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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Steve Forbes: Rick Perry Can Still Mount a Comeback

This morning when I read this article, I started laughing at some of Steve Forbes comments which are priceless about IRS and Obamacare:

Forbes believes the flat tax is an idea that has finally come into vogue. 
“Twenty-five countries around the world have put it in. It’s worked everywhere it’s been tried and I think there’s going to be a mandate from the elections this year to have a radical simplification of the tax code,” said Forbes.

“Rick Perry is in favor it. Newt Gingrich is. Others have simplification plans not quite as far as the flat tax but moving in the right direction,” he added. “And the only one who is against the idea is Gov. Romney. Perhaps he can be persuaded. He’s changed his mind before.”
Such a plan would almost certainly result in the elimination of a number of jobs within the IRS and among tax lawyers who make their living off the complicated tax code.

“Even though I’m a conservative I’ll show compassion. I would support job retraining for the IRS,” quipped Forbes, who would extend the retraining offer to government bureaucrats hired to police Obamacare once that program is sent to the “dustbin of history.”
It is so "nice" of Forbes to be the compassionate conservative one time to help retrain the employees of IRS and Obamacare when big changes are made.  I love Forbes wants to be the political agitator.  When he gets a gleam in his eye, you know something good is coming out.

The Iowa Caucus was a joke with missing ballots, large percentage of people registering on the day of the caucus and the Iowa GOP Chair saying no recounts and no one can look at voter information from when new voters registered.  That gives you confidence in the Iowa vote -- NOT!

Yesterday should mark the first day of the RNC changing the order of the primaries for 2016.  If a state is at the front of the pack like Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, and now Nevada who went for a Democrat for President in the previous election, you need to move them back in the pack.  If a state allows independents or even Democrats to vote in their primaries, then put them way back in the pack.  Let true red states pick our nominee not independents, not democrats, and not states who voted for the Democrat for President in the previous election.  Iowa needs out of first in the Nation because of the absurdity of having candidates park themselves in the state for weeks or that all candidates have to announce in Iowa.  Time for a change and it is up to the RNC to make that change.  Iowa and New Hampshire are bad jokes for Republicans with their attitudes when they are not even Red States.  They are getting bluer in the Presidential elections since 1990.

Either we have a strong RNC or we have a wimpy organization.  Right now it is pretty wimpy.  The debates arranged by the RNC are a joke as well since we have liberal media pundits asking the questions who delight in starting a fight between candidates although looking forward to seeing Newt in these debates in NH as he goes after the 'liar' Romney.  I might even watch them live which I have not been doing.

It is great that Governor Perry isn't going to let Iowa or NH get him out of the race although with all the lies told about him by the Romney camp and the pit bull Bachmann (now out of the race), maybe voters will see the real record of Rick Perry which is conservative.  In fact, he is more conservative then anyone else in the race and has a lot more experience as Governor of a huge state which has been shoved aside with all the phony negatives put out by the Romney camp.  A lot of military support Governor Perry and cannot fathom supporting Romney.  In fact, a lot of conservatives I know will not sell out their principles to vote for Romney.  Establishment is going to blow it again like they did in 1996 with Dole and then McCain in 2008 if they are not careful.  Conservatives are not taking it this time around -- we have had enough from the establishment and their bought and paid for pundits and consultants.

McCain endorsing Romney was hilarious since he worked so hard to defeat Romney in 2008 because he would be so bad for the Country.  Shows McCain does not have the core principles of a conservative or he would have said nothing.  As for Santorum who supported the liberal Specter against Toomey, who loved earmarks when he was in the Senate, and now makes over a million a year as a lobbyist selling his influence from his days in the Senate, we will take a pass.  He is conservative on pro-life issues to the core but is also for gun control which flies in the face of the 2nd Amendment.  He is not my kind of conservative.

I am not a gun person but the last thing I want in this Country is to have more gun control.  Actually love concealed carry which made a difference in Texas after it was passed as you didn't have to put up with the thugs leaving one of the high schools when you drove out of one of the gates at Kelly AFB.  They quit harassing people in cars after concealed carry passed in Texas.  The thugs didn't honor traffic lights and would go by your car, pound on the hood or on some occasions come up to your window with lewd remarks.  Concealed carry made them pause!  That made me a huge proponent of concealed carry.

Guns don't kill people -- people kill people.  The thugs and criminals will find a way to get their guns so gun control IMHO is a failure which hurts legitimate gun owners but does nothing to deter crime.  Now you have had my lecture on gun control.

Will not vote for someone who favors gun control and actually has voted for gun control like Santorum.  Not holding my nose any more on certain issues and the 2nd amendment is one of those.

As people know who read this site, I am part of the Coburn grassroots who supports banning earmarks and pork permanently.  After the trip to the desert to see the Sooners win the Insight Bowl in Tempe, I am even more against earmarks as we drove through some Congressional districts where the results of earmarks were startling.  Street lights in the center of a road coming out of El Paso in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere along with a 4-lane highway through the mountains that was brand new.  Between Obama's stimulus and earmarks you can tell which Congressman are big on taking Government money.  They seem to forget it is the taxpayer's money not theirs.

We agree with Forbes that Perry can mount a comeback -- he has the credentials and know what it takes to President of all the people just not the elites.   He is the only candidate with no ties inside the beltway which is probably the reason the establishment has worked so hard to defeat him and get him out of the race.   So glad to see he is not going to waste a lot of time in NH which has turned more liberal with all the MA people moving into the state.
Forbes: Rick Perry Can Still Mount a Comeback
Wednesday, 04 Jan 2012 08:35 PM
By Paul Scicchitano and Ashley Martella

Former presidential candidate and Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes tells Newsmax.TV that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is off to a fresh start and “can put this thing back together.”

Perry tweeted this morning that his campaign was focusing on South Carolina, saying "Here we come!" after telling supporters he would return to Texas to reassess his campaign following his disappointing fifth-place finish in Iowa on Tuesday. 
“I’m delighted that the governor is staying in the race,” Forbes told Newsmax.TV on Wednesday. “They’re going to regroup. He’s going to do both debates in New Hampshire this weekend and then spend the rest of the time in South Carolina.” 
Click Here to watch Steve Forbes interview 
Forbes, however, added that he predicts former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win the New Hampshire primary as he did the Iowa caucuses. Even so, Forbes interprets Romney’s eight-vote margin of victory in Iowa and his failure to attract a larger percentage of voters than he did four years ago as evidence that of political vulnerability. 
“I think it was in essence a real repudiation of Gov. Romney,” Forbes said of Iowa. “This is his second time in Iowa. He spent a bundle four years ago, did a major effort in the last few weeks in Iowa, but was unable to penetrate beyond 25 percent. And while he’ll win New Hampshire — the neighboring state — I think the real donnybrook, the real battle is going to be in South Carolina.” 
As governor of the second largest state, Perry devoted considerable resources to spreading his message in Iowa since entering the race on Aug. 13 and at one point surged to frontrunner status before a series of poor debate performances derailed his momentum.

“He’ll have a fresh start there and so I think he can put this thing back together,” Forbes insisted.  
Entrance polls conducted by Fox News revealed that Perry was perceived by “very conservative” Iowa voters to be less conservative than some of his rivals, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and even former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has struggled to shake off a perception of being a moderate. 
Forbes believes that Romney’s two greatest weaknesses in the eyes of Republican voters are taxes and his close association with the Massachusetts healthcare law that he helped usher in as governor.

“He has no tax plan and as a matter of fact he’s spoken favorably of the idea of a Value Added Tax,” said Forbes, who believes that such a tax could lead to a European-style welfare state in America. 
“I think that is going to be a real bone in the throat for Republicans,” he said, noting that Romney’s other “big albatross” is healthcare. “Until he deals with that so the people feel comfortable that he’ll handle healthcare in a free market way rather than a government way, I think he’s going to still have problems with most of the Republican base.” 
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who finished on the losing side of Romney’s eight-vote margin of victory, has also made some decisions that lead Forbes to challenge his conservative convictions, particularly his support of Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Spector in a primary election in which Spector was pitted against conservative Pat Toomey. 
“Specter narrowly won that race and then went on to provide the critical vote for the passage of Obamacare,” recalls Forbes. “If Rick Santorum had been true to his convictions and backed a conservative — Pat Toomey — in that race we never would have had Obamacare.” 
He said that Santorum will also have to explain his record with respect to government earmarks.

“He’s going to go through the kind of vetting that everyone goes through these days,” Forbes explains. “It’s not a pleasant process, but unless you’re Barack Obama, there’s no way to avoid it.”
Excerpt:  Read more on Newsmax.com: Forbes: Rick Perry Can Still Mount a Comeback

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