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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mark Levin: Romney has weakened the Republican Party

This is the understatement of the year.  Have never see a candidate in the primary as nasty as Mitt Romney toward candidates from his own party or is it his own party?  Many conservatives are beginning to wonder if he is relishing the carpet bombing of people he doesn't like who are conservatives with the smirk he gets on his face against other Republican candidates when he talks about negative campaigning.

He is running this primary like a Democrat primary -- Republicans don't act this way with carpet bombing, lies, and innuendos they know are not true.  They have dropped negative stories about candidates over and over again hoping their will stick.  Romney doesn't give people a reason to vote for him but a reason to vote against others witch is infuriating.  Must feel if the real Romney came out he wouldn't get the nomination so he attacks Republicans especially conservatives.  When Romney exits stage left after the general election, would he kindly take Karl Rove and that whole group of underhanded consultants with him.

On a side note I am more than disgusted with all the Mormon ads as well.  What church advertises all the time?  They are becoming extremely annoying acting like they are the only family values types.  This new campaign of theirs to help Romney is going to continue to hurt him as well but it couldn't happen to be a better person.  Looks like he decided the only way to win the nomination was to run an underhanded, dirty campaign which he has been successful but along the way he has left a lot of mad supporters of other candidates who will never check the block for the Massachusetts liberal.

You need to listen to Levin's comments at the Right Scoop as there are some Stupid Republicans now saying that the RNC needs to choose the candidates not the primaries.  The day they put that in place is the day I walk out of the Republican Primary for good -- I am inching that way now after this crooked election with all the debates orchestrated by the RNC until Romney didn't look so well and they all went away.  The powers at be cannot seem to be it through their heads and that includes Romney people that call in shows and post that their bullying tactics are not working.  Instead they have made a large group of us even more determined to never support Romney.  I don't support a liar and or a nasty campaigner and that is exactly who Romney has become.

To me this post on a site sums it up:
ironically, romney seems more like a good running mate for obama than the leader of the opposition party.............
Romney lends credibility to the charge he runs campaigns like a Democrat when he relishes being in more liberal states because he sure is not comfortable in conservative states or in more rural areas.  The Democrat stronghold of the cities seems to be Romney's forte as well..  If you want Cap and Trade, Carbon Tax, Higher Taxes on a Gallon of Gas, Global Warming as an Issue, EPA, or for starters ObamaCare, then you will love Mitt Romney who has supported all those except his is called RomneyCare not ObamaCare which he plans to implement in all states.  He even offered Obama to use RomneyCare as something to build on.  Someone tell me again why I would support Romney who took out Gov Perry with his dirty tricks.  The lists kept growing until we are down to three for him to attack except he never attacks Ron Paul -- he leaves his attacks to Gingrich and Santorum.

At the end of these remarks is a link to an audio of Mark Levin where a Romneybot calls in and makes a fool of himself. You will hear for yourself that they don't answer questions and bring up straw men in the conversation.  It is about Romney 24/7 and has turned off over 50% of the Republicans but they RNC types supporting Romney are convinced we will be with them in November.  Hope they are not betting the house on the outcome.
Mark Levin: Romney has weakened the Republican party with his carpet bombing 
Posted by The Right Scoop The Right Scoop on April 4th 
Assuming that Romney is going to become the nominee (because of his delegate lead), Levin wants to know how we bring the Republican party back together given that Romney is only getting 41% of the Republican vote. This low percentage is something that surprised Levin, something he didn’t know until he read Robert Stacy McCain’s piece at the American Spectator, Predictably Predictable. He also read from Roll Call’s Mitt Romney’s Weakness Is Also Strength — or Is It? in his first segment, both of those pieces you can read yourself.
But his point is that Romney’s massively negative carpet bombing campaign has weakened the Republican party by alienating many conservatives who are angry with his tactics. McCain quotes from the Washington Post: 
Romney’s super PAC has spent nearly $30 million on advertising, 91 percent of it on negative ads aimed at either Gingrich or Santorum. By some estimates, the Romney campaign is spending at a rate of more than $15 per vote, compared to less than $6 per vote for Santorum. 
Levin says that negative campaigning is apart of every primary, but he’s never seen it on this level. Romney has been using it to destroy his opponents instead of building himself up. This is worrisome because if Romney can’t pull the Republican Party back together, we may lose this election which would be devastating. That’s why Levin is asking how we fix this. 
Please go to The Right Scoop to listen to Mark Levin's comments
Makes your blood boil when you realize we have lamebrains in the Republican who would even bring up doing away with primaries yet these same people want our donations.  If you donate to the RNC, please reconsider if you are a conservative because you are wasting your money.

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