"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rick Perry: No More Go along to Get along

You are looking at one of those "Go Along to Get along" Conservative Republicans willing to hold my nose and vote for candidates I did not respect or even like.  This "Go Along to Get Along" Republican just stopped being one when I wrote the RNC back who was looking for donations to keep fundraising on track.  I told the RNC under no circumstance will one dime of my money go to them, and that I would not support another candidate who is not conservative, who I don't like or respect, and signed my name and location.  Like it will do any good but I had my say.

Republicans are big on talking about judicial nominees but Romney was opposed to Samuel Alito for SCOTUS so what does that tell you -- more moderate to liberal judges out of Romney.  Would say conservatives need to wake up but the establishment has made it so if a fellow Republican dares criticize Romney, they get taken to the wood shed.

The so-called Republican pundits except for Mark Levin never bothered to vet Romney or they would have seen a red flag on Alito.  Romney has never been conservative becoming an independent when Reagan was elected but today wants to claim the Reagan mantle.  The RNC is throwing the Reagan Conservative Republicans under the bus but want us to donate?  That is not happening!  They can take their $270,000 plea for money and shove it after making a mockery of the GOP Presidential primary with way too many debates and honoring the wishes of states who allow independents to vote to go first.

Rick Perry is correct about inside the beltway.  Today CNS came out with this headline "Spending Bills Passed by GOP House Increased Debt $1T in 10 Months" which details the spending habits of House Republicans.  Conservatives need to do housecleaning in 2012 and vet our candidates a lot better.  We need new leadership in the House and Senate.  If I had my way, Allen West would be the next Speaker of the House because we know the military would get a fair shake.  Since Romney compares Mormon missions to being in the military, our military are going to end up on the short end if he is elected the same as they will with Obama.  Romney is a Big Government, liberal Republican pushed by the establishment and so-called conservative pundits.  Used to think the use of the word 'mind-numbed robot' was a joke but no more when I see headlines that the far right of the Republican Party is defending Romney.  Who are these people?  Former Democrats who have co-opted the Right?  Or are they paid hacks of Crossroads who are sent around to post for Romney against conservatives trying to point out the truth?

Too many of us over the years have been part of the 'Go Along to Get Along" group and it is time to stand up and say NO MORE!  We agree with Rick Perry but unfortunately the powers at be in the Republican Party want no part of his reform for inside the beltway.  They love big government and spending our tax dollars no matter how much it hurts the Middle Class because they are the elitists Rockefeller Republicans beholding to Wall and K Streets just like Obama and Inside the Beltway Democrats.

I am only one voter but that is one less vote for the Establishment Republican candidates for President or for Congress.  Have a hunch there are a lot more people who are as disgusted as I am about this process which is a joke.  There were 300 Republicans in NH who voted for Obama to be the nominee.  Why is NH going first when it is a blue state and will go for Obama?  Is it because RNC loves it as it gives Republicans a moderate to liberal candidate from the establishment who they are beholding.

Proudly join the Governor in being part of the "No More Go Along to Get Along" group of Conservative Republicans.  No matter what -- our voices will not be silenced!
No More Go Along to Get AlongRick Perry (R-TX)
January 11, 2012 
In politics, as in life, there can be an overwhelming temptation to go along to get along; to be a team player; to do the easy thing even when it’s not the right thing. 
For far too long, insiders from both parties have played these games. Talk up fiscal responsibility, but spend big. Talk about a federal government that fulfills its basic responsibilities, but then vote to expand it beyond all recognition so that it cannot possibly do so. Talk about doing what’s right, but then do what the establishment wants instead. 
Americans deserve better—and they deserve to get to choose something better this year. In 2012, Americans have the opportunity to decisively move away from big government, built up over years and years by both parties in Washington, D.C. 
As I said in Sunday’s NBC/Facebook debate, President Obama has thrown gasoline on the fire, but let’s be honest: The bonfire was raging well before Obama ever left Chicago.
Policies and spending served up by Washington, D.C. insiders, in several notable instances designed and written by Wall Street insiders to suit their needs, not ours, caused and then exacerbated this situation. In too many cases, these advocates of big spending and bad policy have used their positions of power to enrich themselves, both while in office and once outside of it. Republicans have been complicit in this scheme, just as Democrats have. 
It is time for it to end. 
To accomplish that, Americans will need to seek out genuine outsiders prepared to make the powers-that-be uncomfortable by pursuing policies that will put a stop to insiders’ behavior-as-usual. 
As the lone conservative outsider on the ballot, I have a clear plan to overhaul the Washington status quo. 
Andy Roth, Vice President of the Club for Growth, said it well earlier this week: “Rick Perry, I think, has one of the best if not the best plans. He’s got a ‘Cut, Balance and Grow’ plan where he wants to institute a Balanced Budget Amendment and cap spending at 18 percent, and then he wants to cut taxes all over the place. That would just really be a pro-growth boon. It’d be eliminating capital gains, lowering corporate tax rates and personal tax rates down to 20 percent. Very, very strong plan.” 
For many Republicans, a balanced budget amendment is little more than easy political posturing when they know Democrats will not allow one to be passed. In earlier years, when Republicans exercised 100 percent control over the purse strings, they were not for constraining spending. In fact, they were in favor of as much big government as possible, so long as the beltway establishment “blessed” that big government as serving “conservative” ends. 
As Roth noted, Rick Santorum “was a prolific earmarker,” Newt Gingrich “supported Medicare Part D, which expanded entitlements in a huge way,” and Mitt Romney “actually deserves to be in last place on this because it’s very uninspired ideas that he has. He barely wants to tinker around with the tax code…” 
Voters have a clear choice between big government “conservatives” and a true limited government conservative. 
I am a conservative outsider committed to seriously overhauling Washington, ending the IRS as we know it by cutting taxes to a fair and flat rate, and stopping job killing regulations dead in their tracks. 
But to accomplish these things, one thing has to happen first: Americans must reject those who are part and parcel of the problem at the polls – the Washington and establishment insiders. We have that opportunity to really overhaul Washington and elect an authentic conservative in 2012. 
Let’s take it.

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