"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on former Florida Governor Charlie Crist

This morning was looking for an article or information to put a little humor into the first post of the day. This may be the only post of the day as I cannot quit laughing. We wondered what Charlie was going to do after he left the Governor's office. Will admit I was WRONG -- thought sure Obama would hire him but guess this will bring in a lot more money.

Maybe the Florida legislature should put tort reform near the top now of their wish list. Just think how much money Charlie will be making to keep his wife living in style. At least he is not on unemployment!

Charlie Crist has joined the Morgan and Morgan Law Firm who has offices in FL, MS, GA, and TN. If you are not from Florida or don't travel to the state, the name most likely wouldn't mean much, but if you have driven on the Florida interestates, you are going to be chuckling because you cannot miss their billboards. This law firm is the largest personal-injury law firm in Florida, better known as ambulance chasers. Morgan is known  for his ubiquitous “for the people” billboards and radio ads promoting the firm’s pro-consumer work. As governor, Crist cultivated a similar pro-consumer image.

John Morgan (picture below) was also the person behind Crist encouraging him to run NO PARTY as he and his friends would back the Crist campaign. Every hear of a Republican being back by trial attorneys? This was a first. Morgan was backing him from day one.

Now if you have an accident, get hurt on a consumer product or a bill collector is harassing you and you want to sue, just look for one of their Morgan and Morgan billboards along the interstate, dial their number and ask for Charlie Crist to handle your case. If you are a Republican, you might want to think twice about hiring him because he is probably still mad at Republicans for electing Marco Rubio to the Senate instead of him.

Morgan and Morgan is no longer just in the field of personal injury law from accidents or consumer products as they have also moved now into debt collection abuse as well:

Morgan and Morgan is among a growing list of law firms focusing their attention on debt collection abuse. The company has even produced a commercial urging potential clients to save answering machine recordings if an aggressive debt collector calls.
We had a lot of fun with Charlie Crist and his comments during the 2010 Florida Senate election. Lo and behold when I am looking for something that is funny today, along comes the announcement of where Charlie has landed. From the Governor's Mansion to the largest ambulance chasing law firm in Florida. Kind of fitting in my book because the people I know always said he was for sale to the highest bidder -- guess they were correct!

Might be fun to sit in a court room and watch Charlie's first case as he stands for the 'little people' against the mean old insurance companies or collection agencies (who can be really nasty). Then the client finds out a large portion of their award is going in his pocket along with the deep pockets of Morgan and Morgan.  That is where we find fault with attorneys like Morgan.  While being for the 'little people' they are lining their pockets on their backs of their clients.  If there wasn't the huge sum of money at the end, would they be so aggressive?

Will Charlie Crist be the new face of Morgan and Morgan from billboards to ads in the media markets? That is the next burning question about the former Governor.

Perfect landing for former Governor Charlie Crist!

Charlie Crist, Attorney at LawNeal B. Freeman
January 13, 2011 4:00 A.M.

To many Floridians, Crist’s new job is an insult to his former office. In fact, it perfectly fits the arc of his career.

You may want to pick up one of those magnetic doohickeys and stick Charlie Crist’s new 800 number on the fridge door. Hey, it can happen to any of us — a fender bender, a slip and fall, a smoking toaster — but if it happens to you, God forbid, you’ll want to put your hands on a personal-injury lawyer pronto. And in that moment of personal anguish or avarice or whatever, Charlie Crist could be your man.

Yes, outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist takes a new job this week with Morgan & Morgan, the state’s premier personal-injury law firm. That’s their adjective, not mine. But M&M offices do seem to be omnipresent around the state, pitched at approximately the same 50-mile intervals as Holiday Inns. That comparison comes easily to mind because the billboards along the interstates are frequently cheek by jowl, the motel chain’s right there next to the law firm’s. When you think of Morgan & Morgan, I’m trying to suggest, you should not confuse it with, say, Sullivan & Cromwell.

Source: National Review

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