"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Establishment Candidate Romney Steps in It!

First Romney said at the debate on Sunday morning that you need to be rich to run for President which just showed voters that what we have been saying that he considers himself an elitist and those of us in the Middle Class trash.  Attend anything Romney and watch him go for the big donors and others are there only for numbers.  He is definitely not a people person and confirmed it in a speech to the business leaders in NH when he talks about loving to fire people.  Are Republicans getting a clue why so many of us from the wars of 2008 cannot stand Romney and will not vote for him?  I doubt if the establishment Republicans can look past their blue noses to see what regular American Republican conservatives have been telling them.  We are a necessary nuisance to them.

Are the Republican voters of NH going to wake up to vote in big numbers tomorrow or are the independent (many former NH democrats are independent) voters who take Republican ballots to vote in our primary going to choose our candidate like they did in Iowa.  Isn't it great that the first two states allow Independents to help pick our nominee and the OK GOP Chairman thinks in an email it is great that it brings in new voters.  Someone was not well vetted and doesn't understand a lot of those new voters would never be Republican and out to create havoc.

Let's take Iowa, for example. The Iowa Caucus is now a wrap with a Romney, Santorum, Paul photo finish. There were quotes from "Party insiders" in Iowa and nationally that were concerned about Ron Paul's support among independents and Democrats in the Hawkeye state. Excuse me for asking the question that some within our Party won't like, but is it not our job to move Independents and Democrats in the Republican column?

When discussing Dr. Paul’s base or Tea Party voters for that matter, many scream "but they aren't Republicans!" Folks, if there's one thing I've learned from being the Chairman of a partisan political party it's that we are not always going to see eye to eye. Same goes for the Democrats. Nearly 60% of Independents voting in Iowa this year were first time caucus goers. Why again is that a bad thing? If we don't welcome these disenfranchised Independents and Democrats (many of whom are young) into the Republican Party then I'm terribly concerned for the future of it.
We have no clue if that 60% of independents voting in Iowa even lived in Iowa as the Iowa GOP Chair refuses to allow candidates to see the registrations.  Willing to bet that Iowa will never see a large portion of them vote again.  If this is an example of the GOP Chairs across the Country, then no wonder the RNC is so poorly run.  Guess this chair never heard of voter fraud by Democrats that is being used by some Republicans as well to get their candidates elected.

How can you allow independents to pick your candidate?  Next thing you know the OK GOP will want to open up Oklahoma.  Why don't we make this very simple and ask the Democrats who we should nominate and be done with primaries.  Anyone who doesn't think that a large portion of those independents/democrats voting in our primaries are up to no good is not wet behind the ears and doesn't understand hardball politics and how it is played.

Thought 2008 was bad but this election in 2012 is even worse.  What happened to the integrity of the voting process to elect our Republican nominee.  Putting out bad facts on websites that are supposed to tell you the rules of each state is wrong.  Word on the street is that the information came from the RNC which I cannot verify but since their debates were aimed to make Romney look good, I would not be shocked if they gave out wrong information on purpose.

To top it all off, I have an email from the RNC asking me to join in 2012.  That is not going to happen and frankly those who know me are going to be shocked when I say that just maybe conservatives need to start thinking about having their own Party and tell the GOP to pound salt.  I have been a big proponent of the GOP for years watching them since the days after Reagan favor Big Government over small government as we saw culminate during the Bush 41 years.  Just maybe this election is the watershed for many Conservative Republicans like me.

We have people in the House and Senate who are for Big Government and that needs to end.  I have also been about reelecting incumbents.  That is also disappearing this time -- will only vote for small government conservatives not big government ones who pretend to be Republican conservatives.  Not holding my nose any more -- it is over.  When you get Republicans to actually answer they are fed up with the Republican Party like they did with Rasmussen, the powers at be should be worried.  They seem like they could care less as they are going to get their candidate Romney nominated even if he loses because then Jeb Bush can run in 2016.

Another complaint is the media picking the flavor of the week.  Santorum endorsed Specter over Toomey and believes in gun control and many other liberal causes.  Will someone explain how some so-called evangelicals can support him?  Guess the 2nd amendment means zero, zip, nada to them and pro-life means everything.  Note to candidates:  If you want the evangelical vote of Ralph Reed, Richard Land, and others just pretend to be pro-life as you can be pretty liberal on everything else and they will still support you.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of unhappy Republican activists.  We are not talking Tea Party but the Republican grassroots who get out and work elections.  We have been taken foregranted for too many years that we will always be there to volunteer.  This is one person if you are not conservative, don't even bother asking because I am not donating and I am not working your campaigns.  I am only one person but there are a lot of conservatives with the same mindset.

The Northeast liberal Republican establishment is alive and well run by the former President  who comes from Maine but chose to live in Houston.  Problem is that he never left that establishment mentality of the northeast behind.  All he knows is dirty, underhanded politics that he has used for years.  Since 1980 I have heard the rumors of the Bush faction threatening to leave the GOP in 1980 when Reagan got the nomination and now believe it was true.

There is only one candidate left in the race who is not associated with the inside the beltway crowd and that is Rick Perry.  The Rove factions have badly wounded him and the only hope is that the voters of South Carolina will see through the rhetoric but since they elected Hailey as Governor, don't have much hope that they will stand tall and return to their conservative roots.  Huntsman was tied to Obama early on and pretty much taken out of the nomination battle because he was willing to go after Romney.  What does that say about the Mormon Church influence on the primary?  Rove is not Mormon as far as we know but he was raised in Utah as a teenager which makes you wonder.

My bottom line and that of a lot of conservative Republicans is that we are willing to listen to people wanting to start a 3rd Party of conservatives who adhere to the smaller government approach and will stand tall if Romney is the nominee against his flip flops and his moderate to liberal agenda.  We will not sell out again for a moderate to liberal candidate.  Both Romney and Obama are bought and paid for by Wall Street which is what establishment Republicans seem to like.

We need to concentrate on the Keeping the House and Taking the Senate with good conservative candidates and throw out the Big Government types.  Let's get more Republicans in the Senate and elect a new Republican leader of the Senate.  Just maybe a Conservative Party with small government principles could start electing members to Congress because the principles of the Republican Party on smaller government have been left in the trash heap of history by too many 'go along to get along' types who favor Big Government and the Nanny State.

We have given up on New Hampshire which is turning bluer in each Presidential election but just maybe Republicans in South Carolina will wake up and realize they are the ONLY state in early voting who voted Republican for President in 2008 and will take their voting seriously.  Time will tell.

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