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Saturday, January 22, 2011

MSNBC ends contract with anchor Keith Olbermann

When the news broke last night, it set off a firestorm of emails from all the news outlets reporting.  MSNBC sent out breaking news and within seconds other outlets including Entertainment was sending out emails and then the speculation began on why.   He led everyone for being an opinionated, angry, arrogant 'news' anchor with a delivery that would get under most people's skins.  Hard to believe he was their #1 anchor but then the ratings are so low at MSNBC, it wouldn't take a lot.

This could gain a little credibility back for MSNBC but still not watching them in the evening with Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow. Don't like snarky people and that is what MSNBC has on the air in the evening. I didn't like Olbermann when he was with ESPN and then with Sunday Night Football for NBC which made me change channels when he was on spouting away. His delivery is not something I like -- he could be a conservative and I would say the same thing. He is snarky, angry, and egotistical -- all traits that only the most rabid fans could appreciate.

Cable News will be much better off without Olbermann although think it is about time MSNBC and Fox lose the News behind their names in the evening because they have turned into entertainment channels for the most part with a smattering of news thrown in from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. (cst) Greta on Fox at 9:00 p.m. is about the only news show worth watching as most of her shows are very interesting -- she doesn't shout or try to rile people up -- she gives the facts.  If you want to remain angry in your life, then continue to watch Fox from 6-9 p.m. (cst) and guarantee you will be fuming most nights.  You can read the same info on line and not get as riled up before going to bed at night as you de with the manner of delivery of some of the so-called news anchors.

There is only one cable outlet though for Breaking News and that is CNN who for years has led the other two by a mile when something breaks no matter the time of day. All of their anchors are able to handle breaking news while on Fox the only one in the evening that can do a good job is Greta and MSNBC has ZERO.

We are very happy to see Keith Olbermann bite the dust and just hope a sports channel doesn't pick him up.

The question of the day is whether Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are going to tone down their rhetoric. Roger Ailes at Fox News has already told his anchors to tone it down. Both stations are way over the top at times in the way they present their views and have turned cable news into political stations as an off shoot of talk radio. Never thought I would say it but I liked Hannity a lot better with Alan Colmes who used to annoy me but the give and take was actually better.

My #1 person though to get the ax was Keith Olbermann who was far and above the most annoying on cable news of anyone.  No one could compare to his annoying delivery.

MSNBC ends contract with anchor Keith Olbermann
The liberal commentator doesn't volunteer a reason for his abrupt departure. Insiders say it has nothing to do with next week's takeover of NBC Universal by Comcast Corp.

Cable news channel MSNBC ended its turbulent relationship with its most-popular anchor, Keith Olbermann, with a terse statement saying that Friday night's show was his last.

In a six-minute farewell sign-off at the end of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," the forceful liberal commentator didn't volunteer a reason for his abrupt departure from the channel that became an ideological counterbalance to the rival Fox News Channel.

The only hint Olbermann offered for his exit was an admission that over the last couple of years there were "many occasions" when the noise and heat surrounding the show "was just too much for me." But, he added, it was a supportive, unwearying audience that "required that I keep going."

Excerpt: Read more at LA Times

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