"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Think you know MItt? Video that has been so talked about!

Received this in email this morning and unlike some conservative pundits who want to keep it buried so no one can view, this site is not being told what to do.  Conservatives need to take their blinders off that beating Obama is the most important thing in the world and are willing to sacrifice their principles by nominating Romney to beat Obama.  Now I am sounding like a 'democrat' according to the media who has redefined capitalism to mean it is all about making money and workers in this Country are supposed to shoved aside so CEO's and others can get million dollar bonuses.

There is an excellent blog post that everyone needs to read Venture Capitalism v. Vulture Capitalism at The Pink Flamingo who is another blogger that is not for sale and is willing to speak out.  She has been following what has been happening with the conservative media and how they have banded together to protect Romney and now Paul.

Even on the blogs if you dare criticize Romney, you get clobbered by his paid surrogates out policing the blogs.  A few 'real' conservatives are standing up like Erickson from Red State but not many.  They have swallowed the Bush 41 koolaid about Romney being more conservative then we think but his record and his comments say otherwise.  American conservatives are being scammed by the establishment Republicans once again like with Bob Dole.  This time instead of Buchanan, Ron Paul is the bogeyman to make Romney look better.

Now you can decide for yourself about Romney by watching this video the conservative punditry and especially the Romney group doesn't want you to see:
Think you know Mitt?
It's not about Capitalism, it's about JOBS

Source: www.KingofBain.com, Winning our Future PAC

The lies and the attacks on Perry and Newt are so far over the top that it brings into question the motives of the Bush 41 Cartel  (Webster's Dictionary for word Cartel:   a combination of political groups for common action) because we have so-called conservative pundits who work for Clear Channel that belongs to Bain Capital whose attacks to protect Romney are getting so vicious that you have to wonder what is being hidden.

Have establishment Republicans and their pundits forgotten what small business is about.  The big corporations who pay the million dollar bonuses are not the backbone of this Country, it is the small business owner who is will to sacrifice to create jobs and takes very little from the company.  Their workers are much happier because they work for people who care about them rather than the mega companies that have come about with all the mergers.

Every time there is a merger employees lose more benefits -- there is no better example than Lockheed-Martin.  When it was two separate companies the people at Lockheed were always complaining about their company, and how they treated their employees and basically how crooked their management was.  My husband used to travel to the big Lockheed facility at Marietta, GA, during the C-141 stretch and the C-5 upgrades coming back with the same stories each time.  While at the same time the employees at Martin Marietta were happy with their company and their management.  My husband who also traveled to Martin Marietta in Denver always thought it would be a great company to work for with the attitude of their employees and management so what I am about to say comes from years of knowing people at both companies through my husband.

Martin was a mid size company with the reputation of accountability by telling it like it was on contracts and keeping the big guys like Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup, and Grumman in line with doing the right thing for the war fighter.  Then in March 1995, the two were forced into a merger now called Lockheed-Martin by the Clinton Administration in what was a bi-partisan deal for the company.  The CEO of Martin along with others  received millions and millions to merge -- that is our tax dollars at work in order to form a mega company because some nitwits in Congress and the White House thought bigger would bring down the cost of Government contracts with less competition.  That sure backfired big time.  Lockheed rates for their contracts are astronomical.

Then we have the tale of what happened to benefits as they merged.  The pension plan that was grandfathered in the merger went downhill several years after the merger took place so in the end future hires can no longer join the pension plan.  This is why Lockheed-Martin is more than happy to see older employees leave who were a part of that original pension plan of Martin.  Slowly the benefits continued to erode as they merged with additional or bought out more companies and are still eroding today as witnessed by a decline in health benefits this year.

GE on the Aerospace side had taken over RCA where people had great benefits which went down when GE took over.  That wasn't the end because when GE merged with Lockheed, the RCA benefits went down even more just like GE and Martin Marietta employees.  RCA employees were totally shafted as the deal between Lockheed and Martin was not the same deal as between GE and Lockheed.  Former Martin employees fared much better with their pension than GE/RCA but today join former Martin people in being disgruntled by the MBA's running various areas of Lockheed-Martin.

This was not the only mega company that was forged in the aerospace community because we also have Northrup Grumman and Boeing who swallowed up smaller companies to get to the three mega aerospace companies we have today with costs for contracts through the roof.

As anyone who knows me understands I am not a union person but there was a reason the unions were started.  They were necessary to protect the employees from long hours, little pay, and bad working conditions while the company owners were becoming wealthy.  The Unions did a lot of good in this Country at the beginning but then they morphed into what we see today with overpaid, arrogant leaders who keep things stirred up in order to get more money in their pockets as union leaders are not honest brokers today.

If you want to move American forward, it is the small businesses of America who need the break not the major corporations who pay their CEO's big bonuses even when they are laying off employees or moving jobs overseas.  The American worker is getting it from both sides now -- major corporations and the unions which is why a lot have chosen to go to work for small business but that now seems to be a dirty word in the Republican Party as the so-called conservative pundits defend Big Business as the answer for jobs.  But then we have a lot of Republicans who are for Big Government as we have witnessed in the last two decades.

During the days of the oil bust in the 80's, we had independent oil producers take care of their workers helping pay their bills, get food on the table, and making sure they kept their homes.  Instead of continuing to take the big bucks out of the companies they owned for themselves, those oil producers gave back to their employees and their families.  Not sure you will see that in most sectors but domestic oil and gas have been made the boogeyman from some from both parties.  Why?

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