for work—Obama has gained ground. 
So two facts are now clear. One, Romney is on the ropes. The memo from his pollster makes a few plausible points about why it’s too early to head for the exits. But Romney has some serious problems in some key states, notably Ohio. If he can’t win there, he basically has to win all of the following swing states to hit 273 electoral votes: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire. 
And the second fact that’s clear is that the economic argument is not working. Turns out that it’s not enough just to repeat the dour news when you keep dodging questions about your own plan. And taken together, these two facts mean: Romney isn’t going to desert the economic argument, of course, but he is going to try to win this thing in other ways. 
As I’ve said many times, the ongoing debate about whether Romney is really conservative or really moderate has wasted lots of airtime and killed many innocent trees. He’s neither. He’s nothing. He’ll say or do whatever he needs to do, whatever the Koch brothers or whoever tell him to do. He’s been dreaming of the presidency since 1968, and as he sees it slipping through his fingers, he’ll be capable of anything. It’s going to be a nasty seven weeks. 
Excerpt:  Read More at The Daily Beast
Tomasky makes some very good points in this video -- in fact he has nailed it in my book!
Michael Tomasky: 'They Can't Possibly Win an Election if They Say It'
As the scrutiny increases on the lack of specifics in the Romney-Ryan proposals, Michael Tomasky joins Tamron Hall on MSNBC's News Nation to discuss why the Republican ticket cannot get particular about which loopholes will be closed.

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