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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Major League Baseball in Los Angeles has Problems with Fans

The Angels and Dodgers stadiums used to be fun places to go.  Looking at the picture of the seat cushion at Angels stadium and then learning some concrete on the steps is breaking makes you think that the Angels stadium has been neglected for years.  I am with the fan who asks why pay so much for Pojuls, a free agent from the St. Louis Cardinals, but not fix the seats in the stadium.  How are the Angeles not a Los Angeles team is a great question.

When we lived there it was great because in the summer baseball was always on cable as we got both the Dodgers and the Angeles games.  Makes you wonder if all those people moving out of Southern California were the fans of baseball who went to games.  Certainly hope the new Dodgers franchise owners which includes Magic Johnson can bring some of that Magic back to Dodger games.  Was amazed how you could leave the freeways and pull into the parking lot at Chavez Ravine and feel like you were out in the Country not in a major city.  It was a great experience to go to games especially when they played the Cincinnati Reds who was their main rival.  Everything about Dodger Stadium in those days of the 80's was first class.  Same with the Angels when Gene Autry owned them.

Time for fans of baseball to be treated special once again by the Angels and Dodgers.  We were at a baseball game in Dodger Stadium one time in May when they flashed up on the screen that the Angles, Lakers, and Dodgers had all sold out that day.  Those were the days when the Rams were on top in the area as well before they were moved due to a lack of a new stadium and fans to land in St. Louis.  It has turned out closer for Sooner fans to go see their favorite quarterback Sam Bradford play for the Rams but after all these years, sometimes it still seems like they should be in Los Angeles not St. Louis.

There seems like a general malaise has settled over California thanks to the politicians in Sacramento who cannot seem to get a handle on much of anything.   Really want to see both franchises turn it around and make the Los Angeles area a hotbed for baseball again and some place you can afford to take your family for an outing.  Believe that Magic will bring his Magic to the Dodgers.  Can the Angels owner do the same is the question.

Fans come out swinging at Angels and Dodgers

Tattered seat cushions at Angel Stadium and lousy shuttle service to Dodger Stadium are among their complaints. 
One of many tattered seat cushions at Angel Stadium -- this one in a photo emailed by reader John Costa, along with the comment, 'Unbelievable.' (John Costa)
April 21, 2012, 7:30 p.m. 
I get pictures. 
John Costa sends a photo of his tattered seat cushion on the club level in Angel Stadium, Section 306, Row B, Seat 5. 
"Unbelievable," as he puts it. 
I walk down the left field line Saturday and there are a number of tattered seats in more than a dozen sections. The worst are in Section 303, Row E. Although I must say, if you're returning a night later, the ripped cushions would be a great place to store uneaten food. 
What's up with this? Arte Moreno spends millions on Albert Pujols, but as Costa notes, "Arte can't even afford duct tape?" 
I check with Angels' PR guy Tim Mead knowing how fan-friendly Arte wants everyone to think he is. I wonder whether he is giving a tattered seat discount to fans who might feel ripped off. 
"That's part of the process for upgrade in 2013," says Mead, which is probably when the bullpen will be upgraded as well. 
I get email. 
Herb Ortiz asks, "Can you find out why I'm watching poker and the Dan Patrick Show on FSN when the Angel game is supposed to be on?" 
Ira Rosenberg takes it a step further. "My son … called to find out why, a recording informing him there is a contract dispute and for L.A. County area codes the Angels are an out-of-market team. I'm sure that Arte Moreno will be glad to know this — so much for his 'Los Angeles' marketing plan and name change." 
Next time we chat, I'll mention it. 
It might be a cable dispute, but it's up to the Angels to do a better job of advising/warning their fans. 
I get a bunch of emails after the Dodgers' opening day, prompted by the Dodger Express from Union Station. 
"There is nothing express about it," Gerald Trudeau says. "Left Union Station at 11:45, at about 12:49 just before Innes Avenue we decided to get off and walk into the stadium. We had just passed the parking lot booths when the two jets flew over … this is two consecutive years we have taken this so-called express and it is horrible. Could someone at The Times look into this?" 
Lee Senese concurs: "We left at 12 straight up and did not get dropped off at Dodger Stadium until 1:40. Total distance: 1.76 miles. You would think after 50 opening days they could do something about the traffic. Can you see if you might help?"
Sure. Don't take the Dodger Express. 
"Tell me it's not true," Jack Bock writes. "The Dodger telecast is waiting for a Clippers game to conclude?" 
What do I look like, Dear Abby
What about me? Who can I email?  
Source:  LA Times

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