"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romney Generates Little to No Enthusiasm in the Republican Party

What do these headlines and stories below tell about Mitt Romney who will stop at nothing to be the Republican nominee for President?  The base along with even a lot of his endorsers are not thrilled Romney is going to be the candidate and a good 20% will refuse to vote for him IMHO.

What candidate in today's environment following the end of the cold war and the attack on the United States by al Qaeda on 9/11/2001 would name Russia as our #1 problem?  Not anyone who has an ounce of foreign policy experience or even anyone who has read the papers since 9/11 and the fall of the Berlin Wall before that.

Guess Romney forgot about the famous words of Reagan on June 12, 1987, "Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall" referring to the Berlin Wall put in place by the Russians to seal off the east for those Romney supporters who don't get it.  On Novembers 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell setting in motion the destruction of the Soviet Union as more of their alliance declared independence.

We are talking over 20 years since the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union broke up but Romney still considers them our greatest enemy.  He must not read any more than the McCain running mate in 2008.  Gaffes like that are reasons why so many of us don't trust him to be President.  At least reading these headlines makes you realize you have a lot of company:
As Romney nears nod, GOP base nods offPledges of support from powerful Republicans last week may have edged Mitt Romney closer to the GOP presidential nomination, but the former Massachusetts governor still struggles to fire the imaginations of most in his party — even the coveted endorsements from former President George H.W. Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida seemed underwhelming in tone. 
Not a Hill of a lot of love for Mitt RomneyMitt Romney’s campaign called on the Washington establishment for help this month. The response: a promise of cash, but not much enthusiasm. 
On Thursday morning, Romney’s biggest supporters on Capitol Hill are supposed to come out with their best donors to help the GOP front-runner deepen his cash base. But the RSVP list is looking thin. 
GOP Voters Not Thrilled With RomneyRepublican polls nationwide show that many voters don't believe Romney understands their problems and that he has been too negative in the campaign so far. 
How Romney’s Major Foreign Policy Deficit Is Being Covered (up)The White House took a swipe at Mitt Romney on Wednesday, two days after the GOP frontrunner took aim at Obama's policies with Russia and called that country the U.S.'s "No. 1 geopolitical foe." 
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said al Qaeda takes that title.  
Mitt Romney Should Have Run as a DemocratMarch 16, 2012
Jonathan Chait puts a sympathetic spin on former Gov. Mitt Romney's tenuous relationship with the truth: 
[I]f Romney really couldn't stand to be dishonest, he had options. He could have just decided the ideological dissonance required to run as a Republican in Massachusetts, or as that Massachusetts Republican in a national Republican primary, was more than he could bear. But there's no reason to believe that Romney is especially dishonest in his core—that he has any special propensity to lie to his friends or neighbors or clients. He wanted a political career, and once he made that decision, he had only two choices: massive dishonesty or certain defeat.
I've thought about this scenario before, but it bears repeating. There was a third option open to Mitt Romney: He could've entered national politics as a business-oriented, socially moderate Democrat in the mold of Virginia Sen. Mark Warner. Let's call it the Third Way.

How many people do you know who dislike Romney and don't want his picture on your TV after all his nastiness against Republicans?  I used to say "fellow" Republicans but frankly the last link is probably more true that he should have run as a Democrat because he is not comfortable in the Republican Party running for President.  It shows more by the day that he doesn't even like a good portion of the Republican Party but the to be honest the feeling in mutual.   Have zero respect for Romney and the fraud he has pulled on the Republican Party pretending to be conservative when we all know better.  Yet some still wonder why we don't support Romney?

Even his fundraisers have little enthusiasm as people are tired of donating to Romney in order to trash Republicans.  Republicans need money for House and Senate races in the fall while Romney is the one who chose to blow through all his millions of Wall Street donations with his negative advertising.  What a waste.  Major donors are starting to turn him off for the way he has wasted money and trashed the Republican brand.  He is going to get the nomination most likely even though 70% of Republicans don't want him.  Then the powers at the RNC won't be able figure out why we won't donate to the Republican National Committee who is now raising money for Romney before he even has the nomination:

Mitt Romney to begin joint fundraising with RNCReuters
4 hours ago
By Alina Selyukh | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to start raising money jointly with the Republican National Committee ...
That reinforces what so many of us have been saying that the RNC has done everything in its power to get Romney the nomination stepping all over conservatives but yet they think he is going to win because people don't like Obama.  Not liking Obama is true but I am getting to the stage I dislike them both about equal. How can the RNC say with a straight face they know how Romney would govern when they have no clue because his core conservative values are lacking.  Now if they want to say he will govern as a moderate to liberal then I would agree.  He is Obama and Democrat lite and no amount of trying to pretty up the candidate is going to change that.

Putting Romney's wife out front to make him seem more human is a joke when in 2002 she promised the women of MA that they had nothing to fear from her Republican husband as he would continue to support a woman's right to choose.  Are the Romneys trying to rewrite history because if they are, they don't understand the internet.

Now the Mormon Church has launched another radio campaign defending Mormons.  What other church advertises repeatedly on the radio about the people of their church and how conservative they are -- what is conservative about the Mormon Church that would appeal to women when women are to be seen and not heard in church affairs?  Those advertisements are condescending toward the rest of us like our churches don't matter.  If the Mormon Church thought this campaign was going to help Romney, they need to think again.  When the ad came on in the middle of our sports talk radio, I turned the station.

Force feeding us Romney as the RNC and establishment types have done for months has not endeared Romney to most conservatives.  Are endorsements being done to stop the Romney attacks on Republicans which has been hurting our candidates so they want the race over?  Most lackluster endorsements I have ever heard and beginning to sound more forced by the day.

Romney should have run as a Democrat because frankly that is where he is getting most of his votes.   It is still my belief he became a Republican only because he didn't want to face Ted Kennedy in the primary and the Republican nomination was there for the asking.  There is absolutely nothing to suggest that he should have been a Republican ever starting in 1976 when he became an independent until 1994 when he ran against Ted Kennedy.

Since Romney was an independent for over 18 years, we are sure he will understand why a lot of conservatives are going to be voting  for a candidate other than Romney if he is the Republican nominee.  If it was good enough for Romney to be an independent that many years, then it is good enough for those of us who don't like Romney to vote for a 3rd Party like Libertarian former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who could come back and haunt the RNC for the way they treated him in our primary.

This voter is going to give Johnson a serious look for President.

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