"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Government: Incompetence, Mismanagement Hamper Republican Conference

Those words, incompetence and mismanagement, could be used to describe the Republican Primary from the beginning when the new chair was more interested in what was happening in the Wisconsin recall elections then the RNC.  Then Chairman Preibus and his consultants got the bright idea that debates were the way to go with liberal moderators but then it favored Romney at the beginning which is what the handpicked Establishment Chair of the RNC wanted.  Wonder how they like the primary now as more and more conservatives are saying 'none of the above.'    

As the request for donations and presence at campaign events hit the mailbox, noticed that the amount required to attend events has been on the rise starting in 2008 but even then there were events you could attend for $50 but now the events starting out a $1,000 leaves out most people out.  The day I donate $1,000 to a candidate with one check, someone needs to check my sanity no matter who the candidate or organization.  Since the Citizens United ruling the people hosting these fundraisers are only going for big donors many of them who have already closed their checkbooks due to the way the RNC and others are running this primary.

We have a few fundraisers here who believes it is more important to fill up a room then have everyone make the big donations.  It adds a lot more to a campaign then to have to admit no one was donating so the event was cancelled.

We filled up an event in Norman for Dr. Coburn in 2004 that you could not walk in the room without bumping into someone.  The person in charge of fundraising asked two of us for help in getting people to the event even if they didn't donate.  We not only packed the room but donations were much more than expected.  We had no minimum as we knew we had some big donors but we needed people to give Dr. Coburn a boost right before the election.  Taught me a lesson that it is more important fill a room with a group of small donors and a few big donors because everyone opened their checkbook that evening as they got caught up in the excitement.  But what do we know as Super PACs have taken over.

This is an example of what requiring a $1,000 will do to your event -- get it cancelled.
Incompetence, Mismanagement Hamper Republican Conference 
by Charles C. Johnson  
 Poor Planning Makes For Poor Attendance at Southern Republican Leadership Conference
Earlier today The Associated Press ran with this headline: “Gingrich cancels campaign event, poor attendance.” 
But the lack of attendance isn’t because Gingrich isn’t popular, it’s because the event cost too much and the attendance is way too low, with the lowest tickets fetching a $1,000 a head. Sponsors who spoke with our team in the field said that promoters had misled them as to the number of tickets sold, telling them on the phone that more than 2,000 tickets had been. The event, in other words, was a total flop. There were barely a few dozen people in the huge College of Charleston arena. 
Part of the problem was the organization for the event. A source we spoke to told us that the promoters didn’t even have an agenda until the event was underway and that nobody was there to greet people. “There wasn’t even anyone there to tell us whether to go to have our events,” the source said. “I would be ashamed if my name were associated with it.” 
Below the sponsors pack it up because of lack of interest.
Sponsors Packing It Up at SRLC
Sponsors packing it up at SRLC
Source:  Big Government

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