"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa Caucus Day

We have returned from the Valley of the Sun and ready to go back already. This time the weather cooperated in Tempe for the Insight Bowl. We were warmer sitting out at night this year then we were inside the Fiesta Bowl dome last year when it was so cold. Everything about Tempe and the Scottsdale area were awesome. The Insight Bowl was handled much better in Tempe then the Fiesta Bowl last year. In fact the New Year's Even Fiesta Bowl party is held in Tempe. The trip was awesome and so happy to get away from here for a few days and from politics.

Don't know one Republican who is happy with Iowa and the mess that has been happening there. The media has way too much control over this primary. The dirty tricks and attacks against candidates other than Romney on behalf of the establishment led by Bush 41 and others are as disgusting as I have witnessed since the Reagan/Bush fight in 1980. Funny how on the Bush 41 side it is the same bunch of low life consultants who now support Romney.

The Dole/Bush 41 endorsements for Romney proves the establishment is firmly behind him and everything we have been speculating is true about the establishment in this election. Look at the people who have endorsed Romney -- many of the elected officials or 2010 candidates were heavily supported by Rove's Crossroads and Romney in the 2010/2011 elections -- can you say Christi, Hailey, O'Donnell for starters? Pawlenty was promised help with his finances and a job at Fox News to endorse Romney according to sources -- that didn't work out too well for him did it?  Did Rove and the establishment dry up Pawlenty fundraising?  Funny thing is if he had stayed in the race, there is a good chance he could have won Iowa which is most likely why Rove and company got him out of the race.

This Republican Primary seems to be turning into the establishment trying to take back the Republican Party from the conservatives. If Romney gets the nomination, you will see a giant exodus from the Republican Party by conservatives. I have never seen a more underhanded, dirty treatment of candidates who are not Romney by the media and the Romney Bush 41 group of establishment types then I have in 2011/2012. Thought it was bad in 2008 but that doesn't hold a candle to 2012. Rove and his friends have down a real job of taking out other candidates one by one with lies, planted stories, and phony polls to leave the liberal Romney standing.

If Romney is the nominee, there will be a strong third party challenger and you can take that to the bank. This is one site which remains conservative and will not support Mitt Romney under any circumstance. His policies could be as bad in some cases as Obama. He is not conservative and the Mormon Church has way too much power over him.

Romney comes from a background of entitlement and greed shown by his willingness as head of Bain Capital to buy up companies, lay off employees, and send the jobs overseas long before it was fashionable. He comes from a Church whose bank they use, Zions Bankcorp, laundered at least $13B in drug money and drew a $7M fine which as buried in the news. Bain Capitol bought Clear Channel Communications before the last election where all the so-called conservative pundits for the most part reside and have sold-out to Romney for the most part. Hannity is turning into one of the most disgusting pundits on the air from the conservative viewpoint.

Any candidate who puts their son's missions for the Mormon Church or working the Romney campaign in 2008 on the same level as serving in the military will never get my vote or support.  I know I speak for a lot of others who hold the same view. Many conservatives vowed in 2008 never to hold their nose again to vote for an establishment candidate.  From talking to some of them and viewing their comments, believe they will walk from the Republican Party if Romney is the nominee. No one I know is donating money to the RNC and will not until it is cleaned out, and the RNC proves they are honest brokers. Now I think one of the primary reasons to get rid of Steele, which unfortunately I supported, was to get the establishment puppet Preibus in place from Wisconsin.  Did Rove and company for Bush 41 undermine Steele every step of the way?  Was he set up?  Believe the answer is a resounding YES! 

This site will call it like it sees it following today's Iowa Caucus. One computer is already down thanks to an attack but this site will not be silenced. Personally didn't like Romney in 2008 and loathe him today. Don't even see how anyone who is conservative could support him which says a lot about a conservative who turns their back on their principles to support Romney. His history of flip flops is getting to be larger than Kerry.  Romney will say and do anything to win including lying, cheating, and yes we believe some of his people are capable of stealing votes from their actions so far.

We already know that some Republicans will cheat on voting as fast as Democrats as all you have to do is look at Wisconsin and the former Cain campaign manager.

Today a caucus will be held in a state that went for Obama in 2008 and then three out of the four next states to hold primaries went for Obama in 2008. Only South Carolina went for the Republican McCain in the first five states to vote in this year's GOP Primary. There is something wrong with this picture. Not only that, but in Iowa which considers their primary closed, we have this gem:
Voters may change party on the day of the primary election.
In New Hampshire it is a semi-closed primary where independents can vote.

South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada are closed primaries where you have to register to change parties ahead of the primary not the day of the primary and none of those three states allow independents to vote.

Out of the first five states, our first two are iffy as both went heavily for Obama in 2008. Florida and Nevada went for Obama big time in 2008 but are still in the early primary position. What can we say about Virginia and the way they are set up for only for early entries into the race to get on the VA ballot after their throwing out signatures of other candidates. The percentage tossed are pretty suspect. But then their Governor is rumored to be in the Romney camp. All candidates except Romney and Paul have joined in a lawsuit against Virginia and their honest Attorney General who seems to be saying all candidates should be on the ballot or at least until the establishment gets to him.

The Republican Party headed by the RNC Chair is now allowing four states who voted for the liberal Obama to help choose our nominee and give them momentum while they move reliable red states like Oklahoma to March. The RNC is also responsible for all the debates which it is pretty unanimous that was wrong and foolish as candidates spent more time prepping for primaries instead of getting to know voters.  Also a plus for Romney who does better in debates then when he meetings people in person where his arrogance shows.  His 'unemployment' line is so disgusting and demeaning to those who are truly unemployed but then he is an east coast elitist.

In the aftermath of the Iowa campaign, you have to ask yourself why those of us who are conservative Republicans have allowed the RNC to continue to choose their Chairman from among the elitists who are members of the RNC. Why didn't we raise our voices earlier? There is no way that the two Democrat states of Iowa and New Hampshire should be the first states in the Republican primary process in today's world. In fact no state should require candidates to visit every nook and cranny to get votes like these two states.

Time to join the 21st century after this election and redo the way an RNC Chair and the RNC is chosen along with changing the primary system. Also time to get the media out of the primaries with their 'flavor of the week' which has been giving an undue amount of spotlight on polling when 70%+ of people going to the Caucus in Iowa had not made up their mind.

There is another problem with the primary system -- it is too early and too close to the holidays and bowls for college teams. We played Iowa in the Insight Bowl and got back last night after spending an extra day in Tempe. There were people staying for the Fiesta Bowl or to enjoy the warm weather from Iowa because when you travel that far, you want to enjoy your vacation. That is something that the RNC and Iowa GOP Chair were ignorant about how many fans travel to a bowl game. Know we saw a lot of Iowa fans the day after the game who were not leaving until Sunday or Monday. Tells me that the RNC is a puppet of the establishment who probably wouldn't be caught dead at a Bowl Game.

Will continue to support Rick Perry and believe he will do much better than the pundits and the establishment want in Iowa.  Why are the establishment so much against Perry?  Will he upset the status quo?  Their attacks on the Governor are so far over the top by Bush 41 and his crowd that it is mind boggling.  He is conservative, has a conservative track record, and from the looks of it must be taken out for Romney.  Why would conservatives even look at voting for Romney.  We don't think they will, but believe the Romney/Paul camps will get a lot of support from people who register Republican to vote today as has happened in the past.  Some in the past don't even live in Iowa.  The Caucus is set up for fraud.  Will we see it this year?  Time will tell.

At the end of the day no matter what happens, I will continue to be proud of Rick Perry and the job he has done against all odds against him.  The establishment's support of Romney and their underhand tactics against other candidates has to bring into question -- WHY? 

That is my more than two cents after being gone for over a week and not posting.  Frankly it was great not to hear much about Iowa and the flavor of the week who was surging.  Right now I disgusted with having given one cent to the RNC since Preibus was elected.

Iowa is finally about to draw to a close and hopefully that closure will be the last time the liberal state of Iowa who voted in big numbers for Obama will lead the way for a Republican primary.  They need at the back of the pack due to their liberal voting record for President over the years starting in 1988.  Only in 2000 did they vote for the Republican George W. Bush.  New Hampshire started their travel to the Democrats in 1992 except for 2000. 

Good luck to the honest candidates today who do not change their views based on what some polling says the voters want and who are truly conservative -- that would be Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann who both believe heavily in the 2nd amendment and conservatism. Was prepared to put Santorum in the group until I found out he was in favor of gun control so he will not get the vote of this conservative.

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Except I'm backing Newt, but would vote for Perry, gladly. I refuse to vote for Mitt.

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