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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Service Agents Bragged to Prostitutes: 'We Work for Obama'

Heads should roll starting at the top of USSS with these reports now coming out.  They have broken every rule in the book with bragging they are agents who work for Obama to sleeping with prostitutes while working for the US Government with a security clearance.  It is against everyone's security clearance at all levels to put yourself in a compromising position such as using prostitutes when you have a clearance issues by the US Government.

These agents are even worse then the normal DoD civilian as they are part of the United States Secret Service whose duty is to protect the President and an array of government officials.  They are part of the advance team for the President detail, are the snippers on the rooftops when he visits, work the crowds looking for any suspicious people and supplement the personal protection agents as necessary.

Dereliction of duty comes to mind as they have one responsibility when on an overseas trip and that it to make sure the President is protected not to be on vacation.  

Also don't think it is inappropriate for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to call the President, "Boss!"
Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he's embarrassed by the incident — even though he's not sure yet exactly what transpired. 
"We let the boss down," Dempsey told CBS News, "because nobody's talking about what went on in Colombia other than this incident."
General and your people you let the President of the United States down and this whole country with your subordinates not  better screening the men from Southern Command who were on this trip as Advance Agents.  No one will make me believe this was the first time for any of the group including the military to pull a stunt like this.  

Something about Dempsey calling the President "Boss" hit me totally wrong.  You could say that the President is the "Boss" of every last person who works for the US Government.  I want to see the reaction of Dempsey when a one striper refers to Obama as "Boss!"  How can Dempsey not know what happened by this time.  I detest politically correct generals and looks like this is another one.  I like the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs like General Meyers who was always class and would have already gotten to the bottom of what happened immediately.
Secret Service Agents: 'We Work For Obama'
Tuesday, 17 Apr 2012 02:12 PM
By Newsmax Wires

Secret Service officials accused of misconduct in the Colombian prostitute scandal revealed their identities and bragged at a Cartagena brothel that they worked for President Barack Obama, ABC News is reporting
Eleven members of the Secret Service team, sent to Colombia in advance of the president’s visit for the Summit of the Americas last weekend, partied at the “Pley Club” and boasted “we work for Obama” and “we’re here to protect him."   
Several of the agents paid up to $200 each for high-price prostitutes at the well-known Cartegena brothel and downed expensive whiskey, sources told ABC News. 
The news of the scandal broke Friday night, and was first reported by Newsmax ChiefWashington Correspondent Ronald Kessler, and since has overshadowed Obama's trip to Latin America. 
Read more on Newsmax.com: Secret Service Agents: 'We Work For Obama'

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