"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney Uses Middle East Crises for Political Gain - Epic Failure

A Foreign Service Officer’s LamentFrom a Foreign Service Officer  
It’s probably not a surprise. But can I just say that if Mitt Romney wins in November, he is going to have a very chilly reception from his employees every time he goes abroad? I don’t think I can quite state the rage we’re all feeling towards him.
Josh Marshall 

Today Romney finally got around to condemning the anti-Muslim film or as Josh Marshall put it Apologizing to the Muslim Rioters which is what he accused President Obama of doing:

BREAKING: Romney Apologizes to Muslim Rioters 
AKA, condemns the anti-Muslim film now roiling the Middle East, like the White House and State Department did. 
Josh Marshall

Finally someone took on Sean Hannity who thinks he is a foreign policy expert -- he couldn't even carry McCain's briefcase IMHO.  Hannity, Rush, Levin and others should have used some common sense and lowered the rhetoric in the middle of an ongoing crises in the Middle East but they piled on the President treating him like he had no policy.  The one without a policy is their candidate Romney.  Finding the conservative media for the most part disgusting, unethical, and refuse to acknowledge the truth just like Hannity did with Senator McCain:

McCain to Hannity: Fox 'wrong about Libya'
9/14/12 3:23 PM EDT 
Sen. John McCain on Thursday night clashed with Sean Hannity, telling the Fox News host that he and others on the network “were wrong about Libya.” 
McCain's remarks came after Hannity claimed he had accurately predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would take control of Egypt, and pressed the Arizona Republican on why the Obama administration was not able to foresee this week's attacks on U.S. diplomats in North Africa. 
“How is it that Sean Hannity and a few others of us out here predicted with pinpoint accuracy that the Muslim Brotherhood would be in charge in Egypt? Their first task when they took over the Parliament was to declare Israel, our closest ally, an enemy. First, their number one enemy,” Hannity said. “How is it that the administration with all their intelligence and all the money we spend to help them and the CIA — how is it that they didn’t see this coming? And they kept telling the American people, this is democracy. Democracy. I don’t view the Muslim Brotherhood as democracy. They want Sharia law implemented now in Egypt.” 
McCain pushed back, telling Hannity that “that’s not clear that that’s true” and that he and Fox News were wrong with their take on the elections in Libya. 
“But also it was you and people on Fox that said in Libya, ‘we didn’t know who they were and let’s not help these people.’ They had an election and they elected moderates. They rejected Islamists,” McCain said. “And yes, there are Al Qaeda factors and there are extremists in Libya today, but the Libyan people are friends of ours, and they support us, and they support democracy. So you were wrong about Libya.” 
“I don’t think I was wrong about Libya at all,” Hannity replied. 
McCain jumped in, telling Hannity, “Yes I do, I know you were.” 
“No, I was not,” the Fox News host said. 
“I know you were. They had a free and fair election, and a democratic non-Islamic government was elected. So you were wrong,” McCain said. 
Hannity then said he was surprised McCain wasn’t siding with him. 
“They didn’t think the Muslim Brotherhood would take over? This is a known terror organization. We say we’re fighting a war on terror, we’re apologizing, our government, to Egypt after they raid our embassy and rip our flag down?” Hannity said. “Frankly, Senator, I would think you are with me on this.” 
The interview wrapped after McCain replied, “I am not taking the side of the administration. I am saying that the largest nation in the Arab world is something we have to carefully calibrate our actions with.” 
Source:  Politico

The arrogance of Hannity that McCain should agree with him is more then disgusting, it is despicable.  Then you have Sarah Palin accusing the President of palling around with terrorists who made a fool of herself last night attacking President Obama.  Why is Fox News even interviewing Palin?  Her comments are always strange and show a lack of comprehension about the issues.

Then we have this article which words fail me that this man is involved in a Presidential campaign and is someone who Romney relies on -- these words by and adviser are beyond reprehensible.  Mitt Romney is despicable to keep people like this on his staff.  It shows Romney has no integrity at all left as he panders to the Tea Party and far right fringe by keeping someone like this on his staff:

Top Romney Adviser Faults Obama For Murder Of U.S. Ambassador, Claims Romney Would Have Prevented AttackBy Judd Legum on Sep 13, 2012 at 11:30 pm 
The Romney campaign has escalated their attacks on President Obama following the murder of four Americans, including the ambassador, in Libya. In an interview with the Washington Post, Mitt Romney’s top foreign policy adviser pinned the blame for the attacks squarely on Obama and flatly claimed they would not have happened if Romney had been president:
Advisers to Mitt Romney on Thursday defended his sharp criticism of President Obama and said that the deadly protests sweeping the Middle East would not have happened if the Republican nominee were president. 
There’s a pretty compelling story that if you had a President Romney, you’d be in a different situation,” Richard Williamson, a top Romney foreign policy adviser, said in an interview. “For the first time since Jimmy Carter, we’ve had an American ambassador assassinated.”
Previously, Romney, his campaign and the Republican Party accused Obama of “sympathizing” with the terrorists who killed Americans in the hours after the attack. The accusation quickly recieved widespread, bipartisan condemnation. Romney then repeated the charge.  
Source:  Think Progress
Mitt Romney has no core so he has adopted the core of the Tea Party and far right fringe it seems by following the "Southern strategy" which he seems to be doing to get elected:
In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to the Republican Party strategy of winning elections or to gain political support in the Southern section of the country by appealing to racism against African Americans
This Romney/Tea Party Republican Party is going to lose a lot of Republicans with this Southern strategy which has moved into the north with voter suppression.  When Republicans take their blinders off and see them for what they are -- a group of bigoted people, they are going to vote against this group.  I didn't like Palin in 2008 when she ran with McCain -- thought her comments were over the top time and time again.  I voted for McCain not Palin.

I am so happy I took my blinders completely off this time.  Thanks to Mitt Romney I am seeing today's Republican Party for what it is -- no core, no ethics, and bigoted.  Senator McCain called out the fringe elements in 2008 while Romney embraces them in 2012.

Ron Reagan said it best:  Romney does not look Presidential -- he has a lack of character and judgement!

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