"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Get Ugly: The General Election Has Begun

This morning while reading my morning mail and then visiting some websites I found an article about the general election which I believe to be true.  First of all I think it will be extremely nasty if you compare Obama against Hillary in 2008 and Romney against all Republican candidates except Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann in 2012.  What you see are two very underhanded and dirty fighters.  Neither one of them seem very friendly with regular people although I would have to get the edge to Obama when it comes to sports and partying which he loves.  Don't see where Romney is particularly likable anywhere in public.  Some of have even suggested that he has OCD with the way he wants everything sanitized.  Just what we don't need.

Now we are facing a general election after a brutal primary campaign waged by Romney against Republicans.  The author has great advice at the end of this excerpted article:
Time to Get Ugly: The General Election Has Begun 
2. Which should be soon, if the former Pennsylvania Senator is in his right mind. Santorum has achieved something remarkable in this election cycle: emerging out of nowhere and against all expectations as Romney's principal competitor for their party's nomination, racking up wins in eleven states. Put aside the questions of party unity (which are overblown) and Establishment blowback (ditto). This is purely about self-interest. If Santorum sticks around until the next set of contests on April 24 to compete in his home state — the only one where he stands a chance of winning — the Romney campaign is likely to turn Pennsylvania into a veritable Dresden. Together with its affiliated super PACs, in other words, it is all but certain to fire-bomb Santorum as it did Newt Gingrich in Florida. And if Santorum, who holds only a single-digit lead in the state now, is left similarly scorched, it will be an embarrassment eclipsing even his seventeen-point loss in his senate race in 2006. Meaning one that won't easily be forgotten, which should mean something to a man who presumably harbors the intention of hurling himself at the presidency again in 2016 or 2020.  
4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: This general election is gonna be ugly. In his speech last night, Romney assailed Obama in language just as stark and harsh as the president had employed against Romney earlier. (Romney addressed the same audience of editors this morning; more of the same will surely be forthcoming.) For all the discussion of fund-raising problems on both sides, the truth is that Obama and Romney will each have ample resources to finance their broadsides against the other. How personal things will get remains to be seen. But neither has ever demonstrated any reluctance to fight hard and dirty. If you thought the Republican nomination tussle was sickeningly, deplorably, appallingly brutish, I have just five words of advice: Avert your eyes now, people.   
Excerpt:  Read More at NY Mag

The American voter needs to be asking themselves how we got in this mess.  For too many years we have been allowing the national parties free reign in what they do because most Americans don't have the means to go to their meetings regularly as national committeemen/women.  Most of the State Parties are not that good either because the whole system is flawed.  There is so much bias in the political ranks that we have seen from the Democrats in 2008 and Republicans in 2012 that if it isn't changed, there will be more than two major parties.

You cannot have a candidate step all over groups of supporters of other candidates and expect them to enthusiastically support the candidate of the choice of less than 40%.  Some might vote for him but a lot will vote 3rd Party or stay home.  Hear it every day.  If you even dare bring up a 3rd Party person on a site, the Romneybots go ballistic against you.  It is amazing to watch.  The same Romney who promised McCain he would help him who never followed through expects the rest of us to follow him like mind numbed robots.  Not happening in 2012

Getting a little bit tired of hearing how we have to vote for Romney and no other candidate on the ballot if we are a Republican.  Why?  Would say most Republicans I know understand politics enough to know if they like someone or agree with them or not.  I would vote for the GOP candidate if I agreed with him 80% of the time or maybe even 70% but I don't believe a word of what Romney says on core issues because he never sounds sincere.  He is more like an actor trying play his part until he has something liberal and then he speaks out.  He may be the worst candidate ever to run as a Republican.

He is going to get the nomination by trashing Republicans with some of the dirtiest ads and tactics I have witnessed in a primary.  Not interesting in hearing that it is the Super PAC when he said he might after to unleash the negatives against Santorum in PA if he doesn't drop out.  What kind of a candidate coordinates with the Super PAC openly?  Hope he is proud of himself and the nasty campaign he has run, but I doubt it because his feelings seems to be toward winning at all costs no matter who he hurts in the process.  Not someone I want representing me because if he is like this with Republicans now who are not rich, he is going to be worse if he was elected.  He will step over any and all to get his way.

All the sites keeping saying Paul Ryan will be the Vice President.  I like Paul Ryan as a person and think he has some good ideas but putting him on the ticket will be like a lightening rod not to mention the Republican team would come from two blue states that are unlikely to change in 2012 to red.  What am I missing?  Are the powers at be taking the Red States fore granted?   Democrats are already poised to strike if Ryan is the nominee for Vice President:

Judging from Obama's speech yesterday, Romney-Ryan is the new Dole-Gingrich. Please recall that in 1996, Bill Clinton's campaign spent the spring hanging the controversial Speaker of the House around the septuagenarian senator's neck like a twenty-ton anvil — and in the process effectively won the general election six months early. Team Obama, like the rest of the Democratic Party, is confident that the same stratagem can work again. That they can win (and win decisively) the argument with the Republicans if they frame the election as a choice between the Ryan budget (and the philosophy animating it) and their vision of the fiscal future.
There is a saying that the Republican Party is the Stupid Party and unfortunately in this instance, I have to agree.  We stood a great chance of taking the White House with the right candidate that would have been a contrast to Obama, but instead we are throwing a MA liberal at him who has the personality of a gnat -- coldest politician I have ever seen and most orchestrated.  Mr. Etch-A-Sketch really is the perfect title for him because one day he can say he is for something like carbon tax and then wipe the slate clean.

Then on the other side is Obama who is friendly when wants to be but has a backbone made of mush so people like Pelosi can lead him around.  He can also get really snippy when not getting his own way when he thinks he should.  Put him on a basketball court and he is the life of the party.  One thing most people can agree about is his love for his two girls -- you can see it in his eyes.  He has been helping them with basketball at school this year which frankly gives him kudos for making sure he spends time with his young family.

All that said, I cannot even fathom how nasty this general election campaign is going to get.  If I I didn't already dislike Super PACs or 527's, they would have gone to the top of my hate list this time.  The fact that wealthy people can actually buy an election as we are seeing because some voters are influenced by negative advertising makes you want to scream 'STOP IT' and go back to some semblance of campaign donations.  The amount of money that Romney has sucked out of the GOP is disgraceful when it has been used to attack Republicans but since it is more obvious he doesn't consider himself a Conservative, it makes no difference to him.    Think I am more disgusted with Romney then I have been any other Republican running by far in my lifetime.  He is the most selfish of our candidates wanting all the money for himself and his election.  It is obvious he could care less about the Congress the way he has been putting pressure on members of Congress to raise money for the Romney campaign.

Makes you want to turn off the TV set and radio for the duration of the campaign.  I am hoping that the GOP considers Oklahoma such a red state that we won't get the ads.  Will let you know if you want to settle here for six months.

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